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Screen Protective Films

Protect Your Display with Touché Brand Films

MXG Film Type Applied to Left Monitor

Protect Your Screen From:

  • Surface Scratches
  • Screen Cleaning Errors
  • Environmental Elements
  • Ink, Permanent Markers, Pencil
  • Fingerprints
  • Glare

Keep your screens looking new!

Screen surface damage is irreversible. Screen protectors are effective on LCD's, LED's, or any flat panel device.

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Frequently Asked Questions                                Film Properties
Why Choose Our Films?                                      Pre-purchase Considerations
Photos of Anti-Glare Film Applied to Monitors        Installation Video and Reviews

Why Choose Touché™ Brand Protective Films from Photodon?

Safe and easy installation and removal of screen protector film.

Photodon Films shown with different amounts of Anti-Glare Photodon's 7 films showing different degrees of anti-glare. MXA series Crystal Clear film: Notice bottle reflection on glass MXH High Definition series Anti-glare film MXT series Anti-glare film: Notice bottle reflection on glass

Film Surface Reflectivity Comparison Photos

Film Properties

Film Type Features / Uses Reduces Glare Image Quality  Trans- mittance 
MXG Anti-Glare 85%. Flat matte finish, no surface reflection. Cons: Some pixeling and loss of contrast and sharpness. Not recommended for color critical applications, reduced viewing angle in bright light. 85% 88%
MXT Anti-Glare 55%. Medium matte finish, low surface reflection. Cons: Some pixeling. Not recommended for color critical applications. 55% 90%
MXF Anti-Glare 35%. Low matte finish combines anti-glare function plus excellent image clarity. Works well on both glass-front monitors and mobile devices. Cons: Moderate surface reflection in bright light. 35% 91%
MXH Anti-Glare 25%. Light matte finish. Works well on both glass-front monitors and mobile devices. Cons: Noticeable surface reflection due to low anti-glare function. 25% 90%
MXR Anti-Glare 10%. Clear to light matte finish. Designed to be used with the highest definition screens to maximize screen clarity. Cons: Noticeable surface reflection due to low anti-glare function. 10% 90%
MXO Clear Anti-Fingerprint. Good image quality. Oleophobic coating reduces fingerprints and makes it easy to clean. Cons: Noticeable surface reflection, no anti-glare function. 0% 92%
MXA Crystal Clear. Excellent image quality. Recommended for color critical applications where maximum screen clarity is desired. Anti-Reflective (AR) coating twists the light emitted from the screen creating whiter whites/deeper darks. Cons: Noticeable surface reflection, no anti-glare function, no fingerprint coating. 0% 92%

LCD Protective Film Features

  • Silicone resin adhesion leaves no residue
  • Integrated pull tab
  • Removable (if needed)
  • Direct impact protection
  • 3H hard coat finish = highly scratch resistant
  • Temperature range: -30º C to 75º C
    (-22º F to 167º F)
  • Good protection from the elements
  • UV protection by 90% from 300nm~500nm
Uses Include:
  • Touch screen displays
  • Digital signage
  • Bar code readers
  • Laptop notebooks
  • Tablet screens/iPads
  • Game system displays
  • Digital cameras
  • Smartphones
  • GPS / navigation displays
  • Industrial touch screens
  • (HMI) devices
  • Sewing machine screens

I just received your anti-glare film and it fits to the iMac much better than I expected! And works great with my eyes too! It is a great product for new iMac. thanks!


Install Video / Film Structure

Screen Protective Film Structure Anti Glare
Protective Film Structure
(click for larger image)

When you remove the disposable back liner, you expose the silicone adhesion layer. The silicone layer adheres directly to your screen. This film is non aggressive and is easily removable.

More Videos and Reviews

Our Large Film Installation Kit includes everything needed to apply the film with a professional result. For traveling convenience, consider the Photodon Anti Scratch Screen Cleaning Kit - which comes with two microfiber cloths.

Special Notes About These Films

    Touch Screen Compatibility
  • Most touch screen devices work very well with our screen protective films.
  • All of these films work very well using stylus input with most touch screen technologies.
  • “IntelliTouch" and "Surface Acoustic Wave" (SAW) devices typically DO NOT WORK with these films.
  • Test the functionality with the TEST FILM enclosed with every order.

  • Glare Reduction vs. Screen Resolution
  • Choose MXG film for maximum anti-glare screen protection.
  • Choose MXA, MXO, MXR or MXH film for best screen resolution.
  • Typically the greater the amount of anti-glare the more speckling, once applied to the screen.
  • The terms "Anti-Glare," "Non-Glare" and "matte finish" are used interchangeably.
  • The terms "High Contrast" and "Crystal Clear" are used interchangeably.
  • These films are not brightness reduction films, such as a neutral density filter.
  • Some visual noise occurs when you apply an anti-glare film over a glass-covered screen.

    NOTE: A film type may not be listed for this reason. However, this affect varies among device,
    film type and lighting conditions. Ordering a Sample Pack allows you to test multiple film
    types to find the one YOU prefer! If you decide to purchase an unlisted film, select any film type
    for your device then on the "Add to Cart" page, type your film choice in the "Special Order Notes"
    box. Please read our Return Policy before ordering.

  • Color Critical Work
  • For color critical work, any one of the following films work well: MXH, MXR, MXA or MXO.
  • The anti-glare MXT and MXG films are not recommended for color critical applications.

  • Helpful Reminders
  • A clean dust-free screen and a clean work area is important to ensure a successful installation.
  • Screen protective films of all types do require some skill and patience to install.
  • Our MX101 Film Installation Kit is recommended especially for films larger than 19" in diameter.
  • Films cannot be used with older style curved CRT screens. Apply to flat screen displays only.

  • Film Care and Replacement
  • Use only high quality microfiber screen cleaning cloths and solution.
  • For your convenience we offer several screen cleaning kits.
  • Replacement time varies based on usage, abuse and environmental factors.
  • Typical replacement time (with normal usage and care) is around 24 months.
  • The hardened outer surface of our films provide outstanding scratch resistance.

EXCELLENT SERVICE! Received the film in two days! EXCELLENT PRODUCT! Went onto my laptop screen just as directed; easy tofollow instructions, did not have a single air bubble. WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT -- I can now actually see what's on the computer screen, instead of a mirror image of myself.

Exceeded my expectations.
Thank you.

Comparison of Anti-Glare / Matte Film Next to the Original Screen

The photos above show the anti-glare affect on each left-side monitor screen.

Note that anti-glare films slightly reduce image contrast (varies by film type) and brightness (by approximately 10%).

Films with higher anti-glare properties – the MXT and MXG – (55% and 85% glare reduction, respectively) are not recommended for color critical applications.

Glare Reduction Test

In this test we recorded the amount of Reflection of the films.

PDA Protective Film Glare diffusion MXT on Left MXH on Right PDA Protective Film Glare diffusion Photodon protective film

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