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Photodon specializes in ways to protect or make your screen viewing experience better. We offer exceptional screen protectors and screen care products at affordable prices. Keep all your screens: digital signage, industrial, human machine interfaces, medical displays, test devices, laptops, and more looking like new. Our friendly customer service team provides quick answers to your questions about our products and services or your order. We fill your orders, large or small, with the same personal attention.

Screen Protectors
Microfiber Cloths
Privacy Filters
Monitor hoods
Cleaning kits

Screen Protectors

  • Highest quality screen protector films in the industry with a price that beats the big box stores.
  • Custom cut screen protectors at no extra charge.
  • Touch screen compatible screen protectors.
  • Fingerprint resistant options.
  • Highly scratch resistant coating on our screen protectors.
  • Silicone adhesion is on 100% of screen protectors' surface area.
  • Easily removable, leaving no damage to your device's screen.
  • Precision laser to cut screen protectors with an integrated pull tab for easy liner removal.
  • Custom cut screen protectors up to 80" (1035mm) diagonal and larger.
  • Custom etching of your company name or part # on any screen protector upon request.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • At Photodon, we pride ourselves on best-in-industry customer service and lightening-speed shipping on our screen protectors.

Monitor Hoods

  • Monitor hoods provide shading from external light sources – either from the office or from outside in direct sunlight.
  • Computer monitor hoods reduce overhead lighting interference.
  • Provides a physical barrier to deter onlookers from viewing your private information.
  • Using a monitor hood does not affect the screen image.
  • Photodon's monitor hoods are designed with an elastic cord attachment for quick easy-on and easy-off usage.
  • Custom monitor hoods fit on your computer monitor for a perfect fit.
  • Using a monitor hood reduces eye strain, whether you work under office lighting, or in the bright light.
  • A monitor hood improves color and saturation
  • Photodon's monitor hoods can be made to accommodate calibration tools, with a cutout at the top, for seamless integration and functionality.
  • Gray lined surface inside the monitor hood absorbs light.

Microfiber Cloths

  • Photodon's microfiber cloths are safe and effective for many devices, from computer monitors and tablet screens to car radio screens and much more.
  • Using Photodon's microfiber cloths reduces the amount of paper products needed. They can be washed and reused up to 500 times.
  • Photodon's high quality microfiber technology is based upon the use of synthetic materials, typically 80% polyester and 20% polyamide (nylon). This combination makes Photodon's microfiber cloths tough and resilient.
  • Promote your company with our custom-designed microfiber cloths. There are many different styles, colors and printing options available. Have your logo printed, embossed or tagged on our A-grade microfiber cloths.
  • Our microfiber cloths can be used for household & office cleaning, cleaning & polishing cars, cleaning in medical facilities, cleaning delicate surfaces such as camera lenses, or cleaning glassware & mirrors.
  • Photodon custom cuts microfiber cloths for any need you might have.

About Us

Here at Photodon, we strive to offer high quality products at affordable prices. Your satisfaction is our top priority. You’re not an order number here! You’re a very important part of how we run our online store. We love helping you with whatever screen protector, microfiber cloth and computer monitor hood needs you may have.

Photodon specializes in LCD and LED electronic device and computer monitor accessories such as anti-glare screen protectors, LCD and crystal clear screen protectors, and customized screen protectors. We also carry top-shelf quality, eco-friendly cleaners and microfiber cloths.

Do you need a monitor hood? We have an excellent product line of standard-sized computer monitor hoods in addition to customized computer monitor hoods.

Screen protectors for digital signage, industrial equipment screen protectors, medical equipment screen protectors, cell phone screen protectors and screen protectors for laptops, tablets, and test devices are also very popular items amongst our customers. We can cut up to an 80” diagonal, which means we can make TV screen protectors, digital display screen protectors, presentation screen protectors, and Point of Sales screen protectors!

Before a product is added to our store, we test it in our offices, in our workshops, at our homes, at our family and friend’s homes; sometimes we even send out samples in exchange for consumer feedback. If it doesn’t fly with us, we won’t even try to sell it to you!

What we put forward is what we know to be the best, and our customers deserve the best.

There are a lot of businesses out there that offer specialty cleaners, microfiber cloths, monitor hoods, and screen protective film. So we’re working hard to give you good enough reason to shop our store and keep you coming back.

Our customer service staff is friendly and accommodating. If you ever have a question or concern about a product, your order, or how we do business, a real, live, person will answer your call or respond to your email. If there is a problem, we’ll go out of our way to make it right.

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