HP 20" Envy Rove 20 All In One Screen Protector

    HP 20" Envy Rove 20 All In One Screen Protector

    Product Code: 6500-01

    Price Each: $37.45

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    Protect Your Display with Touché™ Brand Films

    This precision laser cut screen protector is custom cut to fit your device including any borders extending beyond the viewing area, matching corners and cutouts for cameras and/or buttons.

    Good scratch resistance.
    Touchscreen compatibility with 99%* of screen types.
    No residue, easily removable if needed.
    Installation supplies now included in every order. (Supplies vary based on film size and quantity.)

    Replacement time varies based on usage. Touch screen devices need replacement more often than desktop monitors.
    *Monitors with "IntelliTouch"/"Surface Acoustic Wave" (SAW) technology DO NOT seem to work with screen protectors.
    Product Name HP 20" Envy Rove 20 All In One Screen Protector
    Photodon Part # 6500-01
    Included in Order
    • Screen Protector(s) cut to fit
    • Test film
    • Installation instructions
    • Installation supplies
    Film Size 20"
    Color Transparent
    Packaging Type Single or bulk
    Composition PET Base
    Shipping weight each 2 lb.
    Other Silicon adhesion
    Options Etching
    Notes These films conform to flat screen types and do not work on curved CRT screens. These are not brightness reduction films, such as neutral density filters.
    Reference More Info
    MFR Part # 6500-01
    MSDS Sheet MSDS Sheet
    Origin - Manufacturing and Assembly
    Korea - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
    Film Comparison Chart (Printable PDF)
    Film Code Features/Uses Image Quality
    Fingerprint Resistance
    MXA Icon MXA: Crystal Clear. Excellent image quality. Recommended for gaming and color critical work. Anti-Reflective coating twists the light emitted from the screen creating brighter whites and darker blacks.
    Cons: No anti-glare function or anti-fingerprint coating.

    MXC Icon MXC: Perfect Clear. Excellent image quality. Thicker silicon adhesion makes for easier installation. Recommended for use on monitors, handheld gaming and other stylus devices.
    Cons: No anti-glare function or anti-fingerprint coating.

    MXO Icon MXO: Clear Anti-Fingerprint. Excellent image quality. Oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating. Recommended for use on touchscreen devices and monitors.
    Cons: No anti-glare function.

    MXR Icon MXR: Anti-Glare (very light matte finish.) Recommended for use with high definition and regular screens for maximized screen clarity.
    Cons: Noticeable surface reflection in bright light.

    MXH Icon MXH: Anti-Glare (light matte finish.) Recommended for glass-front monitors, cell phones, tablets and other mobile or stylus devices.
    Cons: Noticeable surface reflection in bright light.

    MXF Icon MXF: Anti-Glare (matte finish.) Combines anti-glare function plus excellent image clarity. Recommended for use on all types of devices.
    Cons: Moderate surface reflection in bright light.

    MXK Icon MXK: Anti-Glare (matte finish.) Good image clarity. Recommended for most displays such as Monitors and industrial displays.
    Cons: Not recommended for color critical, moderate pixeling on glass screens.

    MXT Icon MXT: Anti-Glare (matte finish with low surface reflection.) Recommended for TVs, digital displays and corporate use on monitors and industrial equipment.
    Cons: Some pixeling. Not recommended for color critical applications.

    MXG Icon MXG: Anti-Glare (matte finish with minimal surface reflection.) Recommended for larger applications such as TVs, displays and screens viewed at a distance.
    Cons: Loss of sharpness when viewed up close and viewing angle.

    MXB Icon MXB: Blue Light Cut.Good image quality. Cuts excess blue light emitted from displays. Recommended for persons with eye fatigue issues. Not recommended for stylus use. Fingerprint resistant.
    Cons: No anti-glare function, very slight blue tint when applied.

    P2L Icon 2-Way Non-adhesive Privacy Filter. Adhered with the help of bendable tabs that attach to your monitor's frame. Able to be installed and removed with ease. Mini-louvers embedded in film reduce screen viewing at 25°, nearly black at 45°.
    Cons: Loss of image clarity, slight darkening effect.

    P2S Icon 2-Way Adhesive Privacy Filter. Adhered with silicon adhesion backing. Mini-louvers embedded in film reduce screen viewing at 25°, nearly black at 45°.
    Cons: Loss of image clarity, slight darkening effect.

    Protect Your Screen Information With A Privacy Filter

    Many work environments require that all possible precautions be made to protect client information.

    Healthcare, IT/Security, Government, Insurance, Financial, Education, and Human Resources

    are examples where HIPAA and other privacy policies require businesses to protect personal information.
    Privacy filters make it is easy to ensure customer trust by keeping client information private.

    Silicone Adhesive type available for sizes up to 21.5".
    Non-Adhesive type available for sizes up to 38".
    All privacy filters have approx. 40% anti-glare capability.
    Non-Adhesive filters are not easily attached to small screen devices without bezels.
    Non-adhesive filters have a glossy side and a matte side finish, the privacy function works equally well from either side.

    Click here for more detailed information and guidelines on Privacy Filters.
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