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This film is custom cut to fit the HP W1858 18.5" screen.

HP - 18.5" W1858 Monitor - Clear Screen Protector

HP - 18.5
  • MXA: 0% Anti-Glare
  • Glossy/Clear Finish
  • High Image Quality
  • Touch Screen Compatible
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Code: MXA-3055-03
Price: $25.10
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds

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iPhone 4 / 4s film, iPhone 5 film, Microfiber Cloth

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MXA-3055-03 HP - 18.5" W1858 Monitor - Clear Screen Protector $25.10
Also Available Description Image Quality Finish Price Select
MXH-3055-03 25% Anti-Glare, MXH Lite-Matte $25.10
MXT-3055-03 55% Anti-Glare, MXT Med-Matte $25.10
MXG-3055-03 85% Anti-Glare, MXG Maxi-Matte $25.10
Image Quality = Sharpness & Clarity ( = Good  |  = More  |  = Best )
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Film Installation Kit:
Yes + $13.00
*Laser Engraved Etching-put your Name, Part Number or other info right on the film. Specify in box (Add $1):
Special Order Notes:

All Photodon films are custom cut to cover the entire screen surface including any borders extending beyond the viewing area, matching corners and cutouts for cameras and/or buttons. Devices not currently in the store will need custom features specified using the Screen Information Sheet.

Having difficulty finding a film? Contact Us or Visit Universal Sizes.


HP 18.5" W1858 Monitor Clear Screen Protector

MXA HP 18.5

Glossy finish, high transparency recommended for color critical applications and maximum screen clarity, creates a very crisp sharp image. We have noticed improved screen image with whiter whites in most applications. MXA is recommended for use on touch-screens and screens with glass fronts, it has good scratch resistance and silicone adhesion backing.

MXA Film Orders Include:

  • Film cut to fit your screen
  • Test Film - Use to practice and see function before applying your purchased film
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Free iphone film or microfiber cloth

* Etching of your name or other text is available on your film. Normal etching will be about 6pt (2mm) high on the bottom edge and centered on your film. Custom etching is available on request.

Another solution for reducing screen glare is to install a
Photodon monitor hood on your display.

Features: HP 18.5" W1858 Monitor Clear Screen Protector

MXA HP 18.5

MXA Screen Protector

HP 18.5" W1858 Monitor Clear Screen Protector Feature:

  • Crystal Clear Film
  • 92% Light Transmission
  • 155 μm (0.006") thickness
  • No Color Tint
  • Silicone Resin - No Residue Adhesion
  • Hard coat finish will not easily scratch
  • Operation temp.: approx -30C to 75C (-22F to 167F)

Film Comparison Chart with links to specification sheets.

Protect Your Screen Against:

  • Fingerprints
  • Surface Scratches
  • Impact and Marring
  • Sand, Dirt and Dust
  • Screen Cleaning Errors
  • Ink and Permanent Markers
  • Ultraviolet Rays cut by 90% (300um-500um)

Other surface reflectivity comparison photos.

For more complete information about our films, go to our Screen Protective Films page.

Keep your Screen Protector Looking Great!

Use a microfiber cloth and screen cleaning solution.

Install Kits for HP 18.5" W1858 Monitor Clear Screen Protector

Large Film Installation Kit:
For 10"+ Screens

  • 1 - 16" x 12" microfiber screen cloth
  • 1 - 2oz Photodon Ultra Screen Cleaner
  • 1 - 2oz bottle of Anti-Stat solution
  • 1 - Pair installation gloves
  • 1 - Piece of Tacky Tape

Small Screen and Lens Kit:
For Mobiles, or Screens less than 10"

  • 1 - Refillable compact spray bottle
  • 2 - High quality microfiber lens cloths
  • 1 - Drawstring carrying pouch
  • 1 - 2oz solution refill bottle

The installation kit will help to make your installation a little smoother and should be considered for your film installation.

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Don't see your screen size or model listed?

We can custom cut a film to your screen size.
(up to 70" and any shape you can specify)

No extra charge for custom cuts

Visit our Universal & Custom Cuts page.

For information on custom orders, feel free to Contact Us

Film Maintenance & Cleaning: HP 18.5" W1858 Monitor Clear Screen Protector

Clean the protective film the same as you would the normal screen surface; using quality screen cleaning products and proper screen cleaning techniques.


  • These films do require some skill and patience to install.
  • To ensure proper installation, be sure to have a clean, dust free screen and work area.
  • These films only work on flat screen type displays. They do not conform to older style curved CRT screens.
  • These films are not brightness reduction films, such as neutral density filters.
  • Replacement time will vary based on usage and amount of abuse.
  • Tablets and other touch screen devices take a lot more abuse as compared to desktop LCD/LED monitors.

More questions about Photodon screen protectors?
Visit our Screen Film FAQ page.


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