Shatterproof screen protector

6HS: Hard-core Protection for Flat Screens up to 80-inches and Custom Cut!

February 22, 2017 | By Jolynn Paige

Photodon 6HSImagine a tinker-toy being launched full force at your new large screen high definition 3D TV.  You see it happening and wish you could hit the re-wind button on real life because now your screen is cracked.  You love the little toy hurler, but right now, you pretty much have to put yourself in time-out in order to refrain from exploding on the spot.

6HS screen protectors will save you from having to experience this drama.  It’s tough.  So tough, in fact, that it competes with nearly bullet-proof tempered glass.  Photodon is as happy as a bear in a beehive to be able to offer custom-cut 6HS film to our customers.

Some of the key features of this film include:

  • Double the scratch resistance of the average screen protector
  • A shock-absorbing layer that translates to extreme protection of blunt impacts to your device
  • Films, unlike tempered glass, are shatter-proof.  Should your device take a spill, the glass under the film will not disperse into a million little pieces
  • Transmittance of 93% of light emitting from your screen
  • A rainbow free visual experience.
  • Ability to custom cut for screens up to 80”

The 6HS screen protective film is also fantastic for our B2B customers: This film will protect expensive digital equipment that is in a high-use or industrial area.  Schools, factory floors, hospitals, salesforce tablets — any environment that is apt to involve high-impact or abrasive usage — these are the types of business clients we had in mind when getting Touche 6HS into our product line.

Here is a link to our 6HS page if you'd care to know more about the film, or, give us a call at 847-377-1185 or shoot us an email to [email protected], and we'll get right with you.

Photodon is the best in the industry at cutting film for just about any flat screen device on the market.  Whether you have screens large, or small, we're the best in the industry in providing you with a solution.