Microfiber Cloths for Industry!

August 31, 2011 | By Mandy Peterson

There really are so many applications for Photodon Microfiber Cloths in the industrial world. We offer several different cloth options for you to choose from! Cloths for screens, displays, smooth and rough surfaces, fine and detailed applications; we're confident that you will find the weave to match your needs!

Use these amazing cloths dry, dampened with water or spray it with your favorite cleaner (one that is appropriate for your application).

Large Silky Woven 14 x 14 inch Microfiber Cloths
Product 383 – Large Silky Woven 14 x 14 inch Microfiber Cloths

Uses for a microfiber cloth:

  • Polish/clean your finished product
  • Clean safety goggles & other gear
  • Tools & machinery maintenance
  • Clean displays/screens

Saving your business money!
Using the right microfiber cloth will pay off in the long run; they are washable and re-usable!

  • Cut down on waste and improve productivity!
  • All of our microfiber cloths are available in bulk and case sized packaging.
  • Shop now for microfiber cloths for competitive pricing and excellent quality!

I'm outta here for now! Thanks for reading!