Powerful Microfiber Technology

October 3, 2013 | By Don Basch

Microfiber cloths are great for so many cleaning applications including:

    • Household & office cleaning
    • Cleaning & polishing cars
    • Medical facilities
    • Cleaning delicate surfaces such as camera lenses or computer/tablet screens
    • Glassware & mirrors
  • Any surface that could use a cleaning

We've all used them to get a great shine on everything from our windows to our car interiors. 

Suede Microfiber Cloths
Product 360 – Suede Microfiber Cloths
Diamond Weave 12 x 16 inch Microfiber Cloth
Product 315 – Diamond Weave 12 x 16 inch Microfiber Cloth

What Makes Microfiber Technology So Powerful?

Unique Blend of Materials

Microfiber technology is based upon synthetic materials, typically  80% polyester and 20% polyamide (nylon).  It is the combination of these materials that makes it tough, resilient and have properties of strength, precision and sheerness.  The polyester is the ingredient that allows the cloth to not scratch fine or delicate surfaces, it is also what polishes surfaces.  The nylon is what allows the material to not shed fibers and keeps it strong, elastic and resistant to abrasion and chemicals. It is only with both of these materials together that you get what is known today as microfiber.  It's phenomenal absorbency gives rise to so many applications including cleaning and drying many surfaces.

Microscopic Strand Size

Diamond Weave ClothThe individual strands in microfiber are finer than 1/100 of a human hair and are split into many wedge shaped strands to help with the wicking power of each filament.  With the proper combination of materials and the splitting of the already super fine fibers, these unique microfiber cleaning materials were created.  These strands can reach into crevices and provide millions of little pockets within the fabric to hold dirt.  These fibers can be made into several types of cloths such as silky, terry, suede or woven for different uses depending on how these fibers are knitted or woven together.


How did microfiber come to be, you may be wondering.  It is unclear as to the exact date when microfiber was born.  Some believe it was invented by the Japanese in the mid 1970's, some state England introduced it in 1986 while others believe it was as late as the 1990's.  Regardless of when it began, microfibers are a wonderful creation that makes our lives better.

Environmentally Friendly

Best of all microfiber cloths reduce the amount of paper products needed for cleaning and they can be washed and reused up to as many as 500 times.  Also, you can reduce or eliminate the amount of cleaning solutions to do the same job using a standard cotton based cloth.

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