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Here's a Quick Way to Eliminate Static Electricity

December 19, 2013 | By Don Basch

When relative humidity falls below 30%, static electricity can be problematic. Relative humidity is the percentage of moisture held in the air versus the most that could be held at that temperature. Because cold air holds less water vapor, those living in colder climates notice a dramatic rise in the occurrence of static electricity during the winter months. Folks in Phoenix and Las Vegas experience it throughout the year due to the hot, dry conditions in these areas.

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Screen Size, Humidity, Temperature

February 23, 2010 | By Mandy Peterson

Listed are a few factors that can affect the way you clean your screen :

  • Size of the screen
  • Humidity of the room
  • Temperature of the screen surface

On a small display you can reasonably clean the whole screen at one time.  On a large screen you may want to clean half or a third of the screen at a time.

The lower the humidity of the room the higher the static electricity that will be present. This will in part cause more dust/debris to collect on your screen surface.

Trying to clean the whole surface of a flat panel screen that is still warm will result in streaking and the likelihood that you will damage the screen coatings.

Next week will discuss the best techniques in using liquid cleaning solutions.