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Touch your Laptop Computer's Screen With Peace of Mind!

March 15, 2017 | By Jolynn Paige

There's no question about it: Laptops with touchscreens are a fun and versatile way to get information. The un-fun part is when you're left with wear marks or scratches, and even irritating fingerprints and smudges left from touching your screen so much.

Whether you use your touchscreen in the workplace, or at home, Photodon's high-quality, Touché brand screen protectors will block the abuse of everyday use.

Photodon carries many of the most popular touchscreens including screen protectors for  HP, Acer, Dell, and Apple products. And the good news is, if we don't have the screen protector you're looking for, we'll be happy to custom cut one for you at no additional charge.  Simply provide us the dimensions and we'll cut a film to your specifications.

Bulk Discounts

Photodon does a lot of business with large and small corporations and we can offer substantial discounts to those who are seeking bulk pricing.

Request more information, or give us a call Monday through Friday, 9:00-5:00.  We're located in the Eastern time zone in Traverse City, Michigan.

Reseller Program

If you're interested in reselling our product line, we offer a 15% discount to approved resellers (and deeper discounts depending on sales volume).  We are also registered to do business with the government.  Photodon's Capability Statement will give you a snapshot of what we do.

Photodon understands that these laptop touchscreen computers are just plain awesome. We want to help you keep your display safe and clean with Photodon's screen protective films.

A Screen Protector For Every Laptop

A screen protector is easy to apply and has a strong hard surface to protect your display from accidental marring and fingerprints. Our film is completely safe for your screen. The silicon adhesion provides a strong hold onto the screen but when it comes time to remove the film it will not leave behind any residue.

We have many different screen protector types:

  • Perhaps glare is an issue and you prefer to have a matte finish on your display. Our anti-glare film will do the trick! It gives a soft look to your screen and diffuses any light reflecting off of your display. The anti-glare film types available with a higher anti-glare factor are MXT and MXG.
  • If you want some anti-glare but are looking for something a little sharper, we offer high definition anti-glare film. It offers a nice clear image and slightly softens glare reflecting off of your screen. This film type is called MXH, it has approximately 25% anti-glare.
  • We also carry crystal clear film which is a great product if you're strictly needing to protect your display and do not desire the anti-glare effect. This film provides a crisp, clear image that will protect your screen with a strong hard coated film. This film type is called MXA. Another clear film offered that also has oleophobic properties (ease of cleaning) is MXO. And if you're looking for super shock-absorbing, scratch resistant film (better than tempered glass because it won't shatter!), check out Photodon's 6HS clear film.

Come shop around and let us help you protect your laptop computer!