Blue Light From Your Screen

3 Reasons to use Blue Light Reduction Screen Protectors

April 3, 2015 | By Jolynn Paige

MXB FilmWhen you  see a rainbow, the colors of  light normally not  seen by the naked eye can be seen because the light is refracting through the water droplets in the air.   Red, yellow, blue, and many shades of color can be seen.

resized image people rainbowsElectronic devices such as tablets, cell phone screens, and computer monitors emit these same colors.   Many researchers are now saying that long exposure to blue light from electronic devices can produce some harmful health effects.

Here are some main reasons for using blue light reduction screen protectors.

Reason #1: Devices emitting blue light used before bed can interrupt sleep patterns and affect your body's melatonin levels. Many professional resources confirm this statement; however, I like this article posted on the Science Daily website.  Using  blue light reduction screen protectors helps limit  the blue light that is emitted from the screen.

Reason #2: Exposure to blue light may make a person want to eat more.  Research by Northwestern University of Chicago, and published in the on-line magazine Newsmax Health indicates that devices that emit blue light,  such as smart phones, tablets and laptop devices, can activate brain regions that regulate appetite and metabolism.

Reason #3: Blue light reduction screen protectors can help to deter macular degeneration.  Optometrists like those of The Review of Optometry have discovered that reducing UVB (Blue Light) can lessen the occurence of  macular degeneration.

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