Team Photodon

Photodon:Our Goal? One-hundred Percent A+ Ratings

October 6, 2016 | By Jolynn Paige

At Photodon, we strive to offer superior-quality products at affordable prices with the best customer service in the industry. Whether you're buying as an individual consumer or you're from a large company looking for bulk quantities of our products, our highly-skilled team is standing at the ready to help you.  Putting our heads together to solve problems for you is what we do! Pictured from left to right: Dave, Pat, Don, Jeanette, Eric, Mandy, Brandon, Jolynn, Eric, Gabby, and Jacob.

Before a product is added to our store, we test it in our offices, in our workshops, at our homes, and at our family and friends' homes. Sometimes we even send out samples in exchange for consumer feedback.  If a product doesn't fly with us, we keep on searching for a product that meets our five-star standards.

What we put forward is what we know to be the best, because our customers deserve the best.

Team Photodon is aware that other businesses in the marketplace who offer specialty cleaners, microfiber cloths, monitor hoods, and screen protective film exist.  We are confident that we out-perform them all with our red-carpet service and  consistently high consumer ratings on our products.

Our customer service staff is abundantly friendly, accommodating, and quick to respond. If you or your company has a  complaint on any aspect of our dealings with you, we'll go out of our way to make it right.  We believe in good old-fashioned conversation — and whatever time it takes, to problem-solve.

At Photodon, you're not just an order number.  Your satisfaction is the most important part of how we run our business.  You'll always be appreciated for giving us your business.

We have the ability to fulfill large orders and custom orders — and no matter the size of the job,  we are committed to giving you  that small town store feel when you're doing business with us.