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Custom Cut Screen Protectors

Photodon offers six types of screen protectors:
Anti-glare, clear, blue light cut, privacy, shock-absorbing, and super scratch-resistant.
Photodon films protect screens from scratches, dirt, and abrasion. Many of our films provide excellent anti-glare function while our blue light-cut film helps to protect eye-health. If screen privacy is what you seek, our privacy filters are the way to go. Our shock-absorbing film offers 6H scratch resistance and extreme-grade protection for any screen up to 100 inches. Custom cutting is our specialty.

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Screen Protector Blog Articles

Photodon Films shown with different amounts of Anti-Glare
Screen Protectors shown with different amounts of Anti-Glare
Screen Protectors shown with different amounts of Anti-Glare
Before and after with Anti-glare film
MXO and MXA Comparison; note the oleophobic coating on MXO films
MXH Anti-glare film applied to the right screen
MXA series Crystal Clear film: Notice bottle reflection on glass
Comparison of Anti-Glare / Matte and Clear Screen Protectors
Film Comparison Videos

Screen Protector Categories


MXH 25% Anti-Glare Reduction MXT 50% Anti-Glare Reduction MXG 85% Anti-Glare Reduction 5HS 85% Anti-Glare Reduction

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MXO: Clear 6HS: Anti-Scratch and Anti-Shock Film 9HO: Clear Glass-Like Hardness MXB: Blue Light Cut

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Blue Light Cut

MXB: Blue Light Cut

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Shock-Absorbing Clear and Anti-Glare

6HS: Anti-Scratch and Anti-Shock Film 5HS: Shock-Absorbing Anti-Glare 85%

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Extreme Abrasion Resistance

9HO: Clear Glass-Like Hardness

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Privacy Filters

P2L: 2-Way Privacy Filter P2S: 2-Way Privacy Filter Silicone P4S: 4-Way Privacy Filter Silicone

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Screen Protector Comparison Chart
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