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If your Thermostat is not listed here or in our device  Quick Find,
we can custom cut a screen protector for you.

Order your Custom Cut Screen Protector  

Main Image for Honeywell VisionPro TH8000 Series 4.3-inch Thermostat Screen Protector
Honeywell VisionPro TH8000 Series 4.3-inch Thermostat Screen Protector
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Starting at $14.95 for One Piece
10+ Piece Discounts Available

You rely on your thermostat for comfort and protection from the weather. You should have a way to protect your thermostat. Photodon’s oleophobic screen protectors will provide that protection. Our screen protectors will prevent scratches, dings, and fingerprints. You’ll be comfortable in many ways when you use your thermostat.

Photodon makes screen protectors up to 100" with several film types from which to choose, from anti-glare to crystal clear and many others in between. Whether you want to reduce the reflections off the screen surface or you just want to protect your device from scratches, marring, ink, permanent markers, cleaning errors, kids or pets, Photodon films have you covered!

Cleaning your device is one of the major causes of screen damage. By protecting the original screen surface, you eliminate that possibility. Clean with peace of mind, knowing that you’re cleaning the screen protector, not the original surface of your device.

Photodon Protective Film and Screen Protectors for LCD Screen Displays.

For more information about our films, visit our main Screen Protector Overview Page.

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