6HS - Scratch and Shock Absorbing

Scratch and Shock Absorbing

Glass like 6H hardness with shock protection
and excellent image quality

Out in the field, on the go, or on the factory floor:

Hard hats for the 'ol noggin are a must in many industries, as are protective eye gear. Our 6HS film is a sort of hard hat for your device's screen. Let our 6HS film relieve you of the panic of having to tell your boss that the new screen of the equipment assigned to you has just been damaged beyond repair. Installing one of these protective films can bring you peace of mind knowing that you’re protecting your valuable high-tech gear to the best of your ability.

6HS Features:

  • Affordable – nearly half the cost of an Otterbox or new glass replacement screen
  • Super shock-absorbing – protecting up to 10 times better against blunt force than factory-installed screens.
  • Will still allow for all of the device’s touch screen features to function.
  • Highly transparent
  • Custom-cut available
  • Can be produced at discounted bulk rates for business to business partners
  • Available for any device up to 80"

For Home Use:

Many devices like the Kindle, iPad, Nexus 9, or a Lenovo Horizon Tabletop PC, are part of the family. With Photodon’s 6HS screen protectors, your children or teenagers can practically take a hammer to the screen. Our scratch and shock-absorbing film will save you from having to scream at your kids when they have yet again damaged their expensive tablet, or even worse: they have put a crack right in the middle of the family’s brand new 80-in high definition TV screen or tabletop two-in-one desktop. Oops. Barbie wasn’t supposed to fly that far! Investing in a 6HS screen protector now will not only be good for creating a more harmonious family environment, but your investment could save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

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