Large Silky Woven 14 x 14 inch Microfiber Cloths

    Large Silky Woven 14 x 14 inch Microfiber Cloths

    Price: $3.65

    Product Code: 383

    Large Silky Woven 14 x 14 inch Microfiber Cloths

    Microfiber Lab Towel

    This cloth is a larger version of our #382 silky cloth. It has a nicely finished sewn edge and is tightly woven. It comes individually packaged. This cloth is ideal for screen cleaning on many types of devices, large or small. It is washable, reusable and long lasting. Uses include: Lens cleaning, LCD displays, industrial critical cleaning, cameras/camcorders, cell phones, optical/sun/safety glasses, LED read-outs/gauges, CDs/DVDs, promotional use and much more!

    Product Name Silky Microfiber Cloth
    Photodon Part # 383
    Included in Order
    • Silky cloths
    Cloth Size 14" x 14"
    Color light blue, olive green, white
    Packaging Type 2 pack, 30 pack, 540 case pcs
    Composition Microfiber 70% polyester, 30% nylon
    260 grams/m2
    Shipping Weight each 14" x 14"
    10 pack: 3.2 oz.
    30 pack: lbs.
    540 case pcs: 43 lbs.
    Other sewn
    Options Available for promotional use: embossing or color logos.
    Printing (1,000+ quantities)
    Embossing (100+ quantities)
    Notes Great for screens, glass, mirrors, windows, industrial, critical, optical and hospital cleaning.
    Reference More Info
    MFR Part # N/A
    MSDS Sheet Silky Cloths MSDS
    Spec Sheet N/A
    Origin - Manufacturing & Assembly
    Korea - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
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    CLOTH - TYPE Anti-Bacterial Silky Microfiber Cloths
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    Silky Microfiber Cloths
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    Large Silky Microfiber Cloths
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    Suede Microfiber Cloths
    SKU 382AB 300 382 384 383 351 355 360
    Available Sizes 6" x 7" 6" x 7" 6" x 7" 6" x 7" 14" x 14" 12" x 16" 8" x 8" 8" x 12"
    12" x 16"
    16" x 16"
    Linting -- -- -- -- --
    Edge Style Zig Zag Zig Zag Zig Zag Zig Zag Sewn Straight Sewn Sewn
    Promotional Use N/A
    Screen Cleaning --
    Auto Exterior -- -- -- -- -- --
    Auto Interior -- -- -- -- --
    General / Equipment -- -- -- -- --
    Glass, Windows, Mirror --
    Kitchen and Bath -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    Industrial, Critical Cleaning --
    Lab, Hospital --
    Lens, Optical -- --
    Excellent Value
    Verified Buyer
    Pros: Silky smooth, large, heavy quality fabric Cons: Oh, they only come in 3 colors. *sniffle*
    This is the second batch of silky micro fiber cloths that I have purchased. They are large and have a great quality feel to them. Not only that, but they are super silky smooth. I used them for cleaning my electronic's screens, glasses, and for my 8 inch telescope lenses. Only the best will do for that one. I recommend these to everyone I meet.
    You are wonderful, Jasen! Thanks for the feedback, and for the recommendations. Being a small business, word of mouth advertising is our best avenue, and we appreciate your helping us out!
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    Ideal Cloth
    AV Pro
    Verified Buyer
    Pros: Durable, smooth, and thick. Cons: - none -
    I purchase these cloths for my company to clean projector lenses, camera lenses, and other critical glass surfaces. They are large, and the fabric is thick and smooth. They are very durable. I will buy these over and over again.
    Thanks for the positive feedback!
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    large silky microfiber cloths
    douglas hawkins
    Pros: they are large and high quality Cons: none
    they are great for cleaning glasses, and they last for years. I keep buying more because I like them.
    Thanks for your repeat business, Douglas! Some of our cloths are great for cleaning just about anything!
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    Microfibre cloths
    D Fernandes
    Verified Buyer
    Received my order and am happy with it. The cloths are good and work well.
    Good news! Thanks for your business!
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    Large size makes it very useful
    Verified Buyer
    Pros: Size, fabric Cons: None
    Received two of these along with my purchase of several items. The large size of the cloth makes it very useful for cleaning our 60" and 46" LED TV's. The second one I gave to my wife to use in her 2016 Honda Pilot. The touch screen in the new Pilot has a major issue with retaining hand oils from every time it's touched. She told me last night that the size and fabric makes it perfect for cleaning the screen, that is until the Pilot screen protection I order arrives. Can't wait!
    Fantastic, Steve! We'd recommend checking out our microfiber sample packs, which will give you some cloths to use for cleaning your car!
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    These are a great deal
    Clean Freak
    Pros: Size, price Cons: none
    I wanted a bigger size cloth that was easier to handle. The small cloths end up with you still getting fingerprints on lenses because they are small. These cloths are the perfect size. And yeah, you'd pay 5x more elsewhere.
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    Verified Buyer
    I find this to be an exquisite microfiber towel that is excellent for cleaning laboratory glassware because of its ideal texture, thickness, absorbency, and size, though I do wish it were available at an even bigger dimension. I also like that the towels arrive individually packed and ready to use, and they are indeed easily washable/reusable (do not use bleach or fabric softener). Shipping is very fast, but moderate and large-sized orders have rather high shipping rates. After all, these are small light-weight towels; the shipping rates should be proportionate/lower.
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    Mark(Santa Fe)
    Verified Buyer
    The #383's are as large and silky as I had hoped!! They are higher quality and silkier than theirs I've purchased through my favorite camera retailer at 5 times the cost. Also, your shipping was very prompt. I appreciate the helpful info you included about caring for the products, too. Nothing can beat great customer service, and you delivered. I wanted you to know how much I love your microfiber products and the excellent value at which you offer them!! Consider me an ambassador for Photodon!
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    technician(North America)
    Verified Buyer
    Pros: large size, thick material Cons: none to report
    these have been in use for a couple years now in A/V production to clean screens and lenses. They are large, which allows them to be used extensively or on very large surfaces before needing to be cleaned. The material is very smooth and absorbs screen-cleaning liquid well. Great cloths.
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    Zach(Wichita, KS)
    Verified Buyer
    Pros: Silky smooth, lint free, great for screens Cons: A bit large, wrong promo item
    Great product! Worked as expected. Unfortunately it's a bit wide to fit inside my laptop when closed which would have been handy. Also, I got the wrong promo item. I ordered it with a free iPhone protector but got the microfiber cloth instead. Obviously I bought the microfiber cloth so... Also, I should have ordered one light blue one and one olive green one--didn't realize they were separate packages. Great purchase overall.
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    Alameda(Albuquerque, N.M. )
    Verified Buyer
    I am a wildlife photographer who wears glasses. When taking pictures the viewfinder presses my glasses against my skin and I have smeared glasses after a while. Coated glasses and lenses are delicate, hard to clean and they will smear if touched. I tried the #382 cloths out of the bag and they were the best. No streaks, no lint - just clean results. I have purchased other microfiber cloths from other sources and most left streaks and did not do the job. These cloths work much better than the professional products sold by the major camera makers. I will be ordering addition cloths to have in my vehicles, all camera bags, at my desk and other important places. Very happy with the product.
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    Verified Buyer
    Pros: safe and effective Cons: none
    These cloths have quickly removed all marks from my LCD TV without any signs of scratches. Together with the Optix cleaner you can't go wrong.
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    Verified Buyer
    I use these to protect my Lee 4x4 and 4x6 filters in there pouches.
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    RjaV(Albany NY)
    Verified Buyer
    Pros: Large Well Made Cons:
    These large microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning any surface that you might be afraid of scratching. This includes large screen Laser, LCD/LED, CRT screens. Also good for cleaning cell phone, tablet, and notebook screens. Excellent for cleaning eyeglasses.
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    EvilleSV(Evansville, IN)
    Verified Buyer
    Pros: good quality, great value Cons: none so far
    these clothes are a great size. price was great and shipping was VERY fast. I'm very happy with these clothes. I haven't had to wash any of these clothes yet so I don't know how they'll perform after washing, but even if they don't hold up after a few washes, who cares they're SO CHEAP!
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