Honda Odyssey 2018/2019 EX/EX-L/Touring/Elite 8-inch In-Dash Screen Protector

Honda Odyssey 2018/2019 EX/EX-L/Touring/Elite 8-inch In-Dash Screen Protector

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Screen Protector For Honda Odyssey 2018/2019 EX/EX-L/Touring/Elite 8-inch In-Dash

This product will fit any 2018 Honda Odyssey EX, EX-L, Touring, or Elite with the 8-inch Display Audio Touch-Screen.

*Has cut out for Volume control knob
As mentioned on OdyClub

Most in-dash systems -- be it a navigation screen or a sound system digital display -- are touchscreens and exposed to heavy usage. Reduce glare and protect the visual quality of your screen with a Touché brand screen protector.

Give yourself peace of mind from:

  • Bluntforce Impacts
  • Irritating Fingerprints
  • Damage from cleaning products
  • Irreversible Scratches
  • Messy Hands
  • Unwanted Abrasions

Photodon makes films that will:

  • Reduce glare (Anti-Glare)
  • Protect eye health (Blue Light Cut)
  • Ensure privacy (Privacy Filters)
  • Protect from extreme impact (Anti-Shock)

Depending on your needs, Photodon has a film type to cover your device. If unsure about which film type to order, use our Film Comparison Sheet to help decide.
We also offer Film Sample Packs to help with the decision-making process.

Photodon Touché™ Screen Protectors:

  • Are made of best-in-class material
  • Have silicone adhesion which leaves no residue
  • Are touchscreen compatible
  • Have scratch-resistant coatings from 3 to 9H
  • Are precision laser cut to fit your device
  • Have pull tabs for easy liner removal
  • Have Limited 18-month Warranty

Photodon's special services include: custom cutting, film layering, and installation.

Product Name Honda Odyssey 2018/2019 EX/EX-L/Touring/Elite 8-inch In-Dash Screen Protector
Photodon Part # 2319-01
Included in Order
  • Screen Protector(s) cut to fit
  • Test film
  • Installation instructions
  • Installation supplies
Film Size 8"
Color Transparent
Packaging Type Single or bulk
Composition PET Base
Shipping weight each .25 lb.
Other Silicon adhesion
Options Etching
Notes These films conform to flat screen types and the newer curved monitors. They do not work on the old curved CRT type screens. These are not brightness reduction films, such as neutral density filters.
Reference More Info
MFR Part # 2319-01
RoHS Compliance Sheet RoHS Compliance Sheet
Spec Sheet MXO, 9HO, 6HS, 5HS, MXH, MXT, MXG, MXB, P2L, P2S, P4S
Origin - Manufacturing and Assembly
Korea - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
Perfect fit-straightforward, easy install
Mike Jenkins
Verified Buyer
This screen protector was an excellent fit for my 2019 Honda Odyssey EX-L. The installation kit was comprehensive and the instructions easy to follow. I had absolutely no problems at all with it. Highly recommended!
Thanks for giving others confidence that they, too, can successfully install a screen protector! Way to go, Mike.
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Excellent So Far
Verified Buyer
I've had the protector on about a week and I'm very happy with it so far. I got the MXH type and like the slight anti-glare without it noticeably dimming the screen. It resists fingerprints better than the bare screen. Installation went well, though I added one little useful step. After using the anti-static spray I carefully lined up the protector then taped it to the top of the screen using the "hinge method" recommended by some phone screen protector companies. After making sure it was lined up really well I removed the backing and pressed it down with the squeegee starting at the top and moving down slowly. It ended up with no bubbles and great alignment.
Nice tip, Dan. Thanks for sharing it! We'll be sure to pass it on to others.
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Great fit, tricky install
Verified Buyer
The protector was a perfect fit for the 2019 EX-L Odyssey's touchscreen. Even though I forgot the step of spraying the anti-static solution on the film, I have still managed to achieve a very good install. That being said, the process does require patience, and unless you have access to a dust-free clean room, it's almost impossible to keep the dust off the screen after cleaning.
We're glad you had success! Great job!
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Good Application for 9HO
Verified Buyer
Pros: Easy Application with no Bubbles Cons: Not tempered glass
Used the Blue Tape Hinge Method to install. Placed 3 hinges across the top of Film and the back of screen. After thorough cleaning of the screen and film, removed the protective film labeled # 1 and let the film fall in place from the top hinge down. Only one bubble appeared but was easily removed with the card included. Then removed the second protective film #2. So far adhesion is good with no bubbles. The best screen protector application I have tried so far and I have tried 3 in total. Only disappointment is that I thought the 9HO film was a tempered glass, but it is a high quality film that almost disappears when applied and not noticeable.
Thank you for giving so much detailed information on your installation success, Mark! This will help others for sure.
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Excellent product
Stephanie Waldrop
Verified Buyer
Pros: Easy to install, well fit, fast shipping Cons:
We had our new car less than a week when we started to notice scratches. I was excited to find a product that covered up the existing scratches, protected it from further damage, and also hid fingerprints well! The installation kit is one of the best I’ve encountered and it didn’t have a single bubble.
That MXH film really helps a lot of people, Stephanie. Thank you for the feedback.
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Great screen protector for my 2019 Honda Odyssey EX-L
Lisa Lofton
Verified Buyer
I saw someone recommend this on an Odyssey forum. I ordered it and received it a few days later. The screen in the van was always covered in fingerprints which I hated! This protector was easy to apply. It does not affect the touchscreen sensitivity at all. It fits perfectly and does not show hardly any fingerprints at all!!!
We're glad you're happy with the MXO film, Lisa!
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Great product for a great price
Verified Buyer
This product includes everything you need to install the screen protector, at a very good value. The directions were great. I got mine laid down on the first try with no bubbles or dust specs.
Good job, Eric! We hope you like the MXO film.
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2018 Honda Odyssey EXL-With NAV & RES
Pros: Great protection-clear view Cons: none
This film does everything I wanted. Minimal fingerprints, good touch, crystal clear with no distortion. Simple to install and keep clean. Added protection for onboard screen. Highly recommend! Found the link on the Odyssey Forum site.
Thanks, Emil! Happy driving!
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Great Product
Verified Buyer
Pros: Works as advertised Cons: None
Comes with great instructions! Read them ALL before starting. It definitely reduced the glare, although my primary reason for buying was to reduce finger prints & scratch protection. I used a bit of soapy(very little liquid soap) water on the adhesive side, as that allowed some moving for alignment. It actually makes squeegeeing the air bubbles out.
Good to know! We like getting feedback about wet installation jobs. Fingerprints are a bugger for sure.
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Verified Buyer
Pros: easy to use. looks great Cons: tabs to hold for alignment would help considerably
went on easily. dust was a bit of problem when putting on in car display but is easily removed. love the fact that it can be lifted and moved if needed. I would definitely buy again if needed
Thanks, Dian!
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Verified Buyer
This is great news. The tip about the painter's tape is a good one! Thanks for taking the time to review our products!
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Great Fit and work!!
Verified Buyer
Pros: Great fit, Good material Cons:
Great fit as advertised. I got the 9HO version and my wife not even aware I have installed it. Great product!!
Thank you, Frank! 9HO is a fantastic film, and we're glad it's working out well for you! Happy trails!
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Verified Buyer
Pros: Reduces finger prints & minimize scratches Cons: Bottom right edge not sticking, tried using the card to scrape but no luck. Any suggestions?
Functions as described, good fit and would recommend for all Odyssey owners.
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Honda Odyssey Screen Protector
Elizabeth Sollon
Verified Buyer
Pros: No fingerprints, great fit, ease of application Cons: None
All the fingerprints on my new Odyssey touch screen were driving me crazy. I was looking for a quality screen protector, but most only got mediocre reviews. Then I stumbled upon a 2018 Honda Odyssey owner's forum and there was an entire discussion about just this problem. The Photodon name was used with only good things to say, so I gave it a try. I was not disappointed. The installation was simple, and the fit perfect. No more finger prints, and now I don't have to worry about scratches either. I could not be happier with my purchase. Well worth the money.
We're glad the MXH film help solve your fingerprint problem. Thanks for the hearty endorsement!
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Perfect fit. 2018 odyssey.
Paul morganti
Verified Buyer
Pros: Nice, easy installation, quality material. Cons: None
I purchased this screen protector for our new van after much research. I was a perfect fit and went on easily. I would highly recommend this screen cover.
We're glad you like the MXO, Paul! Thanks for the feedback!
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Quality stuff
Verified Buyer
Pros: Nice fit and easy to work with, Quality stuff Cons: Not optically clear in certain lighting conditions/angles.
Quality film and adhesive, allowed me to remove and reapply to remove particles, did not crease and adhesive was undisturbed. It was a bit tough lining it up perfectly with the hole and edges though. Installation could be made easier by having ears or tabs to hold on to, perhaps part of the top protective layer... I used the tape from the packaging. This film greatly reduces smudges and fingerprints. It also hid a slight scratch right in the middle of the screen, now I don't have to worry about new scratches. In bright light, there seems to an ever so slight hazing like shown in the product pictures, but only under certain conditions. I went with the MXO, does the 9HO exhibit the same? I would buy a strip for the AC display if it were offered, would be great for scratch protection!
Thanks for the tips, Robert. We'll pass the feedback on to our packaging department. The MXO film is a popular one with our customers.
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The Perfect Fit
Pros: Fits wonderfully and lives up to the hype. Cons: Mutes the color on the screen but not enough to be a big negative.
Once upon a time a van owner was looking for a way to reduce glare and finger prints and to prevent scratches on the shinny new touch screen of his infotainment system. He was searching high and low for a solution when one day he came across a review for this screen protector. After reading through the reviews he decided that it couldn't hurt to try, so he ordered one. The protector came in a well packaged envelope with tons of instructions and tools needed to install the protector. After reading all the instructions twice he set to installing the protector in his van. The install process took less time then it took to read all the instructions twice. This protective film is magic as it reduced the finger print and glare issue instantly. Not only did it do its job wonderfully but it also fit perfectly.
Great story telling, Caleb! Perhaps we need to create a children's book! :) Thanks for the creative review.
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Screen Protector
Verified Buyer
Pros: Smudges are less. Helps slightly with glare Cons: Still attracts dust
It's not easy to get the screen perfectly clear and dust free. I left part of the backing on while applying multiple times until the screen was lined up properly and I used some blue painters tape to remove any dust that still managed to show up between the screen and protector. It looks good now and fingerprints don't seem as visible. Screen still has some glare, but that can't be helped due to the size of the screen and location on the dash.
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Great fit and works perfect!
Verified Buyer
Pros: Mr. Cons:
Product was easy to install (once you removed all the dust from the screen thoroughly). Glare is GREATLY reduced and fingerprints are almost non-existent now. Would highly recommend this product
Glad you like the MXH film, B. That dust can be a bugger, so we're glad you made the point about making sure to remove it before installing the protector. We appreciate you taking the time to review our product.
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Honda Odyssey 2018 Touring 8-inch In-Dash Display Screen Protector
Nina O'Leary
Verified Buyer
Pros: Easy to install, Arrived quickly Cons:
Just installed today and it looks great. Was easier than others I've installed on my phone. I was concerned it was going to be a problem but it really wasn't. Got the air bubbles out without any issues. So far, no sign of fingerprints!!
9HO is a very popular film! Anti-fingerprint and super scratch resistant. We're glad you had a positive installation experience, Nina!
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Great product
Verified Buyer
Easy to install with some painter's tape and the hinge method. Finger prints and glare are drastically reduced. Would buy again
Thanks for the tip on installation! We've suggested this method for large screens, too.
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Verified Buyer
Can barely tell it's on and easy to apply. Great so far!
The MXO film is a nice pick. We're glad you're happy with it!
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Great protector!
Verified Buyer
Super easy to put on if you follow the very easy to understand instructions.Display looks great. No more fingerprints and drastic decrease in glare. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a new Odyssey.
Thanks, CG. We try to make installation as pain-free as possible, and we're glad our instructions helped you have a successful installation experience!
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Excelent Product. A Must Have for 2018 Odyssey
Verified Buyer
Pros: Works and fits very Well. Very professional instuctions and even comes with a sample to pre-test bef Cons: One shot deal with installation which is not uncommon. Be carefull and follow instuctions
One day with the new 2018 Honda Odyssey and you'll go out of your mind with the finger prints on the fully touch screen display. There is no way to avoid this. Honda actually gives you a little cloth that you need to keep real close because soon you will not be able to read the display with all the finger print build up. Put this protector on and MOST of these issues will be gone. I'm suggested to the Honda dealer to give these away with a purchase of each Odyssey or maybe Honda should. Make sure you order film type MXO if your goal is to get rid of the finger prints.
Thanks for the feedback, Lenny! We're glad we could keep you from going out of your mind ;)
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A perfect fit!
Marshall Willis
Verified Buyer
IT WAS PERFECT!! Fast delivery, excellent packaging, great craftsmanship, easy install, and most importantly a perfect fit and fix, as it covered up a small scratch we'd already put in the screen coat (the main reason I purchased). It also drastically cut down on fingerprints. I'm extremely satisfied so far.
Perfect is perfect! Knowing that we helped cover up the scratch you already had on your screen. Thanks, Marshall!
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