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Silky Light 6 x 7 inch Microfiber Cloths

Silky Light 6 x 7 inch Microfiber Cloths

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    Silky Light 6 x 7 inch Microfiber Cloths

    Price: $4.59

    SKU: 300

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    Silky Light 6 x 7 inch Microfiber Cloths

    These 6 x 7 inch cloths are slightly thinner than our other silky microfiber cloths. Because they are low-lint, washable, reusable, and long-lasting, you save money by not buying disposable products and cleaners. Uses include lenses, small LCD displays, cameras/camcorders, cell phones, optical/sun/safety glasses, LED read-outs/gauges, CDs/DVDs, industrial critical cleaning, and much more!

    Many options are available for promotional use as well. We can put your logo or business information right on your cloth!

    Product Name Silky Light Microfiber Cloth
    Photodon Part # 300
    Included in Order
    • Silky cloths
    Cloth Size 6" x 7"
    Color Dark blue, light blue
    Packaging Type 10 pack, 100 pack, 2,500 case pcs
    Composition Microfiber 70% polyester, 30% nylon
    75 grams/m2
    Shipping Weight each 10 pack: 3.2 oz.
    100 pack: 1.2 lbs.
    2,500 case pcs: 33 lbs.
    Other zig-zag edging
    Options Available for promotional use: embossing or color logos.
    Printing (1,000+ quantities)
    Embossing (100+ quantities)
    Notes Great for screens, glass, mirrors, windows, industrial, critical, optical, and hospital cleaning.
    Reference More Info
    MFR Part # N/A
    MSDS Sheet Silky Cloths MSDS
    Spec Sheet N/A
    Origin - Manufacturing & Assembly
    Korea - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
    Microfiber Quick Compare Silky Cloths Microfiber Cloth FAQ
    Cloth Type Anti-Bacterial Silky Microfiber Cloths
    Silky Light Microfiber Cloths
    Silky Microfiber Cloths
    Silky Premium Microfiber Cloths
    Chamois Microfiber Cloths
    Suede Microfiber Cloths
    SKU 382AB 300 382 384 351 360
    Available Sizes 6 x 7" 6 x 7" 6 x 7" 6 x 7" 8 x 8" 8 x 12"
    12 x 16"
    16 x 16"
    Linting -- -- -- --
    Edge Style Zig Zag Zig Zag Zig Zag Zig Zag Straight Sewn
    Promotional Use
    Screen Cleaning --
    Auto Exterior -- -- -- -- --
    Auto Interior -- -- -- --
    General / Equipment -- -- -- --
    Glass, Windows, Mirror --
    Kitchen and Bath -- -- -- -- -- --
    Industrial, Critical Cleaning --
    Lab, Hospital --
    Lens, Optical --
    Silky Light 6 x 7 inch Microfiber Cloths
    Verified Buyer
    Pros: Soft, smooth, washable Cons: Might shrink a bit. Not really a con to me, but maybe to you.
    I use these cloths for the detailed care of acrylic art pieces, and they are perfect for the job. I like that they are relatively thin, so I can feel texture through them more so than with a thicker cloth. They also wash well - no unraveling or pilling. (They may have shrunk a little though.) I will continue ordering these great little cloths!
    Thanks, Deborah! We'd love to see your artwork!
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