Mirachem Optix Screen and Lens Cleaner

    Mirachem Optix Screen and Lens Cleaner

    Price: $10.25

    Product Code: 320

    Mirachem Optix Screen and Lens Cleaner

    This high quality cleaner is safe for all plastics, glass screens and lenses. Optix LCD and Computer Screen Cleaner is guaranteed not to craze, streak, discolor or otherwise damage sensitive surfaces. Uses Include:

    • Desktops, laptops, notebooks
    • Plasma and LCD screens
    • Large screen TV's
    • PDA's
    • GPS systems
    • Lab equipment
    • Touch screens
    • Acrylics and plastic surfaces
    • Office equipment
    Product Name Optix Screen Cleaner
    Photodon Part # 320
    Included in Order
    • Optix Screen Cleaner
    Size 32 oz., 1 gallon, 5 gallons, 55 gallons
    Color Clear
    Packaging Type 32 oz.: single, 6 pack, 12 pack
    1 gallon: single, 4 pack
    5 gallons: single
    55 gallons: single
    Composition Liquid
    Shipping Weight each 32 oz: single: 2.75 lbs.
    32 oz: 6 pack: 16.5 lbs.
    32 oz: 12 pack: 33 lbs.
    1 gallon: single: 9.5 lbs.
    4 pack: 38 lbs.
    5 gallons: single: 50 lbs.
    50 gallons: single: 500 lbs.
    Other N/A
    Options N/A
    Notes Safe for all screen types. Bubbles when shaken.
    No ammonia, alcohol, or VOCs
    Reference More Info
    MFR Part # 32 oz., 12 pack: 0101-1200032012
    1 gallon: 0101-1200128004
    5 gallons: 0101-1200640001
    50 gallons: 0101-1200055001.
    All others: NA
    MSDS Sheet Optix Cleaner MSDS
    Spec Sheet N/A
    Origin - Manufacturing & Assembly
    USA - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
    Cleaner Type Description Sizes Packaging1

    Photodon Ultra Screen Cleaner
    Superb screen cleaner - leaves no streaks. Nanotech formula keeps your screen clean up to twice as long compared to traditional cleaners.

    Alcohol, ammonia, glycerin and silicone free.

    4 oz., 8 oz., 64 oz., 5 gallons 4 oz.: single, 6 pack, 12 pack
    8 oz.: single, 6 pack, 12 pack
    64 oz.: single, 4 pack
    5 gallons: single

    Photodon Anti-Scratch Screen Cleaner
    Creates a clear, hard surface that repels abrasive particles. Great protection for portable devices such as cell phones, glasses and cameras.

    Alcohol, ammonia, glycerin and silicone free.

    1 oz. single, 6 pack, 24 pack

    Mirachem Optix Screen Cleaner
    Removes dust, fingerprints, grease and oil from glass and sensitive screen surfaces.

    Alcohol, ammonia, glycerin and silicone free.

    32 oz., 1 gallon 32 oz.: single, 6 pack, 12 pack
    1 gallon: single, 4 pack

    Klear Screen Cleaner
    Offers protection from static electricity. A popular choice among electronics industry leaders.

    Alcohol, ammonia and sodium lauryl sulfate free.

    8 oz. single, 6 pack, 12 pack

    Blow Off Foaming Electronics Cleaner
    Foam-based all-in-one cleaner and anti-static solution.

    Nonabrasive and safe for electronic equipment and all screens.

    8 oz. 4 oz.: single, 6 pack, 12 pack
    32 oz.: single, 6 pack, 12 pack
    1 gallon: single, 4 pack
    5 gallons: single
    50 gallon drum: single
    Only thing we use!
    Verified Buyer
    Pros: Works well and no nasty smell. Cons: shipping costs on a case! but worth it!
    We've used this product for over 10 years, it's the only thing we use on our library monitors, tablets, touch pads, etc. Awesome product!
    Thanks for the feedback, Deb, and for your business for so many years.
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    Best I have found
    Deborah MacArthur
    I have been using this product for many years, for computer and TV screens, cell phones, eye glass lenses and touch screens. Mine came with 2 different cloths, a nubby blue one for "scrubbing" and a soft micro-fiber one for "finishing". I love the results. I highly recommend this product.
    Thanks for the feedback, Deborah!
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    Tom(Rapid City, Michigan)
    Verified Buyer
    I bought my first bottle of Mirachem Optix 15 years ago. I was thoroughly satisfied then, and am now. It's the best product on the market for computer screens, camera optics, and similar items. Wouldn't use anything else. And the cleaning cloth is even better!
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    Verified Buyer
    Best screen cleaner I have ever used for my plasma tv. No streaks and the price of Optix is better than I expected. Buy the 32 ox spray bottles for the best econimy.
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    Verified Buyer
    Ordered and shipped as promised, product works well, I would reorder this product without hesitation.
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    Verified Buyer
    Great cleaner for flat screen TV or any device screen. Best prices, fast service.
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    mtchllnd51(Portland, OR)
    Verified Buyer
    Pros: Leaves no residue and no streaks Cons: None
    I have a Dell Studio 1640 XPS Laptop and I am using the best cleaning product from Photodon. All of their products are of high standard quality.
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