Staticide Anti-Static Foam Cleaner - 15 oz.

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Staticide Anti-Static Foam Cleaner

Cleans while helping to prevent static electricity. It is formulated for general external cleaning of glass, plastics or any hard surface. This foaming spray is a non drip, non running cleaner, making vertical surfaces a breeze to clean up! Will not leave behind any residue.

Product Name Anti-static Foam Cleaner by Staticide
Photodon Part # 328
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  • Anti-static Foam Cleaner
Size 15 oz.
Color Clear
Packaging Type Single, 12 pack
Composition 2-Butoxyethanol
Ethyl Alcohol
Deionized water
Liquified Petroleum Gas: Propane, n-Butane, Isobutane
Shipping Weight each Single: 1.25 lbs.
12 pack: 15 lbs.
Other N/A
Options N/A
Notes Leaves no residue. No APO or FPO deliveries. Ground shipped only USA / Canada.
Reference More Info
MFR Part # 8072
MSDS Sheet Link
Spec Sheet N/A
Origin - Manufacturing & Assembly
USA - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
Anti-Stat Type Description Sizes Packaging
Staticide Anti-Static Foam Cleaner
Use for general cleaning of glass and plastics. Foam solution is non drip, non running and leaves no residue. 15 oz. single, 12 pack

Staticide Anti-Static Liquid Solution
Long lasting formula effectively eliminates/reduces static electricity. Spray or wipe liquid solution onto almost any surface.

User safe, non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable.

2 oz., 4 oz., 32 oz., 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 50 gallon drum 2 oz.: single, 6 pack, 12 pack
4 oz.: single, 6 pack, 12 pack
32 oz.: single, 6 pack, 12 pack
1 gallon: single, 4 pack
5 gallons: single
50 gallon drum: single
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