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Blow Off Duster Cases

Blow Off Duster Cases

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    Blow Off Duster Cases


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    Blow Off Duster Cases

    This sterilized cleaner removes dust, dirt and microscopic debris from hard to reach places. Removing larger dirt particles by blowing them away reduces the risk of scratching delicate surfaces. Doing so as a first step, before wiping a lens or screen, is highly recommended! This product comes with an extension tube for hard to reach areas. Non-flammable. Uses include: PCs, Notebooks, Keyboards, Printers, Scanners, TVs, VCRs, CD Players, DVD Players, Stereos, Speakers, Appliances, Scanners, Industrial Critical Cleaning, Portable Electronics and so much more!

    Product Name Blow Off Duster
    Photodon Part # 335
    Included in Order
    • Blow Off Duster
    Size 3.5 oz., 10 oz.
    Color Clear
    Packaging Type 12 pack
    Composition Compressed air
    Shipping Weight each 3.5 oz.: 5 lbs.
    10 oz.: 15 lbs.
    Other N/A
    Options N/A
    Notes No APO or FPO deliveries. Ground shipped only USA/Canada.
    Reference More Info
    MFR Part # 2226
    MSDS Sheet Blow Off Duster MSDS
    Spec Sheet N/A
    Origin - Manufacturing & Assembly
    USA - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
    Type Description

    Canned Air Blow Off Duster
    A sterilized cleaner that blows particles out of hard to reach crevices.

    Available in cases of 12: 3 oz. or 10 oz. cans.

    Camel Hair Camera and Lens Duster Brush
    Brushes away dust and small particles from small screens, lenses and around device buttons and knobs.

    Available in 1" and 5/8" sizes.

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