Lenovo ThinkPad X220T 12.5-inch Tablet Screen Protectors and Privacy Filters

Lenovo ThinkPad X220T 12.5-inch Tablet Screen Protectors and Privacy Filters

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Screen Protector For Lenovo ThinkPad X220T 12.5-inch Tablet

Chances are, you love your tablet, and you realize that the glass-fronted digital screen is vulnerable without protection of some kind. A tablet's portability means more potential situations to scratch or damage your screen. If you use your tablet in public places, consider a privacy filter to keep your information private.

If using a screen protector on a device with a protective case, the size of the screen protector may need to be modified to fit within the frame of the protective case. This is because if pinched on the edge, the screen protector can distort, causing an air bubble to appear along the edge.

Give yourself peace of mind from:

  • Bluntforce Impacts
  • Irritating Fingerprints
  • Damage from cleaning products
  • Irreversible Scratches
  • Messy Hands
  • Unwanted Abrasions

Photodon makes films that will:

  • Reduce glare (Anti-Glare)
  • Protect eye health (Blue Light Cut)
  • Ensure privacy (Privacy Filters)
  • Protect from extreme impact (Anti-Shock)

Depending on your needs, Photodon has a film type to cover your device. If unsure about which film type to order, use our Film Comparison Sheet to help decide.
We also offer Film Sample Packs to help with the decision-making process.

Photodon Touché™ Screen Protectors:

  • Are made of best-in-class material
  • Have silicone adhesion which leaves no residue
  • Are touchscreen compatible
  • Have scratch-resistant coatings from 3 to 9H
  • Are precision laser cut to fit your device
  • Have pull tabs for easy liner removal
  • Have Limited 18-month Warranty

Photodon's special services include: custom cutting, film layering, and installation.

Product NameLenovo ThinkPad X220T 12.5-inch Tablet Screen Protector
Photodon Part #5430-01
Included in Order
  • Screen Protector(s) cut to fit
  • Test film
  • Installation instructions
  • Installation supplies
Film Size12.5"
Packaging TypeSingle or bulk
CompositionPET Base
Shipping weight each0.5 lb.
OtherSilicone adhesion
NotesThese films conform to flat screen types and the newer curved monitors. They do not work on the old curved CRT type screens. These are not brightness reduction films, such as neutral density filters.
Reference More Info
MFR Part #5430-01
RoHS ComplianceRoHS Compliance
Spec Sheet MXO, 9HO, 6HS, 5HS, MXH, MXT, MXG, MXB, P2L, P2S, P4S
Origin - Manufacturing and Assembly
Korea - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
NoName(Astana, Kazakhstan)
Verified Buyer
I've been using my Thinkpad X230 Tablet for nearly two years now, and upon purchasing it, I bought this screen protector. I wanted protection against finger oil, dust, dirt, sharp objects, and most importantly, the digitizer pen. Well, this screen protector has held up pretty well against the abuses of daily life, though it's starting to show bubbles, scratch marks, etc. Once, when Lenovo had to replace the display because of a backlight issue, I readily bought another one of these. Good quality!
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Verified Buyer
Great product, great service, and easy to apply!
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Jim(SF, CA)
Verified Buyer
Easy on, protects great. I bought this one to replace an old one.
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Verified Buyer
The product does what it says. However, READ, read the directions carefully. I made an idiot out of myself for not carefully reading. I installed screen saver, all impressed, no bubbles. Something wasn't right though. The screen was foggy, just not clear. I went nuts! I wrote a nasty note and was very disappointed. You can only imagine how stupid I felt once I realized, I never pealed back the protective layer on the exposed side of the film.. OPPS. Anyway, I will be ordering a new screen protector and trying this again. : ) Great product though. Thanks.
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SuperOranges!(San Jose, California)
Verified Buyer
This was a perfect buy! I applied it, spending 45 minutes to clean my screen, but it was all worth it. My screen is a gorgeous piece of art!
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maddabbo(los angeles ca)
Verified Buyer
I put this on before turning the tablet on for the first time. I used the kit sold here to apply it. I am very good at applying these films because I've been using them for phones for years. This went on perfectly and is perfectly clear. Like many oter films it makes touch better than without the film. I wanted it because I purchased the tablet for wacomb use. This has protected my screen for several months. It's starting to show some marks from the wacomb now. So it's time for a new one. I love this product.
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Verified Buyer
Happy with the quality of the product. Easy to apply. Just the right degree of anti-glare.
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Verified Buyer
I have the ThinkPad X220T Tablet with Outdoor screen and the screen protector fits "wall-to-wall" on the top and bottom, but not side to side. that's fine, because of the black margin, and it definitely extends past the active/lit area of the screen. It went on pretty well, and it feels fine to write on. The glare is about the same, with/without, just a different characteristic (without it the reflected light is dark blues and purples, and off multiple layers of glass. Just be careful not to wrinkle/kink the screen protector when opening it or installing it, as a bend does not seem to relax out. Overall I would say it's worth it, and protects the screen from the stylus well.
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Verified Buyer
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sidmo(Columbus, OH)
Verified Buyer
I absolutely love the anti glare screen protector! Its really quite resistant to fingerprints, and thus requires very low maintenance. There's no reduction in screen clarity whatsoever, and it feels great when using the digitizer. I'd say there is a little more friction than the naked screen, but in no way is that an impediment.
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Verified Buyer
The anti glare film reduces glare while protecting the screen. If you use this on your X220 tablet, the writing surface is a bit more slippery than the naked screen, but personally I find that better. I take notes on my laptop every day but only have to clean the screen protector once every two or three weeks. Easy to install if you get the installation kit.
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NLT(Louisville, ky)
Verified Buyer
When it says crystal clear, it means it! You really can't see this on the screen at all. It's funny, I accidentally ordered the one for the x200(slightly larger) but it ended up working well because it covered up the bottom portion of the screen that gets messed up from the buttons. This is a great product and a great company!
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Verified Buyer
Everything the reviewer Havoksupertwit said is completely right on. Touch: Slightly diminished after installation in that you need to adjust your touch pressure a bit higher when dragging your finger in Windows. But when you have found the sweet spot, which isn't difficult, it works just like before and is as consistent as ever. Installation: I am not very good at installing screen protectors, so after getting frustrated with dust from the my first installation I had to order another. The kit was very helpful to me. In my second installation I managed to get 2 dust particles (probably because I used the same gloves from my first bad installation, which likely had dust on them still) and 3 small air bubbles; however, the dust particles produced very tiny bubbles so that it was a non issue for me. These imperfections are not noticeable when the screen is on, so I decided to keep it the way it is, because trying to get them out would probably make matters worse (that is how my first installation went bad...). Screen Protector Texture: The screen protector itself blends in nicely to the surface of the tablet screen, and has a slightly rougher surface than the glassy feel of the screen itself. It makes inking feel more like writing on paper, and it feels good.
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Verified Buyer
I was worried about ruining the optical quality when I put this screen protector on. It looks exactly the same. I use the stylus on the screen quite a bit and my nibs wear quickly and begin to scratch the surface. With the protector on, I know the glass is fine. The sensitivity is just fine for me with the pen. I don't normally use the multi-touch, but it still works when I do use it with a somewhat firmer hand. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because I wish it were a little bigger. Yes, it covers the screen completely and perfectly, but those of you who own the x220t know that sometimes on the edges, you are no longer on the screen itself, but are on the bezel. I find myself scrolling down outside of the screen protector in certain modes. This, I think is not really a photodon issue, but one with the tablet, but if photodon wanted to accommodate a tablet problem, I wouldn't complain. Other than that, this product is great. It's easy to install and I certainly would use it again.
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Verified Buyer
Quick delivery --- great customer service --- Easy to install -- Film fits perfectly, I'm using the tablets in a dirty warehouse environment.
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Verified Buyer
Quite easy to install even for beginners.
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Verified Buyer
I've applied a few small screen protectors before but this one was super simple to apply. The pen has a good feel against the protector. A bit of nice friction so it doesn't feel as glassy as before (which I like). Touching is about the same but the increased friction does make dragging windows around a bit more difficult. Overall: - easy to apply (I managed no air bubbles) - very little glare - a bit of nice friction to improve inking - reduces touch a smidge but not drastically or anything that I regret.
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