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Screen Protector Install and Care Kit - Small

Screen Protector Install and Care Kit - Small

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    Screen Protector Install and Care Kit - Small

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    SKU: MX102-CB-INC

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    Screen Protector Install and Care Kit - Small

    This kit is highly recommended for all electronic device screen protector installations on screens up to 17". For larger installations check out our MX101 – Deluxe Screen protector installation and care kit. It contains the items needed to help produce a successful and professional looking film installation. It will also be useful for maintaining the cleanliness of your device for everyday use after installation. The beaded pouch allows you to take this kit with you in your purse, glove box or camper.

    This kit will give you peace of mind during your installation as it will allow you to:
    • Remove lint, dirt and dust which can cause bubbles during installation
    • Reduce the static that could attract dirt and dust to your screen
    • Remove bubble causing dirt particles with tacky tape
    • Push out any air bubbles with the squeegee

    What's in the box:
    • One –One oz. Bottle of Anti-Scratch Cleaner – cleans dirt off your screen or lenses without harsh chemicals
    • Two -Silky Microfiber Cloths- lint free, absorbent, machine washable and won't scratch your devices if properly cleaned
    • One –Staticide Wipe
    • Instructions for the use of the kit and the care of the cloths
    Speedy delivery and perfect fit A++
    Verified Buyer
    Honestly, residing in Canada I thought it was going to take a week or two. It tool a couple of days to be delivered! The instructions were also very clear and the screen protector itself was a perfect fit. The package included a cleaning kit which was perfect for the installation. The ONLY criticism, would be that they should include instructions on removing the previous screen protector. I took a peak on Youtube to see how it was done, the closest instructions I found on Youtube was someone installing it on a Wacom Companion (see link below). Nonetheless, great service and delivery, fantastic product.
    We're very happy that the shipping time was so timely for you! Thanks for following the installation instructions in order to achieve a successful installation for your Wacom Cintiq. The MXH film type that you chose has a great paper-like surface and will allow you years of drawing. Thanks again!
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    mxt review (good for drawing)
    Sohyun Jeong
    Verified Buyer
    I am an iPad user living in Korea. I bought mxt film because I did not like the film of another company selling in Korea. I paid a high shipping cost, but it was worth it. Delivery was very fast and the product is very satisfactory. When I put this film on the iPad, the pen did not slip on the screen, and a texture similar to that of paper was felt. Noise was much less than other comparable products. The screen looked clean. It was much easier to draw pictures when I used it. If you are looking for iPad or tablet film, I would recommend mxt.
    We're glad you're happy with your choice, Sohyun. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Helps for easy install
    Verified Buyer
    Install kit works well and helped make the installation much easier and hassle-free. Less worrying about dust and residue isn't left on screen before laying screen protector on.
    Thanks for the feedback!
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    Great quality product and excellent service
    Dejan Horgas
    Verified Buyer
    Pros: Great feel when using Apple Pencil 2, clear, no distortion, easy to install Cons: No cons.
    I ordered the MXH protector for my 2018 iPad Pro 11" based on a recommendation on a photography/digital illustrations forum. The product is perfect for my needs, providing a good paper feel when using the Apple Pencil 2, yet providing good protection for the screen, reducing the glare and reflections, and not distorting the image quality (no rainbow effect or pixelation). The install kit was perfect and install instructions clear. I did not have to re-apply the protector or clean any dust, but I followed the install instructions exactly as stated.
    Thanks, Dejan!
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    Great Product and Easy Installation!
    Verified Buyer
    Pros: Easy installation and Great Product! Cons: None that I can think of
    The installation was super easy! Just make sure you read and reread the directions before installing. The product looks amazing on my Cintiq companion!
    That's great news, Johnny! (And good advice about re-reading the instructions!)
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    Looked good but short lived
    The MXH screen was good and it was delivered quickly. Installation wasn't too hard either but I had to work through bubbles and in process of that, I realized I had a back bar appear on my laptop screen (Lenovo 720). Based on my research there are others who had a similar problem with the same model. I had to work with Lenovo to replace the screen but I don't know if I want to spend on another new screen protector. The screen was a good one though and mitigated reflections surfaced from my glossy 4k screen.
    Thank you for the feedback.
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    Perfect Installation
    Verified Buyer
    Pros: Includes everything you need for installation Cons:
    This installation and care kit is really useful as it will insure that the screen is clean with no residue and it will do it safely.
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