Screen Protector Install & Care Kit - Mobile

    Screen Protector Install & Care Kit - Mobile

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    Screen Protector Install & Care Kit - Mobile

    This kit is highly recommended for all electronic device screen protector installations on screens up to 17". For larger installations check out our MX101 – Deluxe Screen protector installation and care kit. It contains the items needed to help produce a successful and professional looking film installation. It will also be useful for maintaining the cleanliness of your device for everyday use after installation. The beaded pouch allows you to take this kit with you in your purse, glove box or camper.

    This kit will give you peace of mind during your installation as it will allow you to:
    • Remove lint, dirt and dust which can cause bubbles during installation
    • Reduce the static that could attract dirt and dust to your screen
    • Remove bubble causing dirt particles with tacky tape
    • Push out any air bubbles with the squeegee

    What's in the box:
    • One –One oz. Bottle of Anti-Scratch Cleaner – cleans dirt off your screen or lenses without harsh chemicals
    • Two -Silky Microfiber Cloths- lint free, absorbent, machine washable and won't scratch your devices if properly cleaned
    • One –Staticide Wipe
    • Microfiber pouch - A stylish 4”x 4” pouch with a beaded drawstring to conveniently store your cloths and cleaner
    • Instructions for the use of the kit and the care of the cloths
    Chevy MyLink Screen protector
    Touché Chevy MyLink touchscreen
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    I ordered a 7” screen protector for my Chevy MyLink. The manual said it was 7”, come to find out it was actually 8”. PhotoDon promptly sent me the 8” at no extra charge, and all I had to do was mail the 7” back. Several emails were exchanged, which were very helpful and courteous.
    We are happy to work with our customers, Beth. Happy driving!
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    Highly recommend this product. After sales customer service was amazing. Thank you!
    We're happy to help, Kidwai!
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