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Custom Monitor Hood Options

8.25" Depth Standard

  • Our most popular size
  • Available with calibration door

6" Depth Slim

  • Slim design
  • Best for lightweight screen supports

8.25" Depth Dual

  • No center support to block your view
  • Adjustable from straight to 45 degrees
Photodon Monitors Hoods for All Computer Monitors
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Made in USA
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The Photodon Computer Monitor Hood

Professional Design
Custom made to fit your monitor
Fully assembled and ready to install

Shaded Benefits
Reduces screen glare and eye fatigue
Shades from window and overhead lighting

Increases privacy between adjacent computers
A great addition to any testing facility

Great for most desktop monitors and small televisions
Comes in 6" and 8.25" depths

Read what our customers are saying about us!

Dear Sir,

Thank you for sending the monitor hood, I received it Monday 18th, very prompt. The hood is marvelous, I no longer have the window shining on my screen. It's made going on the computer a pleasure, thank you.


Attribute Monitor Hoods Screen Protectors
Image Clarity Cuts down glare without compromising image clarity. High anti-glare can cause pixeling and decreased image clarity.
Color Calibration Allows for accurate color calibration Anti-glare films can cause decreased image quality and inhibit proper color calibration
Glare Reduction Obstructs lights that commonly cause glare. Allows for glare reduction, but does not obstruct light.
Eye Fatigue May help with eye fatigue by eliminating outside light. Does not affect eye fatigue.
Compatibility Compatibility limited to monitors and small TVs Compatible for all flat screens up to 80"
Protection Does not shield screen, therefore cannot prevent scratches or smudges. Shields screen from scratches, smudges and other wear and tear.
Privacy Provides an ideal amount of privacy for computers adjacent to each other. Standard anti-glare films do not provide privacy.

Monitor Hood Features and Options

Calibration Door

  • Durable outer material.
  • Light absorbing, gray inner material is ideal for professional users who need to maintain true colors.
  • Inside surface provides space for program-shortcut notes, photos and other inspirational notes.
  • Quick elastic cord installation and removal.
  • Offers options by creating a localized shaded environment in situations where your co-workers may have different needs.
Support Bar cut to fit the A dimension you provide
The one piece top front edge: Standard for All Hoods, Increases stability of the hood, Decreases the set-up time, No sagging across the top.

Read what our customers are saying about us!


Thanks so much for getting everything out so quickly - the hoods arrived by noon, and we had them installed in the next hour. 24-hours from order to installation is pretty good!

Thanks for your help.

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