Ruggedize your screen with our shatter proof shock absorbing screen protector. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your valuable, high-tech gear is protected with the best product available. Best of all we will custom cut it to fit your device or OEM screen quickly without any additional fees. Available with any of our listed devices up to 80” in our Quick Find or with any custom cut screen protector on our Custom Cut order page.

Protect and Improve Your Screen Viewing Experience -- Customization Is Our Speciality!

Photodon offers exceptional screen protectors and screen care products at affordable prices. Keep all your screens looking like new. Our friendly customer service team provides quick answers to your questions about our products and services or your order. We fill your orders, large or small, with the same personal attention.

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Screen Protectors

You’ve invested in a digital device of some kind – be it that big, beautiful TV of your dreams, a kickin’ tablet for your digital design work, or a large number of monitors for your company. Now you need to decide on a screen protector film that’s right for you.

Photodon is the go-to place for standard-sized and custom shaped screen protection for all your devices. Whether you need one or thousands, big or small, we can fill your order with speed and accuracy. With the most film types available of any manufacturer, we can help you find the best screen protector to fit your needs.
  • Enhance your viewing experience with Photodon’s screen protectors.
  • Reduce glare by using one of our many anti-glare screen protectors.
  • If simple protection for your device is what you seek, we offer Crystal Clear screen protectors.
  • Protect your health by using one of our Blue Light Cut films.
  • You can vastly increase privacy in any environment by using one of Photodon’s privacy filters.

At Photodon, we offer the highest quality screen protector films in the industry with a price that beats the big box stores. Also, there is no extra charge to custom cut the screen protector that you need.

Screen protectors are sometimes referred to as films or foils in Europe. In some industrial applications, screen protectors are referred to as overlays.

Will our screen protectors be touch screen compatible? The answer is “Yes!” Not only that, but many of our screen protectors are fingerprint resistant, and contain a highly scratch resistant coating.

The screen sides of our screen protectors are coated with silicone that adhere the screen protector to your device. The silicone adhesion allows our overlays to be easily removed, without damage or residue to your device's screen.

Attention to detail at every step assures you the best installation possible.
  • Precision laser cuts screen protectors.
  • Integrated pull tab for easy liner removal, a Photodon innovation.
  • We supply installation supplies with every order.
  • Great written instructions included with your order.
  • A video demonstration of how to install your screen protector.

Is your device large? Photodon can custom cut screen protector (foils) up to an 80" (1035mm) diagonal. We’re one of the few in the industry with this capability, and we will cut the screen protector for no additional charge!

What is more, Photodon can create a custom etching of your company name or part # on any overlay upon request. Some customers also find it helpful to state or have the words, “Screen Protector Applied,” etched on the bottom of their screen protector because sometimes it is hard to tell that a screen protector is actually on the device.

Additionally, all of our screen protectors carry a 3-year warranty. We stand behind our screen protectors 100% -- we’re that confident in the product we are offering you.

At Photodon, we pride ourselves on best-in-industry customer service and lightning-speed shipping on our screen protectors. In fact we often get customer feedback saying, “Wow! That screen protector arrived in no time!”

Photodon has come a long way, with over 10 years’ experience, and we now offer precision laser cut screen protection. We specialize in ways to make your screen viewing experience better and more user-friendly. We are staffed with folks who can install your screen protector right here at our facility. Just ship your device(s) to us and we will handle that part for you. We’re all about making it easier on our customers!

Monitor Hoods

  • Monitor hoods provide shading from external light sources – either from the office or from outside in direct sunlight.
  • Computer monitor hoods reduce overhead lighting interference.
  • Provides a physical barrier to deter onlookers from viewing your private information.
  • Using a monitor hood does not affect the screen image.
  • Photodon's monitor hoods are designed with an elastic cord attachment for quick easy-on and easy-off usage.
  • Custom monitor hoods fit on your computer monitor for a perfect fit.
  • Using a monitor hood reduces eye strain, whether you work under office lighting, or in the bright light.
  • A monitor hood improves color and saturation
  • Photodon's monitor hoods can be made to accommodate calibration tools, with a cutout at the top, for seamless integration and functionality.
  • Gray lined surface inside the monitor hood absorbs light.

Microfiber Cloths

  • Photodon's microfiber cloths are safe and effective for many devices, from computer monitors and tablet screens to car radio screens and much more.
  • Using Photodon's microfiber cloths reduces the amount of paper products needed. They can be washed and reused up to 500 times.
  • Photodon's high quality microfiber technology is based upon the use of synthetic materials, typically 80% polyester and 20% polyamide (nylon). This combination makes Photodon's microfiber cloths tough and resilient.
  • Promote your company with our custom-designed microfiber cloths. There are many different styles, colors and printing options available. Have your logo printed, embossed or tagged on our A-grade microfiber cloths.
  • Our microfiber cloths can be used for household & office cleaning, cleaning & polishing cars, cleaning in medical facilities, cleaning delicate surfaces such as camera lenses, or cleaning glassware & mirrors.
  • Photodon custom cuts microfiber cloths for any need you might have.

Our Services

Photodon offers high quality, reasonably priced screen protection and screen care products to individual consumers, resellers, and large companies. No order is too big or too small for Photodon.

Photodon specializes in custom services such as:

*Custom sized and cut anti-glare, crystal clear, blue light cut, and privacy screen protectors. Many of our screen protectors can be cut for screens up to 80” diagonal and can accommodate devices with camera holes, microphones, and buttons. In addition, our laser cutter can etch information on films (i.e. a business name or part number).

*Custom-cutting of any shape of microfiber cloth. Our precision laser can cut through silky, suede and chamois cloths to your exact specifications or from a provided drawing. Custom Cut Cloths have many uses: protect camera lenses not currently in use from dust and scratches, or add 3M adhesive tape so they can be used as padding or anti-scuff for helmets or many other kinds of devices.

*Specialty monitor hoods for glare reduction and privacy.

*Promotional microfiber cloths of exceptional quality and competitive pricing.

*Outstanding screen cleaning kits, made for individual consumers or for businesses wanting a unique, high-quality promotional product.

*Critical-Cleaning superior grade microfiber cloths.

*The best screen-cleaning solution on the market, with our own proprietary formula.

*Screen-protector installation services for any sized order done in our “clean room.” We guarantee that no bubbles or dust particles will be under your film with our professional installation services.

Photodon is one stop shopping for all screen care needs and more! We ship internationally with a turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours. We offer a free gift with every order.

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