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Monitor Hoods

Photodon Monitors Hoods for All Computer Monitors

Photodon Computer Monitor Hood Features

  • Reduces screen glare
  • Increases privacy
  • Reduces eye fatigue
  • Shades from window or overhead lighting
  • Aids in color calibration consistency
  • Shields the screen from excess dust

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Fully assembled and ready to install.

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Fully Assembled Custom Monitor Hoods

Hood Size & Type

Top Width
"A" Dimension
Side Length
"B" Dimension
Depth of Hood

Custom Monitor Hood

Up to 36"
(91.4 cm)
Up to 24"*
(60.9 cm)
(20.9 cm)

Custom Mini Monitor Hood

Up to 36"
(91.4 cm)
Up to 24"*
(60.9 cm)
(15.2 cm)
*16" standard. Adjustable.

Why Choose a Photodon Monitor Hood?

Monitor Hood without Calibration Door option
Click for a larger view.
Side view of hood with calibration door

  • Professional design
  • Inner paneling is lined with a light-absorbing woven material (near 18% gray)
  • Great idea for educational testing facilities
  • Helps keep information on your screen private
  • Works on all flat panel monitors
  • Easy elastic cord removal or adjustment
  • Adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Calibration door option available
  • 30 day Money Back - Satisfaction Guarantee

Custom Hood Chart Hood Benefits
Why people use hoods Installation
Calibration Door Material information
Glare reduction ideas HIPAA & GLBA


Survey of why people use hoods

If our standard hood sizes do not meet your needs, we can customize one for you. The most common modifications are shortening the sides (+$10.00 / hood) or placing a calibration door (+$30.00 / hood).

 Reasons for wanting a hood  Votes   Percent 
 Shading room/office lighting 64 26%
 Shading from window lighting 51 20%
 Accurate color calibration 40 16%
 Privacy issues 32 13%
 To reduce eye strain 34 14%
 Improved color & saturation 26 10%
 Avoiding distractions 2 1%
Photodon Customer Poll


Monitor Hood Back with Elastic Cord

Installation Instructions

The monitor hood is shipped with its sides folded in a flattened state. The sides fold back out to cover the monitor. The hood is fully assembled and ready to install right out of the box. Installation takes about two minutes.

The Photodon monitor hood includes

  • One quality, hand inspected hood
  • Detailed, easy to follow instructions for installation

Read what our customers are saying about us!

Dear Sir,
Thank you for sending the monitor hood, I received it Monday 18th, very prompt. The hood is marvelous, I no longer have the window shining on my screen. It's made going on the computer a pleasure, thank you.


Calibration Door Option

Universal Monitor Hood with Calibration Door top option
Click for a larger view

A calibration door is an option for your hood. The slider door on the top of the hood will allow you to calibrate your monitor without having to remove the hood. The door dimensions are 3" x 2" and allows the calibration device or the cord to be passed through. The door is located in the center rear of the top panel. Check this option when ordering.

Material type / interior finish

Made of durable, high-density fiberboard, the outside material is black with impala embossing and the interior material is a durable light-absorbing woven material. Elastic cord attachment makes for easy installation and removal when desired. Rigid plastic strips on the front edges provide extra reinforcement and protection.

Additional Monitor Hood Benefit Information

Support Bar cut to fit the A dimension you provide

  • Increases stability
  • Decreases setup time
  • No sagging across the top
  • Photodon monitor hoods were mentioned in Photo Techniques Magazine, Sept/Oct 2003, article "Calibrating the Digital Darkroom."

  • Creates a shaded environment to help achieve screen color consistency. This aids in accurate and reliable color calibration for color-critical applications such as computer graphics and desktop publishing.

  • Reduces glare while adding nothing extra to look through. Covering the screen with a filter material can affect the overall screen brightness, especially with the color white. The use of a monitor hood, in conjunction with some of our glare and reflection reduction ideas, can greatly enhance your viewing pleasure and reduce eyestrain.

  • Great for office environments by reducing ambient lighting caused by fluorescent lights and also reducing screen image washout. Screen washout from the sun may only occur for a few minutes a day but sometimes lasts for up to several hours. The length and amount of washouts can change daily and with the shifting of the seasons.

  • Offers options by creating a localized shaded environment in situations where your co-workers may have different needs.

  • Provides privacy especially in areas where computers are side by side, such as in libraries, computer labs, cyber-cafes, classrooms, testing facilities and in the workplace. These can be helpful in areas where sensitive materials and documents are handled, such as banks, law offices or medical facilities. A hood will keep confidential information secure in sensitive environments, helping you meet your HIPPA & GLBA requirements.

  • Helps to reduce eyestrain. Because the eyes play such a large roll in processing information on the screen, any reduction in screen glare can have health benefits including a reduction in eyestrain, fatigue and headaches.

  • The inside surfaces provide added space for program-shortcut notes, photos or other notes of inspiration.

Read what our customers are saying about us!

Thanks so much for getting everything out so quickly - the hoods arrived by noon, and we had them installed in the next hour. 24-hours from order to installation is pretty good!

Thanks for your help.

Glare Reduction Ideas

Ambient light reflecting off monitor screen surfaces causes light to reflect back at the viewer.

Check screen surface reflections by looking into your screen with the monitor off. These reflections can obscure the screen image you want to see, causing unnecessary distractions. Observe and implement as many of these glare reduction ideas as possible:

  • Wear darker clothing. Lighter colored clothing reflects more light.
  • Place the monitor where light sources are off to the side and not directly behind the user.
  • Close shades or curtains.
  • Turn off overhead lights or any lights that are directly behind the user.
  • An individual task light may replace other lights, but be sure that it does not shine onto the screen or your eyes.
  • A glare-reducing screen is also an option but be sure it does not affect the overall screen brightness, especially of the on screen whites. Or, if you're concerned about color calibration, make sure the screen isn't tinted.
  • Tilting the screen slightly downward also helps in reducing reflections but may not be ergonomically correct, unless you raise the monitor up.
  • A hood can effectively reduce the amount of ambient light from the sides and above from reaching the surface of the screen.


HIPAA law does not specifically say that a monitor hood is a compliant device (it is much more general than that) it does state: Under Incidental Uses and Disclosures, [45 CFR 164.502(a)(1)(iii)]

General Provision. The Privacy Rule permits certain incidental uses and disclosures that occur as a by-product of another permissible or required use or disclosure, as long as the covered entity has applied reasonable safeguards and implemented the minimum necessary standard, where applicable, with respect to the primary use or disclosure.

Reasonable Safeguards. A covered entity must have in place appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards that protect against uses and disclosures not permitted by the Privacy Rule, as well as that limit incidental uses or disclosures. See 45 CFR 164,530(c).

HIPAA - The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996

This law requires new safeguards to protect the security and confidentiality of information. The law mandates new and stringent standards for patient privacy protection, insuring the privacy and security of medical information both in electronic and printed format. Full compliance, in most cases, is required by federal law by April 14, 2003. The ruling applies to health care providers, hospitals, insurance offices, doctor offices and health clearinghouses. More information is available at:

GLBA - The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Enacted in 1999, GLBA requires financial institutions to protect non-public personal information (NPI) for distribution beyond the financial institutions network. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act requires government agencies that regulate financial institutions to implement regulations to carry out the Act's financial privacy provisions (GLB Act). The regulations required all covered businesses to be in full compliance by July 1, 2001.A key GLBA provision requires all financial services organizations to protect the security and confidentiality of their customers nonpublic personal information (NPI).

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