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Monitor Hood Frequently Asked Questions

Monitor Hoods

  • What is a monitor hood?
  • Photodon's monitor hoods are designed to help provide your monitor with shading from overhead or window light, and they come fully assembled and ready to install. Dual monitor hoods will require some assembly. There are two types of monitor hood: the Office Monitor Hood, and the Indoor-Outdoor Shade Monitor Hood.

    The Office Monitor Hood has a professional-looking leather-like finish, and it is suitable for open office settings in order to create a sense of privacy. It is not for use in dirty or damp environments.

    The Indoor-Outdoor Shade Monitor Hood is made from a high-quality corrugated plastic, making it versatile for use indoors or outdoors and in industrial-type settings. It is suitable in dirty and damp environments.

    Photodon sells single monitor hoods and dual monitor hoods. Dual monitor hoods are ideal for blocking ambient light glare and/or creating a sense of privacy for two side-by-side monitors. A dual monitor hood can also be built for two side-by-side curved monitors.

    Photodon sells custom monitor hoods as well. See the question below for information on when and how to order a custom monitor hood.

    When purchasing a custom monitor hood, you have the option of choosing a calibration door for an additional charge. This door is designed for use with color-critical calibration tools.

    Customers find that using the monitor hoods helps reduce eye-strain and give privacy.

  • When would I need to order a custom monitor hood?
  • If you need a hood with specific dimensions, like a wider or shallower depth than 8" or a leg dimension more or less than 15.25"- or a specific top (A) dimension. If you would like a calibration door added, or you want the monitor hood to fit your curved monitor, then you will need to order a custom monitor hood.

  • How do I order a custom monitor hood?
  • Here is what we need from you:

    • Go to the Custom Monitor Hood Page on Photodon's website.
    • Measure the monitor's outside top width and the monitor's outside top-to-bottom height.
    • Provide the Make and Model number of your monitor.
    • Indicate whether you would like a calibration door installed on your custom-cut monitor hood.
    • Check out.
    • Custom monitor hoods are generally shipped out within 48 hours of purchase.
  • How do I install my monitor hood?
  • Installing your monitor hood takes just a few minutes. These steps include:

    • Unbox
    • Remove shrink wrap
    • Unfold sides
    • Place on monitor
    • Tighten the elastic cord
    If you need additional help, please refer to our printable PDF file here, or for additional help check out the video!
  • Are the monitor hoods adjustable?
  • Single and dual monitor hoods from Photodon are custom-made to fit your model. Our new slotted design allows for some minor adjustments, and the elastic cord attachment on the hoods allows for a wide range of variation of monitor shapes.

    Dual monitor hoods ARE able to adjust the angle between monitors. They hinge up to 45 degrees.

  • What are the monitor hoods made of?
  • Office Monitor Hoods

    • Durable, high-density board
    • The outside material is black vinyl that provides a professional-looking leather-like finish
    • The interior material is a durable, light-absorbing gray woven material

    Indoor-Outdoor Shade Monitor Hoods

    • High-quality corrugated plastic
  • Can monitor hoods be used on a curved monitor?
  • Yes, we can custom-make a monitor hood for your curved monitor(s) in the following styles: custom office monitor hood, custom indoor-outdoor monitor hood, and custom dual adjustable angle monitor hood. Just click the "Is this for a curved monitor?" box found on the order page and indicate the radius if it is different than 1800R.
  • Do your monitor hoods work with calibration devices?
  • Yes. Only custom monitor hoods can accommodate calibration devices. We can add a calibration door to the top center of the hood for an added fee.
    The calibration door allows you to calibrate your monitor without removing the hood from the monitor.
    Select this option at time of purchase by checking the "Add Calibration Door - Add $30.00" box.

  • How are the monitor hoods packaged?
  • Each custom-made and pre-assembled monitor hood has hinged sides that allow it to fold flat for shipping.
    Before placing into a box for shipment, monitor hoods are shrink-wrapped, and the edges are wrapped in bubble wrap for added protection.

  • What do I do if my monitor hood tips or drifts forward?
  • Hood Support On certain flat panel screens, the weight of the hood may cause the monitor to drift downward. In this case, cut foam or cardboard to the proper size and place between the monitor and the support bracket (stand) at the back of the monitor.

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