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Privacy Filters Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy Filter Demonstration

  • What’s the difference between an adhesive and a non-adhesive privacy filter?
  • The adhesive privacy filter has silicone adhesive on the entire surface of the back of the filter while the non-adhesive filter has adhesive strips that are installed on the outer edges of the filter.

  • How are non-adhesive privacy filters attached to the screen?
  • Each non-adhesive privacy filter comes with an installation kit which includes adhesive strips and adhesive tabs. The strips are installed on the back of the filter along the edges of the filter. This material will hold the filter in place and allow the filter to be removed repeatedly if needed and without leaving any residue on the screen. A set of tabs are also included which can be installed along the sides and bottom of the bezel should extra support be needed to keep the filter in place.

  • How is a privacy filter installed?
  • We’ve provided step-by-step instructions with our privacy filter installation kits and we’ve created a video to help you see how to install a privacy filter. We’ve had many positive testimonials from our customers telling us that our instructions are very easy to follow. View the installation video.

  • How do I measure a curved monitor screen to get dimensions for ordering a custom cut privacy filter?
  • It is best to use a flexible measuring tape, preferably one made of cloth or plastic. You could also use a piece of string to measure edge to edge and then put the string up against a measuring stick. We also suggest that two people be involved in holding the tape in place while taking measurements. Measure inside the bezel from left to right (the width) and top to bottom (the height).

  • What if I order a custom cut privacy filter and it doesn’t fit?
  • We ask that you measure accurately so that we only need to cut once. If cut too large, the filter can be sent back to us to be recut or resized. An exchange can be made provided the original filter is returned to us in like-new condition, however a 50% restocking fee may apply. In cases where many filters need to be purchased, we will send a paper template to check the measurements before the order is filled.

  • How long will it take for my custom privacy filter to be made?
  • Most orders can be filled within 24-48 hours, and 7-10 business days for larger purchases.

  • What is the difference between a 2-Way and a 4-Way privacy filter?
  • Two-way privacy filters allow privacy from left to right, or if specified when ordering, top to bottom, while 4-way filters provide privacy from all directions. With 4-way filters, the user can see the screen from straight on, however the screen looks black when looking at it from any of the four sides of the screen. View a video demonstration of the 4-Way privacy filter.

  • Can you cut a privacy filter that is configured in portrait orientation?
  • Yes. If you have a monitor or other screen in which the height is longer than the width, we can custom cut a filter for you. The louvres on the privacy filter material run horizontally, but if you specify your needs, we can turn the filter to accommodate the vertical mode.

  • Why am I seeing lines on my filter after it is installed?
  • You should not be seeing lines on your filter at all. Because not all monitors are made the same, the rotational alignment of the filter may need to be adjusted by re-cutting it.
    If you experience this, please contact our customer service department to discuss the issue.

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