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Anti Static Solutions

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Staticide Anti-Static Solution
Starting at $5.87

Protect Against and Control Static

Get Static Electricity Under Control

  • Easy to use - spray or wipe onto surface
  • Long last weeks/months - see chart below
  • Safe, non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Reduces field service calls
  • Cost effective
  • Proven effective in relative humidity less than 15%
  • Biodegradable - germicidal
  • Use full strength or diluted

Meets military specifications for static decay*

More Information about Staticide:

Staticide Anti-Stat - Proven effective in relative humidity below 15%

In tests made by leading EDP manufactures, Staticide has proven it can reduce field service calls by over 60% and static related problems by 92%. It also meets the military specifications for static decay.

For maximum static electricity control, use Staticide on hard floors, carpeting, cabinetry, work surfaces, CRT screens, paper, glass, fabrics, plastics and other materials. Not food grade safe.

Benefits of Anti-Static Spray:

  • Easy to use! Simply spray or wipe onto surface
  • Other applications: may be applied by dripping off transfer roller coating.
  • Long lasting - prevents dust attraction
  • Non-toxic, non-staining
  • Meets military specifications for static decay*
  • Proven effective in in relative humidity below 15%
  • Non-Flammable
  • Biodegradable
  • Use full strength or diluted
  • Non-staining and safe to use

*Meets MIL-81705 & NFPA-56A electrostatic decay criteria; Federal Test Standard 1018 Method.

Why we like Anti-Static Spray:

Staticide - "static-proof" virtually every surface & object in your work environment.

Staticide is a non-toxic, non-staining biodegradable formula. It is completely safe for people and provides a healthier area to work in. It does not depend on moisture in the air to work and has been proven effective in environments less than one percent relative humidity. Staticide not only eliminates static, but will prevent dust attraction also.

  • Staticide Spray apply easily on carpets, chairs, carts, equipment; reduce static for months
  • Staticide Wipes clean CRT screens, keyboards, plastics and other work surfaces

What Causes Static Electricity?

Static is caused when any two materials come in contact then separate. Friction (multiple separations) will amplify charge generation. Charges of only a hundred volts can cause your equipment to malfunction. It attracts and holds dirt, bacteria and other airborne contaminants. Total environmental static control is essential to the elimination of these "glitches".

Is Staticide Anti-Static Spray Cost Effective?

Staticide - most cost effective solution for static control in any electronic environment!

A quart of Staticide covers about 500 square feet of carpet and hundreds of square feet of hard surface area. Staticide has proven in tests by leading EPA Manufacturers, to reduce field service calls by over 60% and static related problems by 92%. This product meets the military specifications for static decay.

Application guidelines for tile flooring and carpeted flooring are as follows. Tile flooring mop with 50/50 solution of Staticide and water in place of straight water during normal maintenance schedules. Carpet flooring apply Staticide every one to two months in heavy use applications and every two to four months in medium use applications.

Anti Static Spray Application Guide
Object Surface Application Method Application Frequency
Heavy Usage Medium Usage
Tile Flooring Mop* Use diluted anti-static solution in place of water; follow normal maintenance schedule.
Carpets Spray 1 - 2 Months 2 - 4 Months
Fabric Chairs Spray Monthly Monthly
Plastic Chairs Wipe Monthly Monthly
Carts Spray / Wipe Every 3 Months Every 3 Months
Wheel Casters Spray Monthly Monthly
Equipment Cases Wipe Every 2 Months Every 3 Months
Work Surfaces Wipe Daily Daily
Copiers Wipe Weekly Every 2 Weeks
Decollaters Wipe Daily Weekly
Printers Wipe Daily Weekly
CRT Cabinets Wipe only Wipe with Routine Cleaning
CRT Screens Wipe Minimum Weekly or Wipe with Routine Cleaning
Clothing Mist / Spray** After Washing and Prior to Drying or After Dry Cleaning
Paper Supplies Mist edges only Every New Ream or Stack
Media Storage Units Wipe Monthly Every 2 Months
*Mop tile floors using Staticide Anti-Static Solution diluted 50% with tap water.
**Test on Fabrics for color fastness.
Reapply Anti Static Spray Solution according to this schedule or upon recurrence of static symptoms.
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