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Custom Screen Protectors and Privacy Filters

Photodon provides custom-made privacy filters and screen protectors tailored to your needs, without any minimum quantity constraints!

Order your Custom Cut

  • Our top-of-the-line technology allows us to provide our customers with screen protectors and privacy filters cut to any shape and size.
  • Our sophisticated lasers have the ability to cut around complex features such as camera holes, sensors, buttons, or non-standard corners.
  • Our large menu of screen protectors and privacy filter type options ensure that we are able to meet the needs of our customers.

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Use the drop-down below to search by:
1) Device type 2) Device brand and 3) Model #

Should your device be unlisted, you have the option to order a tailor-made screen protector or privacy filter by using our step-by-step measuring and ordering guide.

Custom Screen Protection Options:

  • Protect your device, regardless of shape or size.
  • Choose the specific width and height of your device's screen.
  • Indicate customizable corners, cut-outs, or any other feature as needed.
  • Order any quantity. We have no minimum order quantity!
  • Opt to add etching to your protector with your name, company logo, a part number, or any other identifying or fun information.
  • Decide if you want to help us confirm your screen protector's fit on your device so we can add it to our website for easier ordering.

Photodon's Protector Line-Up Includes:

  • Anti-Glare: Diffuses light and improves visibility
  • Anti-Reflective: Reduces surface reflections
  • Blue Light-Blocking: Protects eyes from harmful blue light up to 93%
  • Privacy: Enhances screen privacy and protection
  • Clear: Provides crisp, clean image clarity
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Comparison Sheet

Tips for Measuring your Device

Take your Time: Be patient and precise during measurements to ensure accurate results. We will subtract .5 to 1mm from each dimension for ease of installation, unless noted differently.

Use a Measuring Tool with Millimeters (mm): Opt for a ruler or measuring tape that has clear millimeter markings. This precision will help you obtain accurate measurements.

Measure the Screen Surface According to its Bezel Type: Disregard any raised bezels or frames around the screen. Measure the width and height of the entire flush screen from edge to edge, inside the bezel. To measure screens without a raised bezel, measure the entire flush screen display width and height, edge-to-edge.

Corner radius

Keep in mind that screen size is typically advertised as the diagonal measurement. We advise against relying on measurements from manufacturer websites. Manufacturers commonly provide the dimensions for the entire device, and we need the dimensions of the screen only. Failing to acquire physical measurements of the width and height of the device screen can lead to a poor-fitting screen protector.

Determine the Corner Radius:

For standard sized corners, you can use the references below or use our corner radii checker pdf.

  • Credit Card = 3mm
  • Pencil Top = 4mm
  • US Dime = 9mm
  • US Nickel = 11mm
  • US Quarter = 12mm

For complex features such as camera holes, sensors, buttons, or non-standard corners, refer to our Custom Cut Screen Information Sheet.

Additional Resources:

How to measure videos: How to Measure your Devices Screen How to Measure a Curved Monitor

Order your Custom Cut Screen Protector FAQs Comparison Sheet

Questions? Contact customer support at 847-377-1185 Monday-Friday 9-5pm EST, email [email protected], or Live Chat on any of our web pages.

Try Before You Buy!

If you're uncertain about which material type to select, we suggest ordering a Sample Pack. This cost-effective option allows you to test different protector types and find the one that best suits your needs. Choose from our pre-made anti-glare, clear, or privacy packs, or create a "Build-Your-Own" sample pack with the materials that you want to see. As a bonus, each purchased sample pack includes a $5 coupon for your next purchase.

Shop Sample Packs

A Special Offer for You

Be the pioneer to verify that your screen protector fits perfectly by sharing pictures of it installed on your device. As a token of our appreciation, you'll receive a $10 coupon that you can use on your next purchase. The coupon is transferable, so you can share the love with a friend!

By confirming your custom cut screen protector or privacy filter, it allows us to put it onto our website as a new standard product so our other customers can easily order it online.

To qualify for this offer, follow these steps:

  • Provide a Complete Model Number: Make sure to include the complete model number of your device.
  • Take some Pictures: Capture images of your device with the screen protector installed. Be sure to show all edges of the device and one of the whole device, so we can see the fit.
  • Submit Within 60 Days: Send us the confirmation picture within 60 days of your screen protector purchase. That's it! Once we receive your confirmation, we'll promptly send you the coupon. Happy protecting!

Etching Options

Etching onto the screen protector provides a precise and effective way to advertise your business, add a personal touch, and label items.

  • Font Choice: Standard font choices are Arial 8pt or Arial 12pt. Or you can etch a logo as depicted in the photo.
  • Etching Locations: You can position the etching at the bottom right, bottom left, or bottom center of the screen protector.
  • Fee: For standard font options, we charge a small fee of $2 per protector. We'll expertly etch it according to your specifications. This service is available on all screen protectors.
Cascade Etching

A lot of Happy Customers!

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Customized Screen Protectors and Privacy Filters!

Loved the video

I loved the video showing the owner demonstrating the product using a rigorous procedure. It shows that the owner is only interested in making empirically good products...
Perfect Screen Protector

Process for getting a custom cut screen protector was great. It was surprisingly cut very fast and shipped quickly. Came with way more extras then I expected. It made the install flawless. Looks great!
-Daniel P.
Perfect cut...

I bought a 8.8" screen upgrade and added this protector to guard against fingers, glare, etc... I really appreciated the installation kit as well - it made for a perfect, bubble and debris-free installation. Now the screen glares less and is protected as well. Perfect cut too!
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