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Microfiber Cloth Frequently Asked Questions

Microfiber Cloth

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  • Why use Photodon's microfiber cloths?
  • Photodon's microfiber cloths are a high-quality, economical product. Our cloths can be washed and reused over and over instead of using expensive paper products. In addition, we offer:

    • Very high-quality microfiber
    • Variety of cloths for multi-purposes
    • Custom printed promotional cloths option
    • Cloths that clean and polish without scratches or streaks
    • Material that is washable and economical
    • Superior customer service for any order, large or small
    • 30-day money back satisfaction guaranty
    • One supplier for all your cloth needs!
  • What types of microfiber cloths does Photodon offer?
  • We're a leader in providing high-quality, economical cleaning cloths for home and business. We can custom print and cut cloths for promotional use and can even offer specialized packaging services.

    Type and Size Choices

    Silky Cloth Types:

    Our light, standard, premium, and anti-bacterial cloths are perfect for cleaning eye-glasses, photographic equipment, manufacturing equipment screens, computers, tablets, cell phones any electronic devices. These are also great for glass surfaces of any kind, mirrors, windows, jewelry, watches, car interiors and many other home and business uses. Most of our silky cloths are 70% Polyester and 30% Nylon. Cloth type is a matter of personal preference, but we have included a few suggestions below.

    Light (6 x 7")

    While our lightest weight cloth, these are by no means cloths of lesser quality. Customers especially love these cloths for use on their eye wear.

    Standard (6 x 7")

    These cloths are our most popular cloth for electronic devices and are a fantastic pick for promotional purposes as well.

    Premium (6 x 7")

    Photodon’s premium silkies are extra soft and silky and feel a bit luxurious.

    Anti-bacterial (6 x 7")

    These cloths wipe away approximately 97% of bacteria found on surfaces.

    Large (14 x 14")

    The large silkies are standard weight, fabulous quality, and bigger for using on larger surfaces such as TV screens. These are also great for household cleaning of mirrors, appliance surfaces, windows and even wine glasses! These have a nice sewn edge and come individually packaged.

    Other Microfiber cloth Types

    Suede (8 x 12"; 12 x 16")

    Photodon’s brushed suede cloths are our most versatile cloth. They are not easily snagged, and they are an all-around excellent dusting and polishing cloth.

    Chamois (8 x 8")

    The leather-like microfiber chamois polishes and wicks away moisture from surfaces for the fraction of the cost of leather. These are great for the interior of cars.

  • What are promotional cloths?
  • Promotional cloths are microfiber cloths with printing on them, whether it be your company name or logo. These are used to get your business name in your customer's hands. We can do multiple color print, photoprint, embossed and all over print. These can also be folded into a plastic bag with your company information showing for a professional looking promotional item.

    • View our Promotional Cloths page to learn more about promotional cloth options.
    • Typical minimum order quantity:
      • Engraved: 100
      • 1-color, 2-color or embossed: 1,000 individually packaged, 5,000 bulk.
      • Photoprint: 1,000

    Custom Cloth Shapes:

    Photodon often gets hired to create custom-cut shapes out of our microfiber cloth line. From camera lens protectors to custom shaped linings for the interior of helmets, we can cut to your specifications.

    View our Custom Cut page to learn more!

  • How do I wash microfiber cloths?
  • All Microfiber cloth types offered by Photodon can be washed in the same ways. Some effective ways of cleaning are as follows:

    Normal cleaning:
    • Wash cloths in washing machine. Use warm water and mild detergent.
    • Avoid washing with linty fabrics.
    • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.
    • Dry at low heat in the dryer or allow to air dry.
    Critical cleaning/sanitizing:
    • Wash separately either by hand or in a washing machine in warm water.
    • Use a small amount of detergent.
    • Rinse and repeat if necessary.
    • To sanitize, boil for 5-10 minutes.
    • You can also place a damp cloth in the microwave for 30 seconds to sanitize.
  • How long will cloths usually last?
  • The lifetime of a cloth depends heavily on usage.

    • Cloths exclusively used for glass and screen cleaning will last for years.
    • More abrasive jobs, such as auto work, factory or other industrial cleanups, or excessive washing, will accelerate fiber breakdown.
  • How do I clean my electronic device's screen?
  • For more information on screen cleaning, please visit our Screen Cleaning FAQ page.

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