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Photodon, LLC.

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About Photodon

Photodon has grown at a modest rate since its launch back in 1999. We emphasize the Kaizen principle of improvement. Our goal is to keep our processes and systems lean in order to provide our customers with the best quality products and services at reasonable prices.

Donald Basch

With Don Basch’s love of photography, he started out doing photo restoration, hence the name “Photodon.” Don saw the need for reducing glare on screens, so he engineered his first monitor hood. Don and his wife, Jeanette, hand-made computer monitor hoods from the basement of their home. They soon got busy enough to hire employees.

It was at this time that Photodon launched its first website. Over the course of the next several years, Photodon gradually added more products, such as camera hoodlets, screen cleaners, privacy shields, custom monitor hoods, cleaning kits, and also microfiber cloths.

By 2005, Photodon added our current number-one selling product: screen protectors. Just two years later, promotional microfiber cloths were part of the line-up of product offerings. As the number of electronic devices on the market increased, so did the number of screen-protector film types at Photodon; by 2008, six types were being offered.

With the expansion of so many product lines, the website was redesigned, and by 2010, the employee count was up. What soon followed was a move from Don and Jeanette’s basement, to our current commercial location at 2682 Garfield Road, N, in Traverse City, Michigan. Soon after, Don purchased a laser cutter, a device that moved the business to a whole new level – no more hand cutting! We are now able to easily cut camera holes/notches and even etch on your film! Photodon marked our first million in annual sales in the year 2013.

Privacy films and Blue Light Cut film protectors were added to Photodon’s product line in 2014. With the product expansion and the need to simplify the customer experience came a necessity to update the website look, hence a whole new website design was undertaken. Currently, Photodon offers twelve film types in addition to all of our other monitor accessory products, and we now employ eleven people.

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