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Custom Cut Screen Protectors and Privacy Filters

Do not worry if you cannot find your exact device on our site. We specialize in making custom screen protectors and privacy filters to fit your needs. No matter what the shape of the screen is or if that screen protector needs cutouts, our lasers create your protector or filter according to your specifications.

Visit our custom cut page and let us know the width and height of the screen, as well as the corner radius of the screen. Once you choose your desired material type, you are on your way to owning a custom screen protector or privacy filter made specifically for your device.

Custom Cut Shapes

Screen Protector and Privacy Filter Installations

Let our experienced technicians do a professional installation on your device. Sometimes installing a screen protector, especially a large one, can be a challenge. Let us take the worry out of that for you.

We use our clean room that is built specifically to limit dust particles from getting under the screen protector, which is the main cause of a bad installation. Our experienced team has installed thousands of protectors onto devices. No size is too big for our Photodon® team!

Check out our screen protector & privacy filter selection.

Contact us for quotes, time frames, and steps to take to get that done for you!

Photodon Clean Room
Clean Room for Protector Installation Services

Screen Protector Etching:

Our laser machines can put words, part numbers, business names, or whatever you want, right on your screen protector. This is great for:

  • Differentiating which device belongs to who or where. Some examples include:
    • School provided laptops or tablets - etch a student name or classroom on the protector.
    • Devices that belong in certain areas of a business such as retail stores or restaurants.
    • Devices that have different software on them.
  • Part identification for businesses.
  • Keeping your business name in front of your customers.

Not only will the screen be protected with our materials, but the device will be easily identifiable.

Visit our main screen protector page to see what we offer.

Note: Putting an etched protector over a white background is not recommended as it will not allow the etching to show up very well.

Custom Cut Etching
Customer Logo Etched on a Screen Protector Check out Our Etching Video

Promotional Microfiber Cloths:

Using the same technique with the screen protector etching above, we can do that on our high-quality microfiber cloths. Etching lightly burns the cloth, making the logo appear approximately 3 shades darker than the cloth itself. We can also do color printing, different edging styles, and shapes*. Put your business name, logo, or slogan right on a microfiber cloth.

These are great for:

  • Tradeshows
  • Golf outings
  • Product purchase freebies or add-ons
  • Thank yous to your customers
  • Memorializing events by adding dates
  • Buffing silver and wine glasses
  • Buffing urns and caskets

Check out our different cloth options and past customer promotional cloths here.

Everyone has something to clean and most everyone has a device with a screen or has glasses, so why not remind them of your business or event every time they use their cloths?

* Timeframe, availability, and cost are dependent upon quantity, material chosen, cloth size, cloth edging, packaging, and logo type.

RFA Etched
Example of Etched Cloth
Freefly Screen Print
Example of Color-Printed Cloth
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