9HO - Glass-Like Oleophobic

Glass-Like Oleophobic

Touché 9HO is ideal for satisfying both ease of cleaning and high hardness at an affordable price


9HO Features:

  • 9H Hardness for Extreme Scratch Resistance
  • Oleophobic Coating for easy cleaning
  • Revolutionary Shatter-Proof Impact Resistance
  • A 9HO screen protector will still allow for all of the device’s touch screen features to function
  • Highly transparent glass-like surface
  • Much more affordable than tempered glass
  • Pressure-sensitive silicone adhesion will not damage device screen if removed
  • This film lays down easily and quickly
  • 9HO can be custom-cut at no extra charge
  • Can be produced at discounted bulk rates for business to business partners
  • 9HO film is available For Any Device up to 80"
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