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MXB - Blue Light Cut

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One of the best ways to protect eyes from exposure to
damaging blue light is to buy a screen protector.

Blue light cut screen protectors reduce violet 88% and Ultraviolet wave lengths by 93%.
This material is ideal for devices that are used in direct sunlight, reducing the damage of UV on your device screen.

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Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector is Available for any Device up to 80" - Find Yours with our Quick Find Feature

Have you ever wondered about how looking at a computer monitor for long periods might be effecting you or your children's health? You might be surprised to learn that research has shown several possible side effects.
Many researchers are now saying that long exposure to blue light from electronic devices can produce some harmful health effects. The following are the most common health issues caused by blue light emission.

Sleep: A number of researchers find that using devices that emit blue light before bedtime can interrupt sleep patterns and affect your body's melatonin levels. Using blue light reduction screen protectors help limit the blue light that is emitted from the screen, therefore having a positive effect on your sleep.

Appetite: Exposure to blue light may make a person want to eat more. Research indicates that devices that emit blue light, such as smart phones, tablets, and laptop devices, can activate brain regions that regulate appetite and metabolism. But good news: Those who use a blue light cut screen protector can help support good health by making sure they’re not over-stimulating parts of the brain that say, "It’s time to eat!"

Macular Degeneration: Many leading opthalmologists' organizations have discovered that exposure to blue light can lead to macular degeneration. Blue light cut screen protectors can help to reduce the threat of this potentially life-altering condition. Many optometrists sell special blue light protective eye wear. Photodon's blue light reducing screen protector acts in much the same way when installed on an electronic device.

The main purpose for using a blue light cut screen protector is to block excess blue light that is emitted by monitors and other digital screens - excess blue light that can have a negative effective on your health and your eyes. These screen protectors also are great at protecting your display from scratches and other damage that may occur to your display.

Photodon's® MXB Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors can be used on any device - cell phones, tablets, computer monitors, TV screens, and more. These screen protectors can be custom cut to fit most any flatscreen device up to 80" in diagonal. Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors are touchscreen-compatible as well. If used, installed, and cleaned properly, they will remain effective for more than two years.

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