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Shock Absorbing Screen Protectors

Scratch and Shock Absorbing Clear


Scratch and Shock Absorbing Anti-Glare


These specialty films are highly resistant to blunt force impacts. Both films also feature an extra layer that acts like a shock absorber
and has twice the surface hardness of our regular screen protectors. The main difference between the two film is that 6HS is
clear, while 5HS features an anti-glare matte finish (85% anti-glare).

Ruggedize Your Device:

  • Custom cut available
  • Discounted bulk rates for business-to-business partners
  • Available for any device up to 80"

Anti-Shock Features:

  • Affordability - far less than a glass replacement screen
  • Protects many times better against blunt force than factory-installed screens
  • 5H and 6HS scratch resistance
  • Allows for all of the device's touch-screen features to function.
  • Highly transparent


  • Not suggested for drawing tablets
  • Cost - this is one of our higher priced screen protectors
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