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Shock-Absorbing Screen Protectors

These specialty films are highly resistant to blunt force impacts,
and feature an extra layer that acts like a shock absorber.
They have twice the surface hardness of our regular screen protectors.
The main difference between the two is that HSC is clear and HSG offers a matte finish (85% anti-glare).

Industrial screen use
Men working on engine

Ruggedize Your Device:

If your work environment is such that your expensive devices are at high risk of accidental damage or breakage, such as industrial or field-type settings, we've got the product for you! Although our shock-absorbing protectors are slightly more expensive than our standard protectors, they are worth the extra investment for these situations.

Benefits of Anti-Shock Material:

  • Protects against damage due to blunt force impact
  • 9H and more on the hardness scale (most protectors are 3H)
  • Provides good scratch resistance
  • Both clear and anti-glare options available
  • Touch screen functions with the protector on
  • Protector is cheaper than replacing the screen or device itself

This material is not recommended for drawing tablets. Depending on your preferences we have many other great films for that application.
See our film description page.

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