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Privacy Filters:

Adhesive and non-adhesive privacy filters under 14 inches are currently deeply discounted. This includes custom cut filters.

Privacy filters for portable devices such as cell phones and tablets are perfect for business travelers, medical professionals, law enforcement agents, and other consumers' devices because the filters block out information on the screen when viewed from the side. Anyone who wishes to keep their digital screen information private from others around them could benefit from a privacy filter. Plus, privacy filters offer protection against the damaging effects of blue light to the eyes and protects the screen from harsh cleaning solutions. Filters also have an anti-glare surface, which not only helps with image viewing, but is also soothing to the eyes.

Adhesive privacy filters (P2S) are meant to be installed one time and will stay on with a silicone adhesive-backed liner which will not damage screens if removed. Once removed, this type of filter will be difficult to re-use because dust and bubbles will occur upon attempts to reinstall.

Non-adhesive privacy filters (P2L) attach with double-sided adhesive strips which are installed on the back side of the filter. The filters can be taken on and off multiple times.

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Kronos MXU

MXU material can be installed to go around corners and seal tightly around the edge of a device, making it a good choice when trying to protect electronic components from dust or liquid.

High-Tack MXU Screen Protective:

MXU is available on a special-order basis. It is the only protective material we carry that can provide a seal around and over the edges of devices without lifting off.

This material has a non-yellowing, self-healing top surface with a back surface that is highly adhesive. If removed, no residue will remain, and damage to the screen will not occur.

This material is excellent for protecting a screen surface while also preventing liquid or fine dust to seep into the inner workings of digital equipment.

Please contact us for more information.

MXU roll dimensions: 960 mm or 37.8" wide

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