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Screen Protector FAQs

Advantech leads the way in innovative technology with industrial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and display devices. Paired with a Photodon screen protector, Advantech devices can be used longer without worrying about screen damage or replacement.

In a hospital setting, the lights can cause unsightly glare on medical devices. Photodon's MXT material type can reduce the glare by 50%, making sure you don't miss a beat on the monitor!

Photodon has the capability of customizing a screen protector to fit your flat screen device up to 100". If you do not see your product listed we can custom cut it, just give us a call or send us an e-mail. We love to help our customers achieve a better viewing experience.

Photodon Screen Protectors for LCD Screen Displays.

For more information about our screen protector materials, visit our main Screen Protector Overview Page.

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