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Exercise Equipment

If your Exercise Machine is not listed here or in our device  Quick Find,
we can custom cut a screen protector for you.

Order your Custom Cut Screen Protector  

Good news! Photodon makes screen protectors to cover the screen of elliptical trainers, treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes, or any other type of exercise machine that has a digital display. We love to do business with gyms as well as individual exercise enthusiasts. Replacing the screen on any exercise equipment can be costly. Protect your display from unexpected water spills, sweat or scratches with our top of the line screen protectors.

All Photodon Touché brand screen protectors have a hard coat finish that provides good scratch resistance to keep your screens from looking worn. We offer anti-glare options which can help your workout experience by allowing you to see your screen better. Some of our material types have oleophobic options which will also allow you to clean your machine's screen less often and more easily.

Photodon® makes screen protectors up to 100" with several material types from which to choose, from anti-glare to crystal clear and many others in between. Whether you want to reduce the reflections off the screen surface or you just want to protect your device from scratches, marring, ink, permanent markers, cleaning errors, kids or pets, Photodon screen protectors have you covered!

For more information about our screen protectors, visit our main Screen Protector Overview Page.

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