Chamois 8 x 8 inch Microfiber Cloths

Chamois 8 x 8 inch Microfiber Cloths

Price Each: $5.25

Product Code: 351

Chamois Microfiber Cloth

These 8x8 inch soft leather-like microfiber chamois cloths are ideal for cleaning glossy, hard, and smooth surfaces -- especially plastic. Photodon's high-quality chamois cloths will gently buff away smudges, fingerprints or streaks from most surfaces. Microfiber chamois offers significant cost savings over pure leather chamois. Synthetic chamois are also extremely easy to wash and will allow for many uses if treated properly. The edges are straight cut, and can very affordably be engraved for promotional use as well. Photodon's chamois microfiber cloths are wonderful for cleaning appliances, interior and exterior auto surfaces, gaming devices, sunglasses, CD's, and jewelry. Chamois are our lintiest cloth, so they are not recommended for critical cleaning such as film installation prep or glass polishing.

Materials: 80% polyester, 20% nylon (poliamide). Available in 10 or 100 packs. Colors: Tan, light-blue, and light-grey.

Other Uses Include:
  • Camera Bodies
  • Office and Lab Equipment
  • Gaming Machines
  • Can be embossed for promotional purposes, providing a unique way to advertise your business
Product Name Chamois Microfiber Cloth
Photodon Part # 351
Included in Order
  • Chamois cloths
Cloth Size 8" x 8"
Color tan, light blue, light gray
Packaging Type 10 pack or 100 pack
Composition Microfiber 80% polyester, 20% nylon
Approx. 280 grams/m2
Shipping Weight each 10 pack (both sizes): 4.8 oz.
100 pack (8" x 8"): 2.4 lbs.
Other Edge style: straight cut
Options Available for promotional use: embossing only.
Notes Great for car interiors, office and general cleaning. Not recommended for critical cleaning of screens.
Reference More Info
MFR Part # N/A
MSDS Sheet Link
Spec Sheet N/A
Origin - Manufacturing & Assembly
Korea/China - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
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Available Sizes 6" x 7" 6" x 7" 6" x 7" 6" x 7" 8" x 8" 12" x 12" 8" x 12"
12" x 16"
16" x 16"
Linting -- -- -- --
Edge Style Zig Zag Zig Zag Zig Zag Zig Zag Straight Sewn Sewn
Promotional Use N/A
Screen Cleaning --
Auto Exterior -- -- -- -- --
Auto Interior -- -- -- --
General / Equipment -- -- -- --
Glass, Windows, Mirror --
Kitchen and Bath -- -- -- -- -- --
Industrial, Critical Cleaning --
Lab, Hospital --
Lens, Optical -- --
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