Build Your Own Film Sample Pack

Build Your Own Film Sample Pack

Price: $5.00

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Build Your Own Film Sample Pack

Make Deciding the Right Film Type Easier with Sample Packs

Sample Film Packs are an easy, low-risk way to try our products before you buy the actual size! Have confidence in knowing you are selecting the right film type for your device by learning the look, feel, and the steps needed to install the film like a pro.

Samples come in 3 sizes: small 2x3, medium 3x5 and large 8x10.

Free Shipping* and a $5 Coupon with every purchased sample pack!

Sample pack contents may vary depending on availability. Certain film types have size limitations, make sure you check the maximum size prior to ordering a sample pack.

*Free shipping applies to orders within the USA. International orders will be charged $3.00 for the small and medium packs and $15 for the larger ones.

The $5 coupon is good for any order from our website, including but not limited to screen protectors, monitor hoods, and microfiber cloths. One coupon can be used per order.
Product Name Sample Film Packs
Photodon Part # Sample-Films
Included in Order
  • Crystal Clear: MXO, 9HO and 6HS Film Samples cut to selected size.
  • Anti-Glare: MXH, MXT, MXG, and 5HS Film Samples cut to selected size.
  • Blue Light Cut: MXB Film Samples Cut to selected size.
  • Squeegee
  • Installation instructions
  • Comparison Sheet
  • $5 Off Coupon
2" x 3"
3" x 5"
8" x 10"
Color Transparent
Packaging Type Single or bulk
Composition PET Base
Weight each .06 lb
Other Silicone adhesion
Options MXO
Notes These films conform to flat screen types and do not work on curved CRT screens. These are not brightness reduction films, such as neutral density filters.
Reference More Info
MFR Part # Sample-Films
RoHS Compliance RoHS Compliance
Spec Sheet MXO, 6HS, 5HS, MXH, MXT, MXG, MXB, 9HO
Origin - Manufacturing & Assembly
Korea - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
Screen Protector Comparison Chart
Film Code Features/Uses Image Quality
Ease of Cleaning
Spec Sheets
MXO: Clear MXO: Clear. Excellent image quality. Oleophobic ease of cleaning coating. Recommended for use on all devices.
Cons: No anti-glare function.

Spec Sheet
6HS: Anti-Scratch and Anti-Shock Film 6HS: Anti-Scratch and Anti-Shock Film Excellent image quality. 6H surface hardness provides good scratch resistance. Provides impact protection. Shatter-proof, unlike tempered glass. Use on all devices.
Cons: No anti-glare function.

Spec Sheet
9HO: Clear Glass-Like Hardness 9HO: Clear Glass-Like Hardness. Recommended for use on all devices especially drawing tablets, mobile & POS devices, and industrial equipment. Excellent image quality. 9H surface hardness provides extreme abrasion resistance with smooth-touch and oleophobic ease of cleaning coating.
Cons: No anti-glare function.

Spec Sheet
5HS: Shock-Absorbing Anti-Glare 85% 5HS: Shock-Absorbing Anti-Glare. Provides extra protection against blunt force impact, plus has a maximum (85%) anti-glare matte finish. 5HS is 60% more scratch resistant that most standard screen protectors. Recommended for use on all devices, especially those subject to rough handling in need of an anti-glare surface. Anti-bacterial function.
Cons: In bright sunlight, high matte finish causes gray out if not viewed straight on. Not recommended for drone cameras, EReaders, GPS, or In-Dash Systems.

Spec Sheet
MXH: Anti-Glare 25% MXH: Anti-Glare 25% (light matte finish.) Recommended for all monitors, cell phones, tablets and other mobile or stylus devices.
Cons: Noticeable surface reflection in bright light.

Spec Sheet
MXT: Anti-Glare 50% MXT: Anti-Glare 50%. Medium matte finish. Recommended for TVs, digital signage and industrial equipment.
Cons: Some pixeling on small devices. Not recommended for color critical applications or small text reading.

Spec Sheet
MXG: Anti-Glare 85% MXG: Anti-Glare 85% (Maximum anti-glare, matte finish.) Much improved anti-pixelation. Recommended for large displays such as TVs and panels, but suitable for small devices such as phones.
Cons: In bright sunlight, high matte finish causes gray out.

Spec Sheet
MXB: Blue Light Cut MXB: Blue Light Cut. Good image quality. Cuts excess blue light emitted from displays.Recommended for children, and persons who spend a lot of time looking at screens. Very slight blue tint when applied.
Cons: No anti-glare function, not recommended for stylus use.

Spec Sheet
P2L: 2-Way Privacy Filter 2-Way Non-adhesive Privacy Filter. Adhered with the help of bendable tabs that attach to your monitor's frame. Mini-louvers embedded in film reduce screen viewing at 35°, nearly black at 45°.
Cons: Loss of image clarity, slight darkening effect.

Spec Sheet
P2S: 2-Way Privacy Filter Silicone 2-Way Adhesive Privacy Filter. Adhered directly to the monitor with adhesive backing. Mini-louvers embedded in film reduce screen viewing at 35°, nearly black at 45°.
Cons: Loss of image clarity, slight darkening effect.

Spec Sheet
P4S: 4-Way Privacy Filter Silicone 4-Way Adhesive Privacy Filter. Adhered directly to the monitor with adhesive backing. Mini-louvers embedded in film reduce screen viewing at 35°, nearly black at 45°.
Cons: Loss of image clarity, slight darkening effect.

Spec Sheet
Sample Pack
Tom Lepperd
Verified Buyer
The sample pack was excellent and helped me decide which type of film to purchase. It contained EVERYTHING a person would want to know, and allow them to "try it out" before purchasing their film. Well worth the minimal cost, and the $5 coupon was great!
We're glad you find this helpful, Tom.
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Great sample pack!
Verified Buyer
Sample pack shipped in a timely manner and was very helpful in deciding which screen protector to get for my laptop. Each protector had a different feel when using a stylus, so having a sample of 5 made the decision much easier!
Way to go, Andrew! We appreciate your taking the time to figure out which film works best for you.
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Sample pack
Verified Buyer
Pros: Low cost and coupon for entire cost Cons: None
Glad I ordered the sample pack, I didn't like the sample of the style I would have ordered. It includes a coupon for the $5.00 cost towards the purchase of screen saver. No brainier. Nice that it included installation kit.
We're glad you found the protector you like!
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Very good idea
Jonas Swinnen
Verified Buyer
Pros: removes any doubt or hesitation you might have Cons: none
- With the samples side by side you can instantly see the quality and which of the films suits you best. - The instructions are clear and applying the samples gives you a feel for the bigger version later. - There's so many precautions, installation tips and guides in the pack and on the website that you can't mess up. - The shipping was very fast (to west europe) and arrived undamaged with all the stuff needed.
Thanks, Jonas!
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A good thing!
Verified Buyer
Pros: Can see the differences directly on the device and it is relyable. Cons: None
Good produts. The samples helped me a lot for choosing my screen protector type. They even sent the samples in Canada since it is not available here. I received them quite quickly and I have made my choice. Very good customer service and fast delivery.
Thank you for taking the time to write a review for us, Shan!
2 of 2 customers found this helpful.
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Helped a lot
Mark Lorkowski
Verified Buyer
Pros: Able to validate different sets of finish without guessing. Cons: None, just buy the sample pack and stop wasting time.
Got a sample pack... quickly was able to see the difference between types of films. Was able to identify a film that will help us a lot with our ChLCD BluBoards.
Great, Mark! We're happy the samples were helpful to you.
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Very helpful
Verified Buyer
Pros: Get to try the different levels of filtering before buying one. Cons: None
Very helpful to be able to order an assortment in a sample pack to see what works best with your device. A great idea to try them out before buying.
Because films are so different, we love it when customers are open to trying before they buy. Everyone's preference varies, and it's hard to give advice on a film type. Thanks for the feedback, Bob!
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