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Build Your Own Screen Protector and Privacy Sample Pack

SKU: Sample-Films-BYO
Build Your Own Screen Protector and Privacy Sample Pack

    Sample Packs
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    Pre-built Sample Packs Available

    Photodon has sourced many different types
    of protectors to suit your needs!
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    Sample packs allow the option to see and feel the different materials prior to purchasing a full sized protector.

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    Sample Pack contents may vary
    depending on availability.

    Build Your Own Screen Protector and Privacy Sample Pack

    Price: $7.00

    Build Your Own Screen Protector and Privacy Sample Pack

    Make Choosing the Right Film Type Easier with Sample Packs

    Screen Protector Sample Packs are an easy, low-risk way to try our products before you buy the full-sized protector! You can have confidence in knowing you are selecting the right film type for your device by learning the look, feel, and steps needed to install the film like a pro.

    Samples come in 3 sizes: small (2x3"), medium (3x5"), and large (8x10").

    Free domestic shipping and a $5 coupon are included with every purchased sample pack!

    The coupon is good for one time use on any of our products that we offer.

    International orders will be charged $3.00 for the small and medium packs and $15 for the larger ones.

    Note: Sample pack contents may vary depending on availability. Because film types have size limitations, open the compare tab on this page to see the maximum small dimension cut size.

    Product Name Sample Film Packs
    Photodon Part # Sample-Films-BYO
    Included in Order
    • Film types of your choice
    • Installation instructions
    • Comparison sheet
    • $5 off coupon
    2" x 3"
    3" x 5"
    8" x 10"
    Color Clear / Anti-glare
    Packaging Type Single or bulk
    Composition PET Base
    Weight each .06 lb
    Other Silicone adhesion
  • MXH: Anti-Glare 25%
  • MXT: Anti-Glare 50%
  • MXG: Anti-Glare 85%
  • AGB: Anti-Glare Blue Light Cut
  • HSG: Shock-Absorbing Anti-Glare 85%
  • MXO: Clear
  • HSC: Hard Shock-Absorbing Clear
  • ARC: Anti-Reflective
  • 9HO: Clear
  • MXB: Blue Light Cut
  • P2L: 2-Way Privacy Filter
  • P2S: 2-Way Privacy Filter Silicone
  • P4S: 4-Way Privacy Filter Silicone
  • Notes These films conform to flat screen types and do not work on curved CRT screens. These are not brightness reduction films, such as neutral density filters.
    Reference More Info
    MFR Part # Sample-Films
    RoHS Compliance RoHS Compliance
    Spec Sheet MXH: Anti-Glare 25%, MXT: Anti-Glare 50%, MXG: Anti-Glare 85%, AGB: Anti-Glare Blue Light Cut, HSG: Shock-Absorbing Anti-Glare 85%, ARC: Anti-Reflective, MXO: Clear, HSC: Shock-Absorbing-Clear, 9HO: Clear, MXB: Blue Light Cut, P2L: 2-Way Privacy Filter, P2S: 2-Way Privacy Filter Silicone, P4S: 4-Way Privacy Filter Silicone
    Origin - Manufacturing & Assembly
    Korea - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
    Still unsure of what to order? Try our Sample Pack
    Film Code Features/Uses Image Quality Price Maximum Small Dimension Cut Size Spec Sheets
    MXH: Anti-Glare 25% MXH: Anti-Glare 25%. Light matte finish. Recommended for all monitors, in-dashes, drawing tablets, and other mobile or stylus devices. Provides fingerprint resistance and a paper-like feel for drawing tablets.     $$ 1080 mm (42.5") Spec Sheet
    MXT: Anti-Glare 50% MXT: Anti-Glare 50%. (matte finish with low surface reflection) Recommended for all devices except for those with color-critical usage.
    Cons: Not recommended for color critical applications.
        $ 1035 mm (40.7") Spec Sheet
    MXG: Anti-Glare 85% MXG: Anti-Glare 85%. Maximum anti-glare, matte finish. Recommended for large displays such as TVs and panels, but suitable for small devices such as phones. Best at minimizing overhead light reflection.
    Cons: In bright sunlight, high matte finish causes gray-out.
        $$ 1035 mm (40.7") Spec Sheet
    AGB: Anti-Glare Blue Light Cut AGB (Anti-Glare Blue Light Cut): Highest glare reduction and matte finish. Recommended for most devices. Popular for tablets and computer monitors. Cuts up to 93% of blue light. Helps reduce eye strain and sleep issues. Note: May cause gray-outs if viewed from the side, especially in outdoor situations.     $$ 1000 mm (39.3") Spec Sheet
    HSG: Shock-Absorbing Anti-Glare 85% HSG: Shock-Absorbing Anti-Glare 85%. Provides extra protection against blunt force impact. Industry-leading scratch resistance. Recommended for industrial use or field work where devices are at a high risk of damage.
    Note: High anti-glare may cause gray-outs when viewed in direct sunlight.
        $$$ 1195 mm (47") Spec Sheet
    HSC: Hard Shock-Absorbing Clear HSC: Hard Shock-Absorbing Clear. High optical clarity. Provides excellent impact protection with enhanced abrasion and scratch resistance. Recommended for industrial-type settings or environments where device screens are at high risk of damage. Contains anti-microbial properties and an **oleophobic coating. No anti-glare functions.      $$$ 1000 mm (39.3") Spec Sheet
    9HO 9HO: Clear. Recommended for use on all devices - especially mobile & POS devices, and industrial equipment. Excellent image quality. 9H surface hardness provides extreme abrasion resistance with a smooth touch and oleophobic easy-clean coating.
    Cons: No anti-glare function.
         $$$ 1035 mm (40.7") Spec Sheet
    MXB: Blue Light Cut MXB: Blue Light Cut. Good image quality. MXB film cuts up to 93% of high-energy visible light on the violet/blue band from 400-450 nm. Recommended for persons with eye fatigue or sleep-pattern issues.      $$ 1035 mm (40.7") Spec Sheet
    ARC: Anti-Reflective ARC: Anti-Reflective. Excellent image quality. Anti-reflective coating reduces the amount of light reflected from the screen. Recommended for mobile, in dash, gaming and color critical work.      $$$ 700 mm (27.56") Spec Sheet
    P2L: 2-Way Privacy Filter P2L: 2-Way Privacy Filter. Adhered with the help of clear, double-sided tapes and/or tabs that attach to your monitor's frame. Mini-louvers embedded in privacy filters reduce screen image visibility starting at angles of about 30° angle and nearly blacken the screen at about 45°.
    Cons: Loss of image clarity; slight darkening effect.
        1260 mm (49.6") Spec Sheet
    P2S: 2-Way Privacy Filter Silicone P2S: 2-Way Privacy Filter Silicone. Adhered directly to the monitor with full silicone adhesive backing. Mini-louvers embedded in privacy filters reduce screen image visibility starting at angles of about 30° angle and nearly blacken the screen at about 45°.
    Cons: Loss of image clarity; slight darkening effect.
        900 mm (35.5") Spec Sheet
    P4S: 4-Way Privacy Filter Silicone P4S: 4-Way Privacy Filter Silicone. Provides privacy from 4 directions. Adhered directly to the monitor with full silicone adhesive backing. Mini-louvers embedded in privacy filters reduce screen image visibility starting at angles of about 30° angle and nearly blacken the screen at about 45°. Recommended for tablets.
    Cons: Loss of image clarity; slight darkening effect.
        469 mm (18.5") Spec Sheet

    5/5 Stars out of 10 Reviews
    Verified Buyer
    As promised and huge help
    I ordered 5 different samples of anti-glare films in hopes of finding a film that would help with the horrible glare we are having in our new home on our 55 inch television. \nThe film samples were easy to apply and to get most of the bubble out but I was hesitant to push very hard on my tv screen hanging on the wall. The film samples were a little more difficult to get off with the tape trick but we got them off. \nI put all 5 of the films on the tv screen and proceeded to watch a dark movie on a bright sunny day. I made sure I looked at all five films from different angles and surprisingly, the most anti-glare film was not the best for my situation. I ended up ordering the middle of the road anti-glare film but used my coupon to recoup the cost of the film sample pack. \nI need to do another review for that product and installation.
    Note From Store Owner: Rob, we are so happy that you got some samples to try out first. It's true that having them will help you determine the best solution for you. Thanks for your review - we look forward to hearing how the 50% MXT helps your TV!
    Verified Buyer
    Found this company when I started having serious issues with the pre-installed screen protector on my display tablet, and after reading up on the types of protective films PhotoDon offers, I was pretty sure about which one would fit my needs best (9HO). Trying it out in person eased even the small doubts I had about it; I knew I wanted maximum protection for the tablet, but I wasn't sure how the stylus would glide over it and whether it'd decrease pressure sensitivity and all that junk. The great news is that it has the same feel that I'm used to, the image quality is still perfect, and I won't have to worry about anything scratching the screen.\nThe sample pack itself came in a neat envelope and it had everything you could possibly need to install a 2x3 film. Each sample was marked accordingly so you know which one you're trying out, etc etc. The $5 coupon is appreciated too.\n\nIn summary, the peace of mind I got from this is 100% worth getting a sample pack before committing to a bigger purchase.
    Note From Store Owner: Thank you for trying a sample pack so that you can try out the film types, Maia! We encourage folks to do this in order to get a hands-on opportunity to determine the best choice. We appreciate that this worked for you and look forward to your future order.
    Verified Buyer
    Sample Pack
    Definitely worth the sample pack to try out different protectors. The info included is great for decision making.
    Note From Store Owner: We're glad that the samples have helped you. We agree that it's a great idea to assist with the decision-making process. Perhaps we will receive an order from you as well, Garrett.
    Verified Buyer
    Sample Pack
    The sample pack was excellent and helped me decide which type of film to purchase. It contained EVERYTHING a person would want to know, and allow them to "try it out" before purchasing their film. Well worth the minimal cost, and the $5 coupon was great!
    Note From Store Owner: We're glad you find this helpful, Tom.
    Verified Buyer
    Great sample pack!
    Sample pack shipped in a timely manner and was very helpful in deciding which screen protector to get for my laptop. Each protector had a different feel when using a stylus, so having a sample of 5 made the decision much easier!
    Note From Store Owner: Way to go, Andrew! We appreciate your taking the time to figure out which film works best for you.
    Verified Buyer
    Sample pack
    Glad I ordered the sample pack, I didn't like the sample of the style I would have ordered. It includes a coupon for the $5.00 cost towards the purchase of screen saver. No brainier. Nice that it included installation kit.
    Note From Store Owner: We're glad you found the protector you like!
    Verified Buyer
    Very good idea
    - With the samples side by side you can instantly see the quality and which of the films suits you best. \n- The instructions are clear and applying the samples gives you a feel for the bigger version later.\n- There's so many precautions, installation ti
    Note From Store Owner: Thanks, Jonas!
    Verified Buyer
    A good thing!
    Good produts. The samples helped me a lot for choosing my screen protector type. They even sent the samples in Canada since it is not available here. I received them quite quickly and I have made my choice. Very good customer service and fast delivery.
    Note From Store Owner: Thank you for taking the time to write a review for us, Shan!
    Verified Buyer
    Helped a lot
    Got a sample pack... quickly was able to see the difference between types of films. Was able to identify a film that will help us a lot with our ChLCD BluBoards.
    Note From Store Owner: Great, Mark! We're happy the samples were helpful to you.
    Verified Buyer
    Very helpful
    Very helpful to be able to order an assortment in a sample pack to see what works best with your device.\nA great idea to try them out before buying.
    Note From Store Owner: Because films are so different, we love it when customers are open to trying before they buy. Everyone's preference varies, and it's hard to give advice on a film type. Thanks for the feedback, Bob!
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