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Screen Protector Install and Care Kit - Deluxe

Screen Protector Install and Care Kit - Deluxe

    Screen Protector Install and Care Kit - Deluxe

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    Screen Protector Install and Care Kit - Deluxe

    The Deluxe Screen Protector Installation and Care Kit is highly recommended for all electronic device screen protector installations. It contains all the necessary items to produce a successful and professional looking film installation. It will also be useful for maintaining the cleanliness of your device for everyday use after installation.

    Give yourself peace of mind during your protective film installation by:
    • Removing Lint, dirt and dust which can cause bubbles during installation
    • Reducing the static that could attract dirt and dust to your screen
    • Prohibiting fingerprints by wearing the provided latex - free gloves
    • Using tacky tape to remove bubble causing dirt particles
    • Using the squeegee to push out any air bubbles that are not trapping dust

    Use the products in the kit to clean and maintain your all your household or office devices even after installation:
    • Anti-Scratch cleaner - cleans dirt off your screen or lenses without harsh chemicals. Photodon's Anti-scratch has a fruity scent, and it great for cleaning eye glasses, car mirrors, car in-dash displays, and much more!
    • Anti-Static spray – reduces static electricity on floors or table tops around your electronic equipment. Anti-stat is a great dusting companion!
    • Silky Microfiber Cloths – lint free, absorbent, scratch free and machine washable. These cloths are superior quality – and large. (one 14” x 14”, one 7” x 6”). You’re going to find many uses for these cloths beyond your installation.
    • Suede Microfiber – great for cleaning the surrounding areas of your screen and excellent for general purpose cleaning. Soft and large (16” x 12”).

    View the instructional insert for more information.
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