Film Installation and Care Kit

Price Each: $13.00

Product Code: MX101

Film Installation and Care Kit

The MX101 kit is highly recommended for all electronic device screen protector installations, and is essential for successfully installing larger films (15" and larger). This deluxe kit includes one 1-ounce bottle of anti-static spray and one 1-ounce bottle of Photodon's high-quality anti-scratch cleaner. The anti-static spray eliminates static on your film and the surrounding installation areas, reducing the possibility of the screen protector attracting dirt, dust, or lint - a critical step towards a positive installation.

The MX101 kit also includes two machine-washable cloths -- a 14"x 14" silky microfiber screen cloth and a 16" x 12" suede cloth -- both excellent cloths for cleaning and drying your device and screen protectors before, during, and after installation. Photodon includes a pair of latex-free rubber gloves (used to help eliminate unwanted fingerprints during installation), dust removal tacky tape, and a bubble-removing squeegee tool. The cleaner and cloths will be useful for maintaining the cleanliness of your device for everyday use, while the Staticide can be used in your household or workplace to combat static cling.

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Product Name Film Installation and Care Kit
Photodon Part # MX101
Included in Order
  • 1 oz. Staticide anti-static spray
  • 1 oz. anti-scratch screen cleaner
  • 14" x 14" microfiber cloth (for screens)
  • 16" x 12" suede cloth (general purpose)
  • Dust removal foam tape
  • Squeegee
  • Latex-free rubber gloves
Size of Kit Approx. 7" x 4.5" x 1.5"
Color Assorted cloth colors
Packaging Type Single
Composition Liquid cleaner, microfiber cloth material
Shipping Weight each 8.8 oz.
Other N/A
Options N/A
Notes Safe for all screen types.
No ammonia, alcohol, or VOCs
Reference More Info
MFR Part # N/A
MSDS Sheet Staticide Link
Cleaner Link
Cloth Link
Spec Sheet N/A
Origin - Manufacturing & Assembly
Korea - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
Cleaning Kit Type Description

Photodon Film Installation and Care Kit
This kit provides you with all the essentials for a care-free installation. Especially important for larger films.

Includes 3 microfiber cloths, 1 oz. bottles each of Photodon's Anti-Scratch Screen Cleaner and Staticide anti-static spray, a squeegee, latex-free rubber gloves, and foam tape. Note: Staticide should NOT be used on screens. It is for surfaces/fabric/carpeting near the installation area to reduce/eliminate static electricity, which can attract dust and other particles to the adhesive backing of the film during installation.

Photodon Anti-Scratch Screen Cleaning Kit
Our most economical kit, you'll receive two silky microfiber cloths along with a 1 oz. bottle of Photodon's Anti-Scratch Screen Cleaner. This cleaner helps protect your screen by creating a clear, hard surface and also has anti-fog properties.

Photodon Ultra 2 oz. Screen Cleaning Kit
This kit includes a a high-quality microfiber cloth and a 2 oz. bottle of the Photodon Ultra Screen Cleaner - a nanotechnology-based formula that cleans at the microscopic level. The result? Surfaces stay clean up to twice as long!

Photodon Ultra 4 oz. Screen Cleaning Kit
This kit is a more robust version of the smaller size Ultra cleaning kit. The larger 4 oz. bottle of the Photodon Ultra Screen Cleaner is paired with two small silky microfiber cloths, one large silky micorfiber cloth and one large diamond weave microfiber cloth so you can clean multiple screen surfaces of variable sizes.
Great help
Verified Buyer
Pros: Ease of use, Clear instructions Cons:
Thanks Photodon - I got this to help me install the Hi-Def Anti-Glare film for my Vaio SZ Canvas. It helped immensely (with very clear instructions) and I'll keep the cloths for future cleaning. I would have struggled to install the large film without the kit.
Merci, J-P! We're glad the MXH film worked out for you, and that the installation kit made for a successful installation. Thanks for the feedback!
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helpful in installing
Verified Buyer
Pros: comprehensive Cons: directions could have been more clear
I found this kit to be helpful while installing a screen protector on my car's nav screen. The directions were a bit foggy to me, I couldn't find consistency as to when and where to use the staticide. As a result, I had some troubles. I will re-order the screen protector and figure out the best way to use the staticide. I am certain that my next install will be flawless! Very pleased with the cleaner, the cloths, tape, gloves and all. I will be able to use this kit for other applications than in my car, as well.
Thanks for the feedback. We're going to take a look at re-writing the MX101 install kit directions.
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Verified Buyer
The kit is very helpful for cleaning the screen prior to film installation. The gloves could have been a little more bigger but the one size fits all is good enough to do the job. The prize is just right for 2 bottles of solutions and cleaning cloth works great for any LCD/LED screens.
1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
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Verified Buyer
A helpful kit for both installing and cleaning a screen protector for your laptop. I used this to install an HD Anti Glare screen protector and did not have any difficulties. The anti-static spray prevents any dust from getting on the screen after you have cleaned it. This means the protector can be applied without dust getting trapped between it and the screen.
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bj(wilmington, nc)
Verified Buyer
Purchased the film to prevent ordering a new monitor. I found the staff very professional and helpful. The new film totally eliminates the glare. It was a smart purchase for me.
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