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Apple 27-inch iMac rls 2009-2012 Monitor Hood

Apple 27-inch iMac rls 2009-2012 Monitor Hood

Price: $90.50

Apple 27-inch iMac rls 2009-2012 Monitor Hood

Office Monitor Hood
  • Reduces screen glare and eye fatigue
  • Shades from ambient overhead and side/window lighting
  • Aids in color calibration consistency
  • Increases privacy - Helps keep information on your screen private
  • Professional, thoughtful design that is easily installed or removed
  • Allows for better concentration from busy environments
  • Keeps your screen cleaner, less dusty.
  • Made in the USA

This monitor hood is built specifically for the Apple 27-inch iMac rls 2009 monitor! It measures 25.5" horizontally (65cm) and 17" vertically (43.1cm) and is 8" deep (20.3cm). (Slim Hoods = 6" depth 15.2cm)

Our new design features include:
  • New slimmer-looking design
  • Improved exterior material durability
  • Stronger elastic attachment cord
  • Small notch on each side to access USB ports

This fully-assembled, easy-to-install monitor hood creates a shaded environment for your screen, offering serious anti-glare and privacy protection, which is ideal for those involved in color-critical work. The eight ¼-inch depth effectively keeps private information safe from onlookers, providing an excellent accessory in testing, banking, and medical facilities.

At the core of our monitor hoods is a high-density fiberboard, the outside covering is a very tough embossed cloth material (similar to book covering) and the interior is a durable non-reflective woven material that is neutral gray. An elastic cord holds the hood in place and makes for easy installation and removal when desired. The elastic cord attachment allows for a wide range of variation of monitor shapes. Rigid plastic strips on the front edges provide reinforcement, protection, and a finished look. These hoods are intended for indoor type usage.

Monitor Hoods are made in-house, and we provide all of the essential items needed for simple no-hassle installation, including bumper buttons for positioning, foam strips for cushioning and light blocking, and detailed installation instructions.

This custom monitor hood ships flat, ready to be unfolded and the elastic cord attachment is pre-installed and ready to be mounted. (Also see installation video on adjacent tab).

These hoods are custom made for the monitor noted in the title, but can be readjusted in width, larger or smaller, to fit your next screen with a few minor adjustments. Custom hoods are available to fit monitors not already listed on our website, up to 46" wide, see our custom hood page:

  1. Monitor hoods do not block light coming from behind the viewer or eliminate reflections in rooms with excessive lighting.
  2. If your monitor has heat exhausting vents along the top edge, a hood will block these vents unless you use something to lift the hood slightly.

Monitor Hood Pros and Cons

Is a monitor hood or an anti-glare film right for you? Here are some ideas to consider as you make a decision.....

Monitor Hood Pros - The benefits of a monitor hood versus an anti-glare screen protector
Image Clarity A monitor hood cuts down glare without compromising image clarity. while high anti-glare screen protectors can cause pixeling and decreased image clarity.
Color Calibration A monitor hood allows for accurate color calibration. while anti-glare films can cause decreased image quality and may inhibit proper color calibration.
Privacy Monitor hoods provide an ideal amount of privacy for computers adjacent to each other. while standard anti-glare films do not provide privacy. However we do have Privacy Filters as well to help with privacy issues.
Eye Fatigue & Glare Reduction In Ambient Light A monitor hood aids eye fatigue and glare reduction by eliminating ambient light from overhead and side light sources. Anti-glare screen protectors allow for glare reduction and relief from eye fatigue, but do not reduce ambient light from hitting the screen.
Monitor Hood Cons - When a screen protector makes better sense than a monitor hood
Size Hoods are limited in size to monitors and TVs up to 46 inches. while anti-glare screen protectors are available for all flat screens up to 100” diameter.
Protection A monitor hood does not shield a screen’s surface, therefore cannot prevent scratches or smudges. while screen protectors shield screen from scratches, smudges and other wear and tear.
Outdoor Use The high-quality material used on Photodon's monitor hoods is meant for indoor use only. We are a custom shop, and want to help find your solution. Please contact [email protected] if you are in need of an outdoor monitor hood.

Hood Options

Dual Monitor Hood:

Our adjustable Dual Monitor Hood option covers two identical monitors side by side. The angle of the screens is adjustable from straight across and up to 45-degrees.

Calibration Door:

The calibration door option is for professional persons who calibrate their monitors. The calibration process ensures the color seen on the screen is the same as it will be when printed either in-house or at another facility. The sliding door size is 3" x 2.25" and is available for all 8.25" hoods.

Slim Hoods:

The slim monitor hood provides a reduced depth option at 6-inches from front to back, lighter weight, but same professional design and attachment.

Product Name Apple 27-inch iMac rls 2009 Monitor Hood
Photodon Part # 112-IM27A
Included in Order
  • One fully assembled monitor hood
  • Light blocking foam strips
  • Bumper buttons for positioning and support
  • Installation instructions
Size 25.5"W x 17"H x 8"D ( 65 cm x 43.1 cm x 20.3 cm )
Color Black, gray interior
Packaging Type Single
Composition Fiberboard base, exterior vinyl, and light absorbing gray cloth interior
Weight each 4-8.5 lbs depending on size
Other Compatible iMac Models (Identify your iMac): MC814XXA, MC813XXA, MC510XXA, MC511XXA, MB952XXA, MC953XXA.
Options Calibration Door
Dual Monitor Capability
Adhesive Velcro Strips
Notes Calibration door option provides an opening that allows for monitor calibration without having to remove the hood. It is located in the center rear of the top panel and measures:
Standard: 95x84 (3 3/4"x 3 1/4")
Slim: 113x50 (4 1/2"x 2")
Oversized: 76x57 (3"x 2 1/4")
Reference More Info
MFR Part # 112-IM27A
MSDS Sheet N/A
Spec Sheet N/A
Origin - Manufacturing & Assembly
USA - Traverse City, Michigan, USA

4.83/5 Stars out of 6 Reviews
Verified Buyer
Apple 27-inch iMac Hood
After receiving a very personable and attentive phone call follow-up to my email query, I ordered the iMac Hood. Before it arrived I watched the very helpful video on installation. The printed instructions were likewise clear and the hood was quickly and easily attached to my iMac. \n\nEverything about the hood is fantastic. The material is high quality composite and fits perfectly. Added perks are the included light blocking tape, silicon buttons to secure the elastic straps, and the neutral grey interior of the hood. This last feature has more value than you might expect. I had no idea how much ambient color was affecting my judgment. Plus it provides, as promised, a noticeable reduction in eye strain. \n\nThis hood is a great asset to my studio and one of the best upgrades I've ever made on a Mac. A well deserved five stars and an enthusiastic encouragement for you to order one for each monitor. And please know, this is a real and honest endorsement, not "fake news". I have no relationship with PhotDon other than an extremely satisfied first-time customer.
Note From Store Owner: Thanks, Ed. Happy illustrating!
Verified Buyer
Best Hood iMac on the Market
The YouTube instruction video is one of the best instruction videos I've seen. Probably because the presenter obviously knows the product so well. He comes across as having as much understanding as the designer. He also clearly, carefully - and quietly - presented all the information I needed to do a "perfect" install.\n \nBecause of his presentation, and the ease of installing it, I will recommend this hood to everyone I know who has an iMac.
Note From Store Owner: We're glad you found the videos helpful!
Verified Buyer
This hood installed easily and has stayed in place over the month that I have had it. It help significantly with glare reduction from the window, beside which my iMac sits, so the function is as described. The only drawback that I have found so far is the weight, it slowly caused my screen to tilt downward, but with the wide vying angle that the iMacs have it is just a minor irritation. I suspect all hoods would have this issue. So I would recommend this product, with that one caveat. Jim
Verified Buyer
Could not locate any hoods at all in the UK so opted for Photodon. The service was fast and efficient and the hoods are exactly what we wanted. Highly recommended.
Verified Buyer
I shopped around for a hood for my iMac and found this firm. Very reasonably priced, easy to install and fast service. Thanks...
Verified Buyer
I choose this monoitor hood after an extensive seach of the internet as it best suited my needs.I use it to aid the calibration of my computer display for photography. The hood is well made and very easy to install. It is so effective to reduce unwanted glare that I now leave it in place permanently.
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