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At Photodon, we think it is important you have the option to try before you buy!

Samples are available to help you decide what products are right for you.

Photodon offers sample packs for our Microfiber Cloths as well as our Screen Protectors. It's important to make sure what you're purchasing is exactly what you want, that's why we love our sample packs!

Photodon believes in offering as many different material types as possible in hopes to meet our customers needs. We have Crystal Clear, Anti-glare, Blue Light Blocking and Privacy. We offer Five different types of Protector Sample Packs. We have Crystal Clear Sample Packs, Anti-Glare, Blue Light Blocking, Adhesive and Non-adhesive Privacy Filters and are now proud to announce that we offer Build Your Own Sample Packs where you can choose what material types you'd like to test out. Most Protector Sample Packs come in three different sizes, 2x3", 3x5" and 8x10". Purchased Protector Sample packs come with a $5 off coupon to use for when you make your purchase and also free shipping within the United States, only $3.00 for International shipping of protector sample packs.
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