Honda Civic 2016/2017/2018 EX/EX-L/EX-T/Touring 7-inch In-Dash Screen Protector

Honda Civic 2016/2017/2018 EX/EX-L/EX-T/Touring 7-inch In-Dash Screen Protector

Screen Protector Price: $19.35

SKU: 2884-01

Multi-piece discounts available!





Screen Protector For Honda Civic 2016/2017/2018 EX/EX-L/EX-T/Touring 7-inch In-Dash

Compatible with:

  • 2017 EX-T
  • 2016 EX
  • 2016 EX-L
  • 2016 EX-T
  • 2016 Touring

Most in-dash systems -- be it a navigation screen or a sound system digital display -- are touchscreens and exposed to heavy usage. Reduce glare and protect the visual quality of your screen with a Touché brand screen protector.

Give yourself peace of mind from:

  • Bluntforce Impacts
  • Irritating Fingerprints
  • Damage from cleaning products
  • Irreversible Scratches
  • Messy Hands
  • Unwanted Abrasions

Photodon makes films that will:

  • Reduce glare (Anti-Glare)
  • Protect eye health (Blue Light Cut)
  • Ensure privacy (Privacy Filters)
  • Protect from extreme impact (Anti-Shock)

Depending on your needs, Photodon has a film type to cover your device. If unsure about which film type to order, use our Film Comparison Sheet to help decide.
We also offer Film Sample Packs to help with the decision-making process.

Photodon Touché™ Screen Protectors:

  • Are made of best-in-class material
  • Have silicone adhesion which leaves no residue
  • Are touchscreen compatible
  • Have scratch-resistant coatings from 3 to 9H
  • Are precision laser cut to fit your device
  • Have pull tabs for easy liner removal
  • Have Limited 18-month Warranty

Photodon's special services include: custom cutting, film layering, and installation.

Check out our screen protector in action!

Product Name Honda Civic 2016/2017/2018 EX/EX-L/EX-T/Touring 7-inch In-Dash Screen Protector
Photodon Part # 2884-01
Included in Order
  • Screen Protector(s) cut to fit
  • Test film
  • Installation instructions
  • Installation supplies
Film Size 7"
Color Transparent
Packaging Type Single or bulk
Composition PET Base
Shipping weight each .25 lb.
Other Silicon adhesion
Options Etching
Notes These films conform to flat screen types and the newer curved monitors. They do not work on the old curved CRT type screens. These are not brightness reduction films, such as neutral density filters.
Reference More Info
MFR Part # 2884-01
RoHS Compliance RoHS Compliance Sheet
Spec Sheet MXO, 9HO, 6HS, 5HS, MXH, MXT, MXG, MXB, P2L, P2S, P4S
Origin - Manufacturing and Assembly
Korea - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
Excellent Screen Protector
Verified Buyer
Pros: Looks great and does its job! Cons: I'm illiterate.
The screen in my 2017 Civic Si was a fingerprint magnet and wiping it off with the microfiber cloth Honda gave me only seemed to permanently scratch it up. This protector's oleophobic coating makes fingerprints easy to remove now and I no longer have to care about scratching anything up. The protector came with a kit and everything I needed to install it. I somehow didn't fully understand that the protector is meant to leave a bit of a gap around all of its edges and the screen, so I installed it flush on one side leaving the whole thing off-center. Call it a learning experience, since I could definitely see myself buying this product again in the future.
The 9HO film should perform for you for a long, long time. Thanks for the feedback!
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Works as expected
Verified Buyer
Pros: Easy to install and looks great Cons: None so far
Protector was easy to install and looks great even with polarized sunglasses. Surprisingly, I think the protector actually makes my car's screen look slightly brighter and sharper than it did without the protector. No issues with glare and it's much easier to clean off fingerprints and avoid scratches than it was without the protector. Also, the product shipped very quickly, which was much appreciated.
We're glad you like the MXH film!
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Wonderful Product
Verified Buyer
Pros: Great fit, nice look. Cons: None.
Perfect fit, easy to install, and looks great!
We're happy you're happy, Kory.
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2018 Civic EX-T
Verified Buyer
Pros: Works exactly as described, comes with cleaning materials, and is a reasonable price Cons: None yet
I purchased the 6HS screen protector for my new 2018 EX-T and it works exactly like advertised. I've only had it for about a week now so we'll see how it performs over the test of time. I park outside at home and at work and there's an instruction stating that if the film peels off wait until your car warms up and then re-apply it so we'll see how it holds up in winter weather. If you have any experience applying screen protectors to phones, applying this to your infotainment system will be an absolute breeze as long as you follow the directions. When I first put it on, there were a ton of air bubbles but I took the time to get them all out and it looks absolutely pristine. In fact, it looks better and was easier to apply than some screen protectors I've put on phones in the past.
Thanks for the feedback!
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Honda Civic Hatchback EX
Jesus Parra
Verified Buyer
Pros: Pefect fit Cons: None
Absolute perfect fit!!
Perfect is good! Thanks, Jesus!
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Looks great, easy install Honda 2018 civic coupe
Rick Burton
Verified Buyer
Pros: Screen looks better, protected, cleans up easier. Cons: None.
I got a lot more stuff to help with the installation this time,my second purchase. Fit is great, a little tricky to line up and to get every bubble out at first, but now that its on, the screen looks sharper and the colors look better. I got the one that has the harder finish, more like glass this time and it just looks and feels great. Very easy to clean.
The 9HO film is a great choice, Rick. It can be tricky to line the film up, but when you take your time and follow directions, you get success, as you proved.
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Perfect screen protector for Civic SI
Verified Buyer
Bought the MXO version, due to web reviews. Installation was fairly easy, just follow the instructions and watch the video. I didn't use a vacuum, but used a can of air cleaner to blow off the dust before cleaning with the solution and just prior to applying the film, and I had no bubbles or dust whatsoever. It's a little tricky to get aligned, but just line it up beforehand (without removing the film) to see about where it should go to get it centered, then take your time to align the first edge when removing the film (I applied it going from left to right). Looks great, works great, couldn't be happier!
Air cleaner is a great idea! Thanks for the feedback!
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Great fit in ‘18 Civic Hatch EX
Verified Buyer
Pros: Easy application process, cleaning supplies included, crystal clear film Cons: Removal of top layer was a bit tricky, tab peeled off without it. Steady hand an an Exacto blade sol
Figment is great on the touchscreen in a 2018 Civic Hatchback EX. Car was only a week or so old so there wasn’t much dust removal or cleaning involved. Cleaning and application process was easy to follow and results are good. I chose the 9HO film and you can’t even tell it’s there when the display is on. Easy to clean with the provided cloths or just your sleeve.
Thanks, Ben.
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Works great for a '18 Type R
Verified Buyer
Looks OEM on a CTR, glossy isn't that reflective or distracting at night. Flows well with the rest of the glossy outer panel.
YAY! We're not sure what that means, but we're glad you're happy!
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Honda Civic MXO
Verified Buyer
Pros: amazing clear screen Cons: Application process
Happy but not 100% Quality is amazing, super clear. Makes my display look better then I hoped for. The part that im not happy with is the application on it. due to the way the tabs are used to peel the layers off, it was hard to get it straight. this caused me to have to take it off twice to try and get it straight which i did for the most part. But by doing so it caused 2 pieces of dust to get trapped in it and cause 2 air bubbles. Will need another one to redue it to be completely happy. OCD is kicking in.
Installation can be tricky. We offer replacement films for a discount (50%) so that you can have another go of it, Greg. Thanks for the feedback!
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No air bubbles!!!
Verified Buyer
Pros: As advertised. Simple install, No air bubbles. Cons:
Awesome product. I ordered two tempered glass screen protector from Amazon before and they were full of air bubbles despite all the work I put to remove them all. Then I found out about Photodon. The screen protector went on easy with very little to no air bubbles.
Good job installing a bubble-free film! You must have taken your time and followed directions! Thanks for the feedback.
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Verified Buyer
Great product, even better customer service. Will buy from Photodon again in the future. Product shipped fast, packaged well, excellent install instructions.
Thank you, Patrick!
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Excellent product and customer service
Verified Buyer
Installed the film and I'm very happy with the results. It can be a little tricky if you don't read the directions before you apply and I ran into some issues. However, I reached out to them and they got my issues sorted out quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend both the product and the company and would happily do business with them again.
Thanks for the positive feedback, Felix!
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Top protection film
Verified Buyer
Pros: Great fit, nice clarity Cons: While the rubbing cleaner is nice, do not use force to clean your screen if it turns dry, it will ca
The package is well prepared and carefully packed, the company has put a lot of thought and very attention to the details for their customers. The screen protector fit perfectly on the touch screen of my new Civic Sports Hatchback. I really like the product and will return for other items if I need. Thanks!
Photodon's mission is to do everything we can to make your experience a positive one. Thanks for noticing, John, and thanks for your business, too!
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Perfect protection for my Honda's dash
Verified Buyer
Pros: Easy to install, exact fit, perfectly transparent. Cons: None that I've found so far.
Recently purchased the MXH screen protector for the dash of my new Honda Civic. The instructions were clear and the preparation products illustrated how to install (with an included test piece) and the cleaning cloth wiped away all existing dust without creating static to attract more dust. I aligned the screen as instructed, peeling away the bottom layer gradually as I applied pressure and smoothed out the screen protector, used the enclosed card to squeegee out air bubbles, and finally removed the top covering layer from the screen protector. It look like nothing is on the car's dash other than to noticeably reduce the glare. This is an outstanding screen protector! Highly recommended!
Thanks, Dale!
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Great product
Verified Buyer
Pros: Exactly as described. Cons: No instructions on what to do if u need to take off and reapply.
This screen protector is the best I've seen. It looks like there's nothing there. Plus the instructions and everything I needed was there for a perfect application.
We like to hear the words "the best!" That's our goal! Thanks for letting others know about your experience with our products, Penny.
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Excellent Product, Perfect Fit
Verified Buyer
Fast shipping. Easy install. Went ahead with the MXO. I can't even tell its there. Very pleased with this product.
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Very impressed
Verified Buyer
Pros: Installation, anti-glare, perceived durability Cons: No tacky tape in the kit, but used the "test film" which worked fine.
This is by far the best install experience of a screen protector I've ever had. Usually, there's at least one irritating dust particle that somehow gets in there. The instructions are very thorough with tips to decrease the chances of "dust dots". Make sure you read through the entire instructions before you begin. The protector itself decreases glare and seems quite durable. I would highly recommend this product.
Great, Rob. Sorry about missing that tape! Thanks for the review.
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Great screen protector!
Verified Buyer
Pros: Easy and invisible Cons: None!
Fast shipping and easy install. Just follow the simple directions, and the protector can't be seen at all... it fits perfectly and is completely invisible. No spider-web scratches on your screen from wiping dust or rough towels, or deep scratches form the occasional mishap.
When you're happy, we're happy!
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Go with the MXO!
Evan C
Verified Buyer
Pros: Fits perfectly. Installs easily. Comes with everything you need to prep along with a test film. Func Cons: None
Read the directions! They'll walk you through step-by-step. It's important to have a clean surface before you start. An additional pro-tip: use a manually-operated air blaster, like the Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster, to remove those pesky pieces of dust. Easier than using a vacuum cleaner. You don't want to use compressed air, as it might leave residue on the glass. Check out my photos of the install:
A clean surface is very important, that's a true statement, Evan. Thanks for the feedback!
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Very pleased with product.
Verified Buyer
Pros: Very clear. Shows very little fingerprints. Cons: Slightly tacky at times when performing pinch zooms in or out.
Purchased the MXO for my 2017 Honda Civic Touring. I was able to install the protector on my very first try. It's ever so slightly smaller than the whole display but not enough to worry about. It didn't add any distortion and really does an excellent job of not showing fingerprints. As my title states, I am very please with this product.
Terrific, David! Enjoy.
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Excellent product!
Verified Buyer
Pros: It does the job. Cons: Requires patience to install and get it right.
The screen protector is excellent.
Yup. Agreed. Patience in installation is the key to success with screen protectors. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback.
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Good product, great customer service
Verified Buyer
Pros: Good installation kit, easy to apply, looks great Cons: None so far
I ordered the screen protector for my '17 Honda Civic infotainment screen, and it was shipped promplty, however even though tracking showed it was delivered I never received it. I contacted Photodon customer service and they very quickly resolved the issue. I was very pleased with both the screen protector and Photodon's customer service!
Thanks for the feedback, Matthew. We appreciate your taking the time to leave feedback.
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Perfect Fit - 2016 Civic EX-T
Pros: Quality film, Excellent cut, Great service, Fast shipping, Reasonable price Cons: 2-Sided sticky tape doesn't work well on Civic screen
This is hands down the best screen film I have ever used. It was cut perfect - and I mean right to each edge and corner with no overlap. You can't even see it when the screen is off, much less while it's on. I got the MXO finish and it is exactly what I expected. It has a slight rubbery feel when swiping, but it's fingerprint resistant and clear. I'll definitely be getting another one of these when I need to replace this one. The packaging care, shipping speed, good instructions, and quality cleaning materials also help make this deal even better. I agree with the previous reviewer who said avoid the 2-sided sticky tape though. It left residue that was hard to remove.
Wow! Thanks, Joe! You made our day!
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Verified Buyer
Pros: FAST shipping. GOOD customer service. NICE packaging. GOOD product. Cons: I would have liked it to be a little bigger as there were spaces where it did not fit all the way.
I wasn't expecting the product to come as fast as it did, but guess what? IT DID. It came in humble (nothing like a box you would find premium electronics in), yet extremely well packaged with different instructions. I was very pleased to see a hand-written thank you on the front of the package, which basic, is refreshing to see every once in a while. I don't remember exactly what was in my package, but it included a nice test piece that I could use to practice applying the package before applying the real screen. It also came with cleaning wipes and some kind of tape which kinda scratched my interior a little, so make sure to use something more gentle!!! It also came with a squeegee like card that is used for air bubbles. OVERALL, it was an easy installation as long as you follow the included instructions. I would recommend checking out a few videos online to see how it is done if the paper instructions are confusing or does not provide enough confidence. It's easier than you think, just take your time and don't mess up with the alignment like I did!! It's hard to get it off your car once it is ALL ON!!!
We're glad you liked the special touches! Thanks for taking the time to tell about your experience with our products!
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Ricky Lee
Verified Buyer
Pros: Appearance Cons: Remove the dust first!
It covers up the scratch I put on it, blocks the glare, and stays pretty free of finger prints. Very awesome.
So good to hear, Ricky! You're very awesome.
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2016 Civic EX
Verified Buyer
Pros: Easy to apply, looks good! Cons: None so far.
I was really surprised at how well this looked once on. I accidentally slightly scratched my screen with a vacuum attachment shortly after I bought it. It was hardly noticeable but I knew it was there. So I decided I should probably get a protector of some sort since I have never hard a large screen so close before. I am really happy I bought this. The packaging was good! It comes with a little wipe and a cloth. I like that it had a little tester size as well so I could try it out first and make sure I liked it. Once I took out the actually protector and put it on my screen, it went on very easily! I actually put it on almost 80% of the way and took it off 3-4 times. With the screen being so big it took a few tries to get it lined up. But I noticed no difference in the area that I had applied and removed the protector versus the area I applied it to once. I got the MXO one. I wish you could get the other options as well but out of the two I chose that one. It works really well! However, I mostly wanted it for the purpose of avoiding scratching the actual screen. I have had it on for about 3 days now. Looks good!!
Julie -- Good idea to protect the screen from vacuuming! And good for you on staying patient with the installation.
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John Ye
Verified Buyer
Pros: precise cut; crystal clear; finger print free; ez to install Cons: none
bought one screen protector from ebay which cost me 12 bucks, matte finish, horrible cut, finger prints all over the place. I saw someone from the forum recommending Photodon screen protector so I tried, couldnt be happier right now as I just installed it this morning, absolutely perfect. The MXO protector is crystal clear and fingerprint free. Ez to install plus tons of stuff to help you get the job done perfectly.
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2016 Civic Screen Saver
Verified Buyer
Pros: quality, transparent Cons:
Fit great, cant tell its there. would recommend
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Great product
Verified Buyer
Pros: Great fit, keeps screen clean and protected. It was also inexpensive. Cons: None so far.
I was constantly fighting keeping my screen clean from fingerprints and also started to notice a few light scratches on the screen. I saw glowing reviews for this product on a civic forum and decided to pick one up. The application was easy and the size fits well. It has helped keep my screen clean and protected.
Great, news, Ken! Glad we could help!
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For Honda Civic 2016 a needed protection
Verified Buyer
looks and feels great, and most importantly protecting my touch screen
thanks for the product!!
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Must-have protection.
Alex C.
Verified Buyer
Pros: Looks, Protection, Ease of Application Cons: None
I was worried about applying a larger screen protector, but the installation was very forgiving, and the application was flawless.

Most screen protectors tend to add a slight haze or dimness to the screen underneath. This protector actually seems to make the screen MORE vibrant (MXO film). The colors seem to pop more.

It cleans easily and has resisted scratches very well so far. I have nothing bad to say about this other than that I should have bought one sooner.
Thanks, Alex! Good job on the application!
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Verified Buyer
Pros: quality Cons: bottom doesnt stick completely
the protector is of good quality,smooth, and cant tell the difference between the original glass when using the display. However the bottom of the protector is very hard to realign because it wouldn't stick completely and left air bubbles.
We don't normally have this problem with the screen protector, so we encourage you to contact our customer service department with your concern so we can help!
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Great customer service & Nice product
Mike M
Verified Buyer
Pros: Great Customer Service Cons: None
Just got the new 2016 Civic Screen Saver. I have to say shipping was quick (to Canada no less), and the packaging ensured it arrived undamaged.

I ordered the wrong screen saver with my original order, quickly sent a request to change my product to there customer service email, and they fixed it before they shipped it. Quick and easy.

Just did a little driving around with the screen saver installed and have to say it's great. You won't even know it's there. Watch their YouTube video for a painless installation. Worth the few minutes to ensure a dust free / bubble free screen saver. Easy 5 stars. They earned it. Nice job PhotoDon. You earned my business and I hope you continue to have great success. Thank you.
Thanks, Mike! We work hard to give our customers the best, so we appreciate your noticing!
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Very pleased
Verified Buyer
The screen protector fit perfectly on my civic ex. The intructions are clear and thoroughly explain the installation process to ensure the screen protector is installed successfully with no bubbles. Along with the screen protector you get a sample to ensure you like the material, a wet wipe, double sided tape, and a small micro fiber cloth. Very impressive for the price.
We're glad you're impressed! Thanks for the feedback, Ryan!
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Easy Install
Ryan Laborde
Verified Buyer
Pros: Great look and easy install Cons: None
Purchased MXO...Easy to work with...Great installation instructions...Great look.
Thanks, Ryan!
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Great but not perfect
Verified Buyer
Pros: Great product Cons: Right size but not a perfect fit.
Got my order quick and easy to install. The fit is not perfect on the the top, even though I perfectly aligned the edges, but it still works. You must lower it a little to adjust for the slight excessive size.
Thanks, Jeffrey. The screen protector for the Honda Civic is actually a tight fit. Please contact our customer service team at if you feel you may have ordered or received the incorrect sized screen protector.
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Pros: Looks great! Cons: None
I love my screen protector. Looks great and does a great job!
This is good news!
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Amazing product
Anonymous reviewer
Verified Buyer
I purchased the MXO for my 2016 Honda EX-T. It's an exact fit, and the quality is superb. I think the price for what you get is outstanding. It shipped fast and packaged well. They give you clear instructions, along with a small cloth, a card, sample piece of the product to test it and get acclimated to the preparation and feel of the screen material. They also include a small piece of double sided tape. I accidentally touched the inside of the screen on the corner, but aligned it and laid it down per the instructions, and I didn't get any bubbles. I would recommend doing this when you are not on a time constraint and when you're in a cool shaded area (I was sweating so bad, and I had to wait until the evening).
Wow! Thank you for such a thorough, well-thought out review! We're always happy to hear that our instructions and detailed set of install supplies help make the customer's experience a successful one.
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Perfect fit!
Odelle Legaspi Quizon
Verified Buyer
Excellent product! Perfect fit!
That's good news! Thank you, Odelle. Happy driving!
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Verified Buyer
Fast shipping, great price, perfect fit,great quality, what more could you want!
Thank you, Terry! We aim to please!
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Lee Helmer
Verified Buyer
Pros: Easily installed, 35% anti-glare works well. Cons: None
I ordered mine and even with the exchange rate between the Canadian dollar and the American dollar, plus shipping, it was still less than buying in Canada. The instructions were very clear but i suggest vacuuming your car out before installing. I chose the 35% anti-glare because of the moonroof in my 2016 Civic Touring,. and yes it does show finger prints which easily wipe off. Highly recommend this product!
This is a very helpful review! We struggle with international shipping rates, and it's a relief to know that you found our product to be affordable even when paying international shipping.
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Perfect fit - great quality!
Verified Buyer
Pros: Amazing price, perfect fit, easy installation, top-notch quality Cons: It does show some fingerprints because of the glossy finish, but easily can be wiped off
I bought the MXO (Clear Anti-Fingerprint). The product was extremely well-packaged. All of the materials were well organized and everything was included to make sure the installation was seamless and without issue. It fit my screen perfectly and makes the screen look even better than without it -- you can't even tell it's there! I would highly recommend.
Thanks for the feedback, Steven!
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Perfect Fit for 2016 Civic Infotainment Screen
Joe T.
Verified Buyer
Pros: Ease of installation, exact fit, good installation instructions Cons: Does not reduce visible fingerprints
This was the easiest to apply screen protector I have ever used. No stubborn air bubbles or dust specks. It is a perfect fit with rounded corners at the top and square corners at the bottom. Although fingerprints are still an issue, I can clean them off as frequently as I want without any fear of having a screen full of fine scratches a few years down the road.
Thanks for the feedback, Joe! It makes us happy to hear that you had such a good install experience!
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Verified Buyer
Pros: Clear, fits perfect, anti-fingerprint Cons:
Works perfectly and covers screen nicely. Only wished there was a film to cover the glossy plastic at each side.
Thanks, Andy.
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Verified Buyer
Pros: Easy to work with if there is dust underneath, MXO makes it feel and look like tempered glass. Cons: None
Was very easy to put on, had a few dusty bubbles during install but the film was so easy to work with it made it easy to lift the corners with some tape and get that dust out. Overall I was very impressed with the product and shipping to Canada was very quick!
The MXO film is a beautiful one. Thanks for the feedback. We're in business to help!
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Honda Civic 2016 EX/EX-L/EX-T/Touring 7-inch In-Dash Screen Protector MXO
Recently purchased the MXO screen protector for my 2016 Honda civic and it was the perfect fit, usually get a lot of air bubbles when I apply a screen protector to anything, followed PhotoDon's instructions and it went on easily and looks perfect. Thanks for this great screen protector.
You're welcome! Thanks for the feedback, Rob.
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Verified Buyer
Pros: Good value, does what it says, easy to install Cons: None
The item came in fantastic packaging very quickly. The instructions were very detailed yet easy to follow. The protector is a perfect fit and looks great.
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So Happy
Verified Buyer
Pros: Easy to install, fits perfect Cons: non
Great product and easy to install
Was this helpful?
2016 Honda Civic
Verified Buyer
Pros: Fit, ease of install, shipping, kit contents Cons: None
Fits great and easy to install
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MXO film
Verified Buyer
Pros: Easy installation, fits perfect, transparent Cons: None thus far
I bought the MXO film after reading a review of it on a Honda Civic message board. I am very pleased with the product, it's durability, and how easy it was to place on the screen. It came with step by step instructions which eased the process of putting it on the screen. It looks great, fits perfect for the 7" 2016 Honda Civic screen. I do not get a glare with the MXO, it is transparent and I am very happy with it! Definitely worth $10!
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MXO film
Verified Buyer
Pros: Easy installation, fits perfect, transparent Cons: None thus far
I bought the MXO film after reading a review of it on a Honda Civic message board. I am very pleased with the product, it's durability, and how easy it was to place on the screen. It came with step by step instructions which eased the process of putting it on the screen. It looks great, fits perfect for the 7" 2016 Honda Civic screen. I do not get a glare with the MXO, it is transparent and I am very happy with it! Definitely worth $10!
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MXO on 2016 Honda Civic
Verified Buyer
Pros: Everything Cons: A bit shiny in the sun
Just put on my screen protector. It's pretty good with it's anti-fingerprint ability. It is shiny in the sun, but maybe I'll pick up another protector just for the summer when it's more sunny. PhotoDon did an EXCELLENT job with their packaging and went well above and beyond.
The MXH anti-glare has anti-fingerprint properties as well. Here is a video that contrasts the two films on an in-dash system. Thanks for your feedback, Ian! Above and beyond is what we do!
5 of 5 customers found this helpful.
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