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Honda Civic 2016/2017/2018 EX/EX-L/EX-T/Touring 7-inch In-Dash Screen Protector

SKU: 2884-01
Honda Civic 2016/2017/2018 EX/EX-L/EX-T/Touring 7-inch In-Dash Screen Protector

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    Screen Protector FAQ's

    Honda Civic 2016/2017/2018 EX/EX-L/EX-T/Touring 7-inch In-Dash Screen Protector

    Single Piece with Kit Starting at $29.95

    *Price breaks start at 10 pieces.

    Pricing varies depending on the material type and other options chosen


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    Screen Protector for the Honda Civic 2016/2017/2018 EX/EX-L/EX-T/Touring 7-inch In-Dash

    Compatible with:

    • 2017 EX-T
    • 2016 EX
    • 2016 EX-L
    • 2016 EX-T
    • 2016 Touring

    Most in-dash systems -- be it a navigation screen or a sound system digital display -- are touchscreens and exposed to heavy usage. Reduce glare and protect the visual quality of your screen with a Touché brand screen protector.

    Give yourself peace of mind from:

    • Blunt Force Impacts
    • Damage from Cleaning Products
    • Irreversible Scratches
    • Unwanted Abrasions
    • Irritating Fingerprints
    • Messy Hands

    Photodon Touché™ Screen Protectors:

    • Quality tested and made of Best-in-Class material
    • Come with a small test sample to ensure the product you ordered meets your needs prior to installing
    • Are silicone backed for adhesion, leaving no residue
    • Are touchscreen compatible on 99% of devices
    • Can be precision laser cut to fit your device's screen
    • Have scratch-resistant coatings from 3 to 9H depending on material ordered
    • Have pull tabs for easy liner removal
    • Have a 30 day money back guarantee and 18 month limited warranty

    Photodon's Touche protector line-up includes:

    • Anti-Glare for glare reduction. We offer multiple levels of anti-glare
    • Blue Light Blocking to help with eye health
    • Privacy Filters used to keep information private
    • Anti-Shock which reduces shock on the screen

    Depending on your needs, Photodon has a material type to cover your device's screen. If unsure about which material is best for you, we have a chart that breaks it down for your to help the decision process.

    Why choose Photodon for your screen protector needs?

    • Only high-quality material is used for our products
    • Our material has been tested over and over before we offer it to our customers
    • We can custom cut to any shape or size (up to 100" diagonal)
    • Offer a wide selection of material types
    • We offer many different installation kits and have carefully chosen which one to offer
    • Our kits can be used after the installation to maintain the screen protector
    • We send a small sample of your material type to try before installation
    • We have top notch, very responsive customer service
    • We offer sample packs so you can test our screen protectors
    • We offer B2B discounts for orders or 10+
    • Your purchase is supporting jobs in the USA  American Flag

    Did you know that in addition to offering a wide variety of high-quality material, Photodon offers several different services?

    Check out our screen protector in action!

    Product Name Honda Civic 2016/2017/2018 EX/EX-L/EX-T/Touring 7-inch In-Dash Screen Protector
    Photodon Part # 2884-01
    Included in Order
    • Screen Protector(s) cut to fit
    • Screen protector test piece
    • Installation instructions
    • Installation supplies
    Film Size 7"
    Color Transparent
    Packaging Type Single or bulk
    Composition PET Base
    Shipping weight each .15 lb.
    Other Silicon adhesion
    Options Etching
    Notes These films conform to flat screen types and the newer curved monitors. They do not work on the old curved CRT type screens. These are not brightness reduction films, such as neutral density filters.
    Reference More Info
    MFR Part # 2884-01
    RoHS Compliance RoHS Compliance Sheet
    Spec Sheet MXO, 9HO, ARC, HSC, HSG, MXH, MXT, MXG, AGB, MXB, P2L, P2S, P4S
    Origin - Manufacturing and Assembly
    Korea - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.

    4.93/5 Stars out of 57 Reviews
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    Verified Buyer
    Excellent Product, Perfect Fit
    Fast shipping. Easy install. Went ahead with the MXO. I can't even tell its there. Very pleased with this product.
    Verified Buyer
    Very impressed
    This is by far the best install experience of a screen protector I've ever had. Usually, there's at least one irritating dust particle that somehow gets in there. The instructions are very thorough with tips to decrease the chances of "dust dots". Make sure you read through the entire instructions before you begin. The protector itself decreases glare and seems quite durable. I would highly recommend this product.
    Note From Store Owner: Great, Rob. Sorry about missing that tape! Thanks for the review.
    Verified Buyer
    Great screen protector!
    Fast shipping and easy install. Just follow the simple directions, and the protector can't be seen at all... it fits perfectly and is completely invisible. No spider-web scratches on your screen from wiping dust or rough towels, or deep scratches form the occasional mishap.
    Note From Store Owner: When you're happy, we're happy!
    Verified Buyer
    Go with the MXO!
    Read the directions! They'll walk you through step-by-step. It's important to have a clean surface before you start.\n\nAn additional pro-tip: use a manually-operated air blaster, like the Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster, to remove those pesky pieces of dust. Easier than using a vacuum cleaner. You don't want to use compressed air, as it might leave residue on the glass.\n\nCheck out my photos of the install: \n
    Note From Store Owner: A clean surface is very important, that's a true statement, Evan. Thanks for the feedback!
    Verified Buyer
    Very pleased with product.
    Purchased the MXO for my 2017 Honda Civic Touring. I was able to install the protector on my very first try. It's ever so slightly smaller than the whole display but not enough to worry about. It didn't add any distortion and really does an excellent job of not showing fingerprints. As my title states, I am very please with this product.
    Note From Store Owner: Terrific, David! Enjoy.
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent product!
    The screen protector is excellent.
    Note From Store Owner: Yup. Agreed. Patience in installation is the key to success with screen protectors. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback.\n
    Verified Buyer
    Good product, great customer service
    I ordered the screen protector for my '17 Honda Civic infotainment screen, and it was shipped promplty, however even though tracking showed it was delivered I never received it. I contacted Photodon customer service and they very quickly resolved the issue. I was very pleased with both the screen protector and Photodon's customer service!
    Note From Store Owner: Thanks for the feedback, Matthew. We appreciate your taking the time to leave feedback.
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect Fit - 2016 Civic EX-T
    This is hands down the best screen film I have ever used. It was cut perfect - and I mean right to each edge and corner with no overlap. You can't even see it when the screen is off, much less while it's on. I got the MXO finish and it is exactly what I expected. It has a slight rubbery feel when swiping, but it's fingerprint resistant and clear. I'll definitely be getting another one of these when I need to replace this one. The packaging care, shipping speed, good instructions, and quality cleaning materials also help make this deal even better. I agree with the previous reviewer who said avoid the 2-sided sticky tape though. It left residue that was hard to remove.
    Note From Store Owner: Wow! Thanks, Joe! You made our day!
    Verified Buyer
    It covers up the scratch I put on it, blocks the glare, and stays pretty free of finger prints. Very awesome.
    Note From Store Owner: So good to hear, Ricky! You're very awesome.
    Verified Buyer
    2016 Civic EX
    I was really surprised at how well this looked once on. \n\nI accidentally slightly scratched my screen with a vacuum attachment shortly after I bought it. It was hardly noticeable but I knew it was there. So I decided I should probably get a protector of some sort since I have never hard a large screen so close before. I am really happy I bought this.\n\nThe packaging was good! It comes with a little wipe and a cloth. I like that it had a little tester size as well so I could try it out first and make sure I liked it. Once I took out the actually protector and put it on my screen, it went on very easily! I actually put it on almost 80% of the way and took it off 3-4 times. With the screen being so big it took a few tries to get it lined up. But I noticed no difference in the area that I had applied and removed the protector versus the area I applied it to once. I got the MXO one. I wish you could get the other options as well but out of the two I chose that one. It works really well! However, I mostly wanted it for the purpose of avoiding scratching the actual screen. \n\nI have had it on for about 3 days now. Looks good!!
    Note From Store Owner: Julie -- Good idea to protect the screen from vacuuming! And good for you on staying patient with the installation.
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