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Monitor Hoods

Office Monitor Hood in Use
Made in the USA

Monitor hoods can solve issues with
glare and privacy on monitor screens.

Photodon® offers two types of monitor hoods: the office style monitor hood, and the versatile indoor-outdoor shade monitor hood. Our hoods are custom made to fit your needs.

Office Monitor Hood

Monitor Hood
Office Monitor Hood Material
Back and Left Side
Hood Front
Left Side and Top
Hood Straight On
Right Side and Back
Top Bracket View
Elastic Crossing Front Corner
Slim Monitor Hood
Dual Monitor Hood
Calibration Door

This hood has a professional-looking leather-like finish and a durable, non-reflective woven material interior. Great for indoor office-type settings. It is not suitable for use in wet or damp locations.

Indoor-Outdoor Shade Monitor Hood

Indoor-outdoor Hood Material
Left Side
Full Front
Full Back
Back Notch Parts
Hood in Shop
Hood in Shop

This hood is versatile and is designed for indoor/outdoor use and for industrial type settings. Made from corrugated plastic, this hood is great for use in a dirty and damp indoor or outdoor environment.

Features of Both Hood Types:


  • Reduces glare and eye fatigue
  • Shades from window, overhead and outdoor lighting
  • Increases privacy between adjacent computers
  • Provides privacy from side viewing
  • Protects the computer

Suggested Uses:

  • Testing Facilities
  • Voting Booths
  • Showroom Kiosks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Design Studios
  • Open Office Environments


  • Each hood is custom made to your specs
  • Fits snuggly around device
  • Secure attachment methods
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • A one-piece top front edge
  • Easily cleaned
  • Lightweight
One-piece top front bar provides no sagging across the top
Office Hood material | Indoor-Outdoor hood material
Hood Attachment Methods Elastic Cord Attachment | Dual Lock Attachment

Features of Office Monitor Hoods:

  • Durable outer mat-board material with impala embossing
  • Light-absorbing, gray inner woven material is ideal for professional users who need to maintain true colors, calibration door options available
  • Option to be custom made to fit your monitor up to 46"
  • Comes in 6" and 8.25" depths
  • Attaches with elastic cord
  • Hood is fully assembled
  • Inside surface provides space for program-shortcut notes, photos and other inspirational notes
  • Hood Care: The outside surface can be cleaned with a glass cleaner or a mild solution cleaner. It can also be polished with automotive vinyl cleaner. Do not submerge or allow the edges to get wet

Features of Indoor-Outdoor Shade Hoods:

  • Made of lightweight 3/16" corrugated plastic that is rigid, durable, dirt, grease and water-resistant
  • Height, width, and depth can be customized up to 96" (top and sides)
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easily removed and installed
  • Can be applied to monitor or to a wall
  • Two attachment methods available, depending on device size: Adhesive-backed dual-lock low profile attachment, or strong elastic cord attachment.
  • Hood is fully assembled (dual-lock adhesive is applied by consumer)
  • Hood Care: Can be cleaned with commercial-grade cleaners. The hood is submersible.
Indoor-Outdoor Shade Hood

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Options For Office Monitor Hoods

6" Depth Slim

A slimmer depth makes for a lighter hood.

• Slim design
• Best for lightweight screen supports

Calibration Door

Example of a calibration door on a Monitor Hood.

8.25" Depth Dual

Dual Monitor Hoods also available!

• No center support to block your view
• Adjustable from straight to 45 degrees

Monitor Hood Pros and Cons

Is a monitor hood or an anti-glare film right for you? Here are some ideas to consider as you make a decision.....

Monitor Hood Pros - The benefits of a monitor hood versus an anti-glare screen protector
Image Clarity A monitor hood cuts down glare without compromising image clarity. while high anti-glare screen protectors can cause pixeling and decreased image clarity.
Color Calibration A monitor hood allows for accurate color calibration. while anti-glare films can cause decreased image quality and may inhibit proper color calibration.
Privacy Monitor hoods provide an ideal amount of privacy for computers adjacent to each other. while standard anti-glare films do not provide privacy. However we do have Privacy Filters as well to help with privacy issues.
Eye Fatigue & Glare Reduction In Ambient Light A monitor hood aids eye fatigue and glare reduction by eliminating ambient light from overhead and side light sources. Anti-glare screen protectors allow for glare reduction and relief from eye fatigue, but do not reduce ambient light from hitting the screen.
Weather-Resistance An indoor-outdoor monitor hood can get wet and holds up well to sun exposure. Screen protectors, privacy filters, and office monitor hoods are not suitable to exposure to moisture and direct sunlight.
Monitor Hood Cons - When a screen protector makes better sense than a monitor hood
Size Hoods are limited in size to monitors and TVs up to 46 inches for office hoods, and up to 96 inches for indoor-outdoor hoods.. while anti-glare screen protectors are available for all flat screens up to 100" diameter.
Protection A monitor hood does not shield a screen's surface, therefore cannot prevent scratches or smudges. while screen protectors shield screen from scratches, smudges and other wear and tear.
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