Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 16-inch Tablet Screen Protector

Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 16-inch Tablet Screen Protector

Screen Protector Price: $27.00

Product Code: 3700-01

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Screen Protector For Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 16-inch Tablet

Chances are, you love your tablet, and you realize that the glass-fronted digital screen is vulnerable without protection of some kind. A tablet's portability means more potential situations to scratch or damage your screen. If you use your tablet in public places, consider a privacy filter to keep your information private.

If using a screen protector on a device with a protective case, the size of the screen protector may need to be modified to fit within the frame of the protective case. This is because if pinched on the edge, the screen protector can distort, causing an air bubble to appear along the edge.

Give yourself peace of mind from:

  • Bluntforce Impacts
  • Irritating Fingerprints
  • Damage from cleaning products
  • Irreversible Scratches
  • Messy Hands
  • Unwanted Abrasions

Photodon makes films that will:

  • Reduce glare (Anti-Glare)
  • Protect eye health (Blue Light Cut)
  • Ensure privacy (Privacy Filters)
  • Protect from extreme impact (Anti-Shock)

Depending on your needs, Photodon has a film type to cover your device. If unsure about which film type to order, use our Film Comparison Sheet to help decide.
We also offer Film Sample Packs to help with the decision-making process.

Photodon Touché™ Screen Protectors:

  • Are made of best-in-class material
  • Have silicone adhesion which leaves no residue
  • Are touchscreen compatible
  • Have scratch-resistant coatings from 3 to 9H
  • Are precision laser cut to fit your device
  • Have pull tabs for easy liner removal
  • Have Limited 3-year Warranty

Photodon's special services include: custom cutting, film layering, and installation.

Product Name Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 16-inch Tablet Screen Protector
Photodon Part # 3700-01
Included in Order
  • Screen Protector(s) cut to fit
  • Test film
  • Installation instructions
  • Installation supplies
Film Size 16"
Color Transparent
Packaging Type Single or bulk
Composition PET Base
Shipping weight each 1 lb.
Other Silicon adhesion
Options Etching
Notes These films conform to flat screen types and the newer curved monitors. They do not work on the old curved CRT type screens. These are not brightness reduction films, such as neutral density filters.
Reference More Info
MFR Part # 3700-01
RoHS Compliance RoHS Compliance Sheet
Spec Sheet MXO, 9HO, 6HS, 5HS, MXH, MXT, MXG, MXB, P2L, P2S, P4S
Origin - Manufacturing and Assembly
Korea - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
Best product of its kind
Verified Buyer
Pros: Great products, easier to install than other protectors Cons: None
This is my 2nd time using a screen protector on my Cintiq and I've learned how necessary they are. Without one, you'll scratch up your tablet's screen after a few months of use. Photodon's screen protectors are super high quality and very easy to install. They also last for years. Applying a protector is always harrowing due to the risk of dust, bubbles, and smudges. But the install kit makes it far easier to apply and comes with everything you need. I will definitely be using Photodon again any time I need a screen protector.
We're so happy our protectors are keeping your Wacom safe from scratches, Matthew! Thanks for the review.
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Great product and service
Verified Buyer
I got the screen protectof for mobile studio pro 16 and it works great! Don’t have to worry that I will scratch the screen anymore with my pen which can easily happen with wacom devices. I got one for my cintiq companion that worked great and this one is as good. It has a slightly rubbery feel to it, but I quickly got used to it and it is not a problem to me at all. The customer service at photodin is fantastic. USPS lost my package and they sent the new screen protector to me at no cost!
We're glad to help, Maciej! The MXH is a very popular film with Wacom users. Thanks for the feedback!
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Excellent Product
Verified Buyer
Pros: Great material, excellent fit. Packaging done with great care. Cons: Front liner wasn't too cooperative
I really have to hand it to the crew at PhotoDon. First time I've purchased from them, and it's clear they have a lot of pride in their products. To start off, the packaging was handled with great care, and done to ensure the protector film was as straight as possible. Kudos to that. The instructions were very detailed and clear, and the installation kit works great. I had to take my time with installing it correctly, but you can't rush these things. Material feels great, it fits very well, even with a slight opening so it doesn't cover the camera. An odd note though: a horizontal line of bubbles appeared in the center forming a short line, only to completely disappear a day later. No complaints there! The only issue I had during the installation process, and it's probably more on my part than anything, was that the top layer piece didn't come off when I peeled off the tab on both the main sheet and the sample, and most efforts to remove it using some kind of adhesive were unsuccessful. It didn't look great, but I wondered whether to leave it on anyway, but ultimately opted to remove it by carefully using a razor blade. Fortunately, I was able to remove the top layer without damaging the protector film at all. Now it doesn't look all scratchy with fingerprints and looks lovely. Sure, $40 for U9O sounds a bit pricey. But considering what you paid for the product you're protecting, definitely worth it. I'll be sure to purchase from PhotoDon again for my screen protection needs and recommend them to others.
You are correct, Rolando. Pride runs in our blood! Thanks for noticing!
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Excellent product
Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 16-inch Tablet Screen Protector
Verified Buyer
Pros: outstanding kit and screen, easy application Cons: none
Best screen protector I've ever purchased. The screen protector itself is perfect, but what impressed me most was the kit of extras that came with it. The folk at Photodon have really gone the extra mile and provided cleaning sprays, gloves, test screen, reusable cleaning cloths, and of course clear instructions! I could just tell that the people at Photodon take great pride and care in providing the best possible product and application experience. 5 stars.
Wow! Thanks, Matt! We appreciate the good vibes!
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Works Wonderfully!
Verified Buyer
Pros: Fits well, Feels good to draw on, Good visibility and color Cons:
I bought this for my Mobile Studio Pro 16 inch. I'm glad I ordered right from the site as it was more expensive on Amazon for some reason. I held off on reviewing because I wanted to get some use out of this one first - see how the pen felt on it while drawing awhile. So far I love this screen protector! I can't believe Wacom doesn't offer one, but Photodon's fits perfectly and I haven't noticed any loss of pressure sensitivity. It's crystal clear and I don't notice it while painting. The feel is very smooth while drawing - some people like the faux paper texture of Wacom's other products but I like the smoother feel of this one(plus it doesn't feel like its going to grind my nibs down as fast). The installation kit had clear directions and everything I needed - it took some time but that's worth it to do right if you're going to be using something as often as I use my mobile studio. I appreciate the test patch to try on the corner of a device, I was feeling pretty paranoid about sticking anything to my screen and the test patch made me feel much better when I saw how easily it came off afterward. Honestly my only regret is waiting as long as I did to get a screen protector, I would definitely buy another Photodon product in the future.
Thanks, Shayla! We're glad you're happy with your purchase!
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Variety of great protectors!
David W.
Verified Buyer
Pros: Perfect Cons: None
Ordered directly thru their site instead of thru Amazon and saved ~$10. It's been about a year now and I'm replacing the 6HS for this new 9H0 protector, which appears identical but has some minor differences that Photodon clearly describes. For anyone else looking to get a screen protector for their Wacom device, look no further and see what your needs/style is with Photodon! The price is well worth it.
Thank you for your glowing review, David. We are happy that our screen protectors are helping you out :)
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wacom mobile studio pro 16
Verified Buyer
Its awesome get it. Don't get the Amazon China fake crap
We do provide a high quality screen protector, and we're glad you noticed!
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Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16
Evan Stichhaller
Verified Buyer
Pros: Great fit, out of all the protectors MXH feels the most like the original screens paper feel Cons: Takes a long time to install
Ordered the MXH protector for my new Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 and I couldn't be happier! I had ordered a sample pack before hand and it was very helpful in determining the look and feel that I was looking for in a protector. Photodon was super easy to order from with no hiccups or issues. The order shipped fairly quickly and had minimal duty here in Canada. They provided clear and easy instructions for the best installation possible. I also ordered the extra kit. The anti-static spray was instrumental and I wouldn't recommend attempting to install without it! I would 100% recommend Photodon to anyone looking for the best product for their graphic tablet.
Thanks, Evan! It's so nice to hear that our Canadian friends will not get hit with huge taxes when ordering with us. We appreciate your thorough and thoughtful review!
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Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16
Michael Weible
Verified Buyer
Pros: Most of the screen sensitivity is retained and (importantly) this looks to be a great protec Cons: Both arrived in AU with small dents in the material itself (probably due to handling during ship
I recently received two Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 16-inch Tablet Screen Protectors. I have access to a HEPA filtered laboratory hood and so installing a screen protector without dust was easy enough. I bought my own cleaning solution and sprayed the tablet, then wiped it once with the included pads and used the included cloth. I followed the instructions exactly as instructed via the YouTube video. I only a three small bubbles were near the end edge and these were completely gone by the morning (I assume the film is gas permeable?). The only problem I had was that both my screen protectors arrived with permanent 'dents' in them. I assume this must have happened during international shipping. I could 'feel' the dents by gently rubbing my fingers over the unopened product. Thus, the screen protector on my wacom is perfectly fit, but with the exception of the dent (which of course has a bubble). I'm hoping it self heals - though that hasn't happened as of yet. If possible I'd like to pay for an additional protective shipping container (like a thin layer of hard plastic above and below (as an option). Both my protectors were slightly damaged in this way and so I'll just have to live with it (I live in AU so the shipping is probably more precarious). That aside, my pen seems to write well enough, but I'm not sure if the "exact" same level of sensitivity is retained? If I rest the pen tip on the screen in Photoshop CS7 and move it back and forth without applying any pressure, it will not record the pen as writing anything. But, with a tiny bit of pressure, it begins to work - which is fine for what I use my machine for. Perhaps this is to be expected given Wacom puts their own screen protector on their machines (and replaces them for $600! ouch!). With this additional protector there may be some lost sensitivity that may affect some users if you need to just 'rest' the pen on your screen to write without pressure (the pressure applied to begin writing is very minimal).
Hi, Michael. We have passed your feedback along to the shipping department. It is so frustrating to us when we take such care in packaging and then find out that our customers are receiving damaged goods overseas. We will look into providing an alternate packaging option. Also, we will replace your protector for 50% the cost should you choose to go that route. We wish we could do something to lower international shipping costs as well.
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Excellent screen protector for Wacom MobileStudio Pro
Florian Lengyel
Verified Buyer
Pros: Clear, easy to clean, good fit for the device Cons: It took me an hour to install
I purchased this screen protector after trying one from another manufacturer. The 6HS turned out to be a good investment. After some effort, it was possible to install the protector without leaving any bubbles or particles under the screen. The screen is completely covered, including the recessed "frame" surrounding it, except for a slight margin , but this is an advantage if it becomes necessary to lift the protector to clean under it. There is a notch for the camera, which is a useful feature. The screen protector is indispensable: the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 is not small. Using it without a stand or a flat surface is somewhat like balancing an LCD monitor in your lap. You'll need a screen protector. Of the protectors I'very tried, this one is the best.
Wow! What a nice compliment, Florian. Thank you!
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Great Screen For Artists
Mariel Rich
Verified Buyer
Pros: No Color Distortion, Very Clear (no fogginess), Easier to Clean, Touch Compatibility Cons: Smooth Texture, Sizing off by about 1/8", Noticeable Glare, Smudge Buildup
Wacom's Mobilestudio Pro 16 comes with an etched glass surface, and though it is the perfect drawing texture it certainly scratches very easily. I purchased this film in 6HS, as I valued clarity and color correctness for my art over anti-glare or fingerprint resistance. The texture of the protector is smooth, with much less grit than the default etched glass. It is not, however, "slippery" like some screen protectors I have tried. So while it doesn't boast a lovely paper feel, I feel that the extra layer of protection is necessary and that it is not a drastic enough change to affect drawing very much. There is definitely noticeable glare on the screen, which again I opted for to preserve clarity. With the convenient test patch I was able to compare the clarity of a naked vs. covered screen and was pleased to find that there was little to no difference in my lights and darks and none of my colors appeared foggy or distorted. There definitely seems to be a greater buildup of visible fingerprints and smudges than on the default screen, however it cleans much more easily. I found I had to rub rather hard for a couple minutes to remove smudges from the glass etched screen, just one or two soft wipes is all that is necessary to take smudges off the screen protector. Touch functions work perfectly fine with the screen protector on. The fit of the screen protector is off by about 1/8th of an inch vertically and horizontally, but to be honest I'd rather a protector be a little too small than too large. There is a notch cut out for the camera, which I found a nice touch. Photodon itself was a pleasure to work with, and quickly sent a replacement when I had an issue with my first screen protector. I highly recommend their service and this screen protector.
This is such a helpful review, Mariel! Thanks for putting such time and effort into it. Other customers I'm sure appreciate it. We do have a nano spray that helps make a smoother glide with the 6HS. Please contact our customer service department at sales@photodon.com if you did not receive some with your order.
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